Working-Class Hero Tommy Robinson And Israel’s Yinon Plan For Europe

Working-Class Hero Tommy Robinson And Israel’s Yinon Plan For Europe


Let’s get straight to the point before we belabor the ins and outs of the Tommy Robinson story and what it all means. Israel is, and has been, supporting just about every single far-right movement in Europe who will accept its support in exchange for supporting Israel GreaterIsraelagainst ‘radical Islam’ in the Middle-East. It has created for itself any movement with the phrase ‘Defense League’ in it. That includes Tommy Robinson’s former comrades of the EDL – English Defense League.

Israel is doing three things, following the basic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ formula. First of all, their influence should neither be over-estimated nor under-estimated. There is a strategy of tension at play here, and it does not necessarily revolve around Israel, but also revolves around the US, which is actually at odds with the EU. But Israel is undoubtedly gaming this whole thing.

Their goal is to create a greater Israel (see above), as spelled out in the Yinon Plan. FRN and CSS’s own Joaquin Flores’ detailed analysis of the probability that Israel, especially under Likud rule (who have always championed similar) is a good start in order to understand it.

1. Israel helped in creating the problem, supported the pro-migrant policies of European governments, tying them in neatly with a general ‘human rights’ campaign that also includes the openbordersforIsraelmemenominally inoffensive LGB crowd, but also the problematically normalized pedophilia and transhumanist crowd.  Memes like ‘Open Borders for Israel’ underscored Israel’s hypocrisy in having previously supported open border politics for Europe, while being one of the most racist, anti-African countries in the world, paralleling the US installed ‘TNC’ government in Libya in terms of anti-black brutality and racism.

Israel’s global backers, incidentally, the main western banking houses, continue to support an open borders policy for Europe. The ‘left’ was the instrument used to publicly push this through, but the secret hand of various cheap-labor (i.e. migrant) seeking corporations whose production or service is tied to European soil has also always been a major factor. Oh and by the way, this last part is why by and large ‘working class heroes’ like Tommy Robinson despise ‘the left’ in its present incarnation. 70 years ago, someone like Robinson could have been an effective “rabble-rousing” Labour Party militant. 

2. Now Israel is gaming and playing the reaction to this, now supporting Islamophobia in Europe. I use that term with a lot of reluctance, since enough of what is now called Islamophobia is QoRvNz6actually simply a call for a more popular and more sane policy on questions revolving around migration, which invariably affect law, culture, language, and issues of labor. Open borders is not in the interests of most Europeans, and is also unpopular in most of Europe. It’s also not in the interests of the majority of people in the Middle-East for reasons of brain drain and the like. It is therefore an undemocratic, nay, antidemocratic initiative either way you score it. At the same time Islamophobia is a real thing, but the most injurious of its consequences will not be any policy adopted inside of Europe, but what European armies, if the term ‘army’ will still make sense in five years, will be compelled to do in the Middle-East.


3. The solution Israel wants, having stoked Islamophobic reactionaries to the point of blood curdled madness, is to popularize a general EU intervention – as the French have indicated a desire to do – in the Middle-East – well, the Levant at first, in particular. This ‘global war against Islam’ is supposed to get Western countries to fight Israel’s wars for it, to see the Suez canal in Israel’s hands, as well as most of the oil fields of ‘Syraq’, and the Euphrates River. The Tigris and even access to the Persian Gulf would be a real bonus, so why not shoot for the stars?

So with this understanding, we can get into the particulars of Robinson and the general issue of ‘free speech’.

By now, not only has seemingly everyone heard of what happened to Tommy Robinson, they also have a visceral reaction to his arrest, imprisonment and sentence — based almost completely on what their already established opinion of him was before the arrest and/or what their opinion is on “the Muslim question,” whether strictly in the UK or, more broadly, across western Europe or even across the entire West.

Virtually the entirety of the Left in the West along with the immigrant Muslim community applauded the whole affair, from the arrest to the sentence to the gag order on the media that was lifted only three days ago, for reasons having to do with “hate,” “hate speech,” “hatemongers,” “Islamophobia” and so forth and so on.

And virtually the entirety of the right deemed Robinson to be a “free speech” martyr and a hero in the fight against creeping Islamization and “sharia law.”


But there’s actually much more to the story. As Alison Chabloz (pictured below), someone else who has fallen afoul of the British state and its speech codes, albeit with almost non-existent media attention, notes:

Earlier this year, we saw Robinson recycle himself as a free speech advocate, notably in the Markus Meecham aka Count Dankula trial. Despite the fact that I was charged and, Chablozlike Dankula, found guilty under the same law, Robinson has never breathed a word about my case. Why is this?

