Amsterdam Ground Zero for Anti-Tyranny Protests

ER Editor: We’re doing a short social media compilation here from across the weekend. The Dutch have been resisting the ban on public protests and risking police brutality in the process. Kudos to them. (See more at #Amsterdam)



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13 Comments on Amsterdam Ground Zero for Anti-Tyranny Protests

  1. Brigitte, I’m happy to repost stuff here but which entry? there are a lot of them on the page you link to.

  2. @M. van der Kemp

    I have just posted the second part of my message on another site here :

    and asked not to erase it before 2 days, so that you can read it. I hope ER pastes it here in the comment section too.

    Your journalists are already aware that the police and “friends” escalate the violence, that is excellent news, so it won’t take too long for the Dutch to know the truth. As for the same tactics used everywhere, you will find it logical in the clues of my post.
    Please Brother don’t worry.

  3. (acknowledging I saw the message)

    Very worrying that the same tactics are used everywhere. How do we ever get back to one society, when these are our own neighbours.

  4. @M. van der Kemp
    I just sent a post for you but it does not appear, after two attemps. Electronic “sane sore sheep” again ?
    So I’ll try to beak it down in two :

    First part :
    @M. van der Kemp
    Sounds too familiar. These mercenaries appeared some time on all videos of Gilets Jaunes demonstrations, they are everywhere to sabotage our actions for freedom and are protected by the police, exfiltrated whenever necessary. The heads of the french police are all freemasons and they have a twitter account from where they throw all means of insults on the French People, while the simple policemen and gendarmes are often on our side and commit suicide at alarming rates.

    In France we are also plagued by other dangerous militias like the (…)

  5. While all these protests were happening, and Forum voor Democratie (FvD) organised the event where Cristian Terhes spoke (see bottom video in the article), another event took place in Amsterdam.

    A group of black-clad men threw paint bombs at the door of the Head Quarters of FvD. The group were quickly pointed out as antifa, but what’s new as that they were helped by Dutch police.

    The following is a translation from

    One police van (number plate 6-SGH-14) cordons off the exit. About thirty antifa terrorists, mostly dressed in black and masked, turn right onto the Herengracht in Amsterdam. Four police officers walk neatly behind it. One of the terrorists smears the front door of number 74. Agent Pieter cheerfully takes a picture of the door. ( )

    And the next day, we don’t read a single word in any medium about the arrest of the Antifa terrorist responsible for this “attack.” In fact, not even about the terrorist action itself. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that Forum van Democratie has its office at Herengracht 74. Right, Femke?

    The twitter link shows a man dressed in police clothes taking a picture of the door. A man known on twitter as “Agent Pieter” (officer Pieter), posted a picture of the door with the text: “Haha FvD has something to do!”

  6. Thanks so much for your kind words Danse!

    Legal repercussions will follow for sure. Lawyers already offered to work for free, and I even saw a tweet from Nils Melzer who asked for all evidence of what happened yesterday. (Melzer is special rapporteur for the UN, who became famous for helping Julian Assange).

    Perhaps the world has been slow to understand why Les Gilets Jeune were protesting, but as you see, we get it now.

  7. This may be useful for our Netherlands’ brothers if they intend to sue the police, even if the article doesn’ mention the mad violence done by the police during these entrapments, that they have been practicing for years, giving the impression to the outside world that the French demonstrants are the violent ones.
    The head of the Police union “France Police Policiers en colère”, overtly opposed to this technique, explained in an interview that the police teams on the spot obey to a central command via telephone and each team is left unaware that no way out has been left to the demonstrants.
    This way, the sadistic central command literally organises a forced assault by the demonstrants on one police team, which believes to be attacked.

    They hit everywhere and arrest all they can, alternatively they issue fines.

    Every means of sabotaging is used. The technique of entrapment is also used by the police at train stations in Paris for example to prevent suburban people from going to demonstrations. They detain us in open air as long as they are ordered.

    Le Conseil d’État juge illégale la technique des «nasses» lors des manifestations
    Gilets jaunes «nassés» par les forces de l’ordre Mercredi 1er mai 2019, lors d’un rassemblement de Gilets jaunes, cette technique avait particulièrement créé la polémique. Les forces de l’ordre avaient repoussé des dizaines de manifestants devant les grilles de la Pitié-Salpêtrière.

    Fare well Brothers !

  8. Thank you so much M. van der Kemp !
    During the Gilets Jaunes War, the police dit exactly the same strategy in Paris : blocking all the exits from a place and ordering the demonstrants to leave at once, in order to traumatize, hit and arrest as many as possible and force our People to fight.

    Some groups were equipped with hammers and were busy destroying the windows of businesses, in order to accuse the Gilets Jaunes of being criminals. When they were unveiled, the ran under cover of the police lines.

    These criminals want to fabricate reasons to declare martial law and totally silence the People.

  9. Translation from:

    Photographer and cameraman Guus Schoonewille says that he experienced something very special today on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

    He saw the following happen: at 12:00 noon the police formed a circle around the Museumplein while thousands of people were admitted to the square.

    At 12:45 pm, the police ordered the crowd to leave the square via Van Baerlestraat. In the meantime, the police had placed the riot police there. The crowd then got stuck on the riot police and was unable to move, Schoonewille said. After that, more and more police vans, officers, Marechaussee, dogs and a spray truck entered the Van Baerlestraat.

    Pallets with broken bricks everywhere
    “I really can’t understand what I’ve seen today,” Schoonewille wrote on LinkedIn. ( ) “The police are forcing the masses straight into the riot lines. I’m really flabbergasted. Nothing in the media about this. Was this supposed to escalate?”

    “I am 100 percent convinced that the riot police, police and Romeos have tried in this way today to escalate the situation,” says journalist Annelies Strikkers, who was also present. “Together with the pallets of broken bricks that were everywhere. Fortunately, the demonstrators did not fall for this.”

    She shared the images below on Twitter. “Now there is a picture of what I have seen many times at a corona protest, the police/Romeos are trying to escalate things and often start with the violence,” Strikkers writes.

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