The American-Made Catastrophe in Yemen

October 12, 2016 0

While US officials condemn Russian war crimes in Syria, the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen is committing the same – but the media is silent CJ Werleman An eight-year-old malnourished boy lies on a bed in […]


Modern Slavery – but is it an evil for everybody?

October 7, 2016 0

A dreadful byproduct of globalization and mass migration, human trafficking is on the increase. But has the problem created a business opportunity for the philanthropists? Pam Barker | Director of the TLB Europe Reloaded Project Graham Vanbergen’s […]


What You Need To Know About Jews And Israel

October 2, 2016 0

Eleanor Goldfield @ActivistEleanor and Kit O’Connell @KitOConnell In a recent episode of Act Out! host Eleanor Goldfield separates the truth from fiction when it comes to Jews and Israel: “As a Jew, let me take […]

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