Was Robinson persuaded to attend the Leeds hearing by his most ardent Zionist supporters – including the Tel Aviv regime’s deputy social media advisor (see image above)?

There is even a demonstration planned for tonight, 6 pm, outside the British Embassy – also in Tel Aviv! (See image left)

Was the Robinson kerfuffle a deliberate measure to deflect attention away from the verdict in my trial, which is most definitely a grave threat to freedom of speech in the UK?

Another important point to note: as cited in last week’s Metro report, the ‘Jewish activists’ who provoked a brawl outside my hearing are all staunch supporters of Robinson (see above).

Surely pro-Israel fans and the likes of Robinson can’t have it both ways? Free speech is free speech – no exceptions!

To be clear, Chabloz is accused of holocaust denial because of a song she made for Youtube. A judge ruled it wasn’t parody even if the product was intended to be funny. But her quote above reflects that there is some major split in the European far-right. But what she points out is interesting. At the same time, the ‘Dankula’ case and her own revolve around Youtube comedy being prosecuted as hate speech. Robinson’s public speeches have also been tagged as ‘hate speech’, but the objectively pro-Saudi ‘Muslim’ clerics and imams of the Salafist variety, operating in Europe, somehow magically avoid being tagged as hate mongers.

Jon Gaunt‘s take is also well worth a read:

Tommy knows all about contempt of court as he was found guilty of that offense in Canterbury last year. I remember at the time asking him, and the people who were backing him, if he understood the law and that he could be prejudicing that trial and also telling him that he should wait until the verdicts come in before commenting.

Look, I fully understand his frustration and share his follower’s belief that the mainstream press, the judiciary, and the Police have not taken the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs seriously enough. I also agree with the feeling within largely working-class communities that Muslim criminals are being treated with politically correct kid gloves. I believe in one law for all, which is why I am against any form of Sharia in the UK. I know that all of this fueled Tommy last week, but I am afraid it was a classic case of emotion overriding the intellect.

I also have to ask this question: if Tommy is so concerned about the victims, why did he do a Facebook live stream outside the court, including filming the defendants, which could have jeopardized the whole trial and denied the victims justice?

I am afraid there are no two ways about it: the time for protests are when the verdicts come in and there are no reporting restrictions, not before.

Tommy Robinson is a casual English hooligan at heart. He isn’t someone who has demonstrated any real interest, let alone any proficiency, on the subject of geopolitics or international law. As a working class guy who comes out of the EDL – English Defense League – a project created, effectively, by some wing of what amounts to Israel’s vast ‘foreign ministry’, for lack of a better term, it’s hard to hold him to account for issues clearly beyond his area of concern or basic knowledge. 

To be blunt, if the English government were as interested in the well-being of the English as Robinson seems to be, and if the English government and the many charter Corporations, operating globally as imperialist extractors of 3rd world labor and resources, were as disinterested in the world at large as Robinson actually is, the world would be just that much of a better place. 

From the perspective of this casual hooligan turned ‘anti-sharia’ or ‘anti rape-gang’ activist, if Israel wants to jump in for its own reasons and support Islamophobia in Europe, this is based in something essential to Israel. This is not based in some essential love that Tommy Robinson has for Israel.

There are no governmental institutions, or otherwise civil society organizations which are both fair to the rights of legitimate refugees and indigenous Englishmen, which someone like Robinson can turn to. Israel is up to something nefarious to be sure, and Robinson – operating somewhere south of 115 on the IQ – is something like a pawn in some grand plan. But Robinson is not the problem. He’s been an effective and sensationalist propagandist who speaks to real issues affecting real people.

There certainly needs to be a conversation about what all is happening in the world, and supporters of Robinson, even Robinson himself, need to be a part of that conversation. Failing to have as broad a conversation as possible, and instead rubbishing each other as ‘Fascists’ or ‘Cultural Marxists’, ‘Islamophobes’, ‘Rape gang apologists’ etc., helps bourgeois politicians exploit hot button issues, but doesn’t lead to the kind of solution that can only come about through a process that’s as broad and open as possible.

Robinson’s support by Israel is something which people with a better understanding of the world at large are right to be turned off by, but failing to understand the lived experiences of Robinson and his indigenous English supporters is the graver sin.

It feels crazy that, in the year 2018, we are in the position to use the phrase ‘Indigenous Europeans’, or ‘Indigenous Englishmen’, but here we are.

