Whistleblower Barry Young Speaks to Alex Jones & Steve Kirsch [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Peter Halligan speaks about this Alex Jones video below (one hour). Some takeaway points from us —

  • Young was arrested for not having proof of his claim that he worked in the position he said he did.
  • He formerly worked for a Swiss bank in Zurich and a large NZ bank, with high level access to client data.
  • Eight armed police officers broke into his house (with a warrant) and trashed it in his absence. When Young showed up, they treated him extremely harshly, bundling him handcuffed into a car to Wellington police station. Police had been told he was ‘Hannibal Lecter’. His treatment was out of proportion.
  • He was denied bail in a virtually immediate court hearing and sent to prison. Prison officers were, by comparison, very pleasant and encouraging.
  • Young: how can I be spreading misinformation when it’s their own (government) data?
  • Young had gone through official channels first to get these data concerns out, which includes his own bosses, members of Parliament and deputy PM Winston Peters. First, they locked him out of his own system immediately upon his sending them a notification e-mail with his concerns; then he received a disciplinary notice, with injunctions issued against him. On Saturday, a private investigator showed up to his house. Finally on Sunday, the police were sent to raid his house and put him in jail.
  • Jones: the government shows itself to be complicit in wrongdoing, in covering up deaths of members of the public.
  • Kirsch: it is clear that the NZ govt. tried to HIDE PUBLIC DