Western shipping companies and Western oil transnationals gradually diverted their ships from the Red Sea, through which a third of Western traffic passed. They now go around Africa rather than taking the Suez Canal.

The United States has formed an international coalition to protect Western maritime traffic in the Red Sea, Operation Prosperity Guardian. After President Emmanuel Macron decided to join, the French army general staff refused to participate in an operation aimed at allowing the massacre in Gaza to continue. Likewise, Spain withdrew.

Ansar Allah (“The Followers of God”) is pejoratively referred to as “Houthis” by Westerners, i.e. the al-Houthi family gang. This week they organized a demonstration in support of the Palestinians. In these images, we see that it is anything but the “one-family gang”.


On January 10, 2024, the UN Security Council met to decide. It condemned any attack on commercial ships. On the proposal of Russia, which abstained, the adopted resolution agrees that peace can only return if we tackle “the root causes, in particular the conflicts which fuel regional tensions and which contribute to disrupting security maritime”. China voted for the text thus worded.

The next day, January 11, the United States and the United Kingdom carried out a large bombing operation in Yemen (73 strikes). They are said to have destroyed a dozen Ansar Allah sites. Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands participated in these bombings. The operation was supervised by General Michael Erik Kurilla, Commander of US Forces for the Greater Middle East (CentCom).

President Joe Biden said he ordered the strikes to protect “one of the world’s most vital waterways.” However, the Security Council did not authorize military action. On the contrary, it called for strengthening the embargo on the arms of the different Yemeni factions. This action is therefore indeed an extension of the Palestinian war.

The Reuters news agency reported that the strikes hit targets across Yemen, including in the capital Sanaa, the cities of Saada and Dhamar, as well as Hodeida governorate.

Ansar Allah have just emerged victorious from a cruel nine-year war against Israel and Saudi Arabia, joined by the United Arab Emirates. They were bombed for eight years and learned to protect themselves. It is unlikely that the attack by the Anglo-Saxons will get the better of them.