Barbara McKenzie’s piece also deserves to be read in full. She lays out all the facts and all the various narratives surrounding the case. What stood out for me was this:

Tommy Robinson is an activist heavily involved in exposing the Muslim grooming gangs in Britain.  He also campaigns against extremist Islam, specifically violence, intimidation and support for terrorism by extremist Islamic groups, and the double standards relating to the treatment of Muslims versus non-Muslims.  He is a strong supporter of the state of Israel.  Although he insists that he is only targeting extremists, he conflates, or is seen to conflate, all Muslims, by using the term so freely, while many of those involved in grooming gangs have a different history to those responsible for terrorism.

Robinson’s concerns are seen as valid by a large section of England, even those who do not like his style – he has been termed a working class hero.  He is also described as racist and a thug, and also a fraudster, Israeli agent, globalist.

Tommy Robinson was arrested while live streaming outside Leeds Crown Court.  This is the most common clip of his arrest.

The events on Friday appear to be as follows:

Tommy Robinson was live streaming into his cell phone outside the courthouse in Leeds where a group of men were being tried for raping underage girls – they were allegedly part of a grooming gang. Robinson was already serving a suspended sentence of three months.

Robinson is left undisturbed by the police while he films and talks into his phone. However, at a certain point the judge looks out the window and a few minutes later, police arrest him “on suspicion of breach of the peace”.

Inside the courthouse the charge is changed to contempt of court. Within a few hours, Robinson is convicted and sentenced to 13 months in prison.

And, of course, while all this is going on, the slaughter in Gaza continues unabated, to the near absolute silence of the vast majority of “the international community” and its media.

In my opinion there are four major takeaways from this incident:

1 — Tommy Robinson is objectively an Israeli asset, but is concerned chiefly with England and the future of the English. He’s within his rights to do so. He’s supported by international law, the UN founding charter, numerous treaties, as well as the right of any movement for national self-determination of peoples. He does not call for an even Greater Great Britain. There is no irredentism or national chauvinism in Robinson’s own line. Palestine is not his issue, and he’s not obligated to make it his issue. At this point he’s probably said any number of ridiculous but – to be clear – historically and factually irrelevant claims about Palestine to satiate the Israelis. The fate of Palestine was never in the hands of any Robinson, and never will be. Israel is a convenient supporter for him. The Israel-Palestine question is clearly and obviously not his real subject of concern. That Israel has gotten him to mutter this or that about affairs outside of England and Europe is a result of Israel’s interests, not Robinson’s as such. But lumping him and his supporters into some ‘basket of deplorables’ is going to work out as well for his detractors as it did for Hillary Clinton.

2 — No one, least of all Muslims of any stripe, should be cheering the British state’s assault against him or against any like-minded individuals. The secret arrest, and gag order surrounding his instantaneous one-day trial and conviction, are precisely the sorts of legal realities that many migrants to Europe claim to be trying to escape. The state works in funny ways, and has an agenda clearly beyond the interests of its subjects. The state or its corporate backers will use group A’s advocacy against group B, only to use the outcome of that advocacy against group A when the time comes.

3 — If the Muslim community in Britain doesn’t want individuals like Tommy Robinson to be in the public eye, they need to do a better job of publicly addressing the real pathological issues that infest the community, instead of pretending that they don’t exist or are entirely the fabrication of “Islamophobes,” or, worst of all, demanding that the British state do everything it can to shut such people up. Salafi/Wahhabi extremism, grooming/pedophile gangs, rampant criminality all need to be addressed in a substantive and public way. Self-pity, pointing the finger in another direction and seeking to criminalize people, within or without the community, who speak up about these issues isn’t going to cut it anymore.

4 — Conflating the crimes of the British Empire (or its more recent role in the creation of instability and poverty in the MENA region) with the English people is a serious mistake. “Core/periphery” or “Three Worlds” theory and discourse only goes so far, and can fail to understand the internal class dynamics of a given society. Western capitalism has flourished at the expense of the global east and global south, but any quick and simple audit of wealth disparity and living conditions in England paints a pretty harrowing, Dickensian picture. If your eyes work, you’ll see that England’s big cover-up, its big embarrassment is that, in terms of actual quality of life, England is for its majority something bordering a banana republic. Thatcherism never went away. Wealth distribution problems in England predate Thatcher. Poverty in England has been so rampant for centuries that the English historically have fled to the continents of Australia and North America to escape it. European governments aren’t simply being ‘pushed’ by left-wing activists to adopt open border policies. What’s on top of this is that the backers of both are using the latter to astro-turf a corporate agenda of the former.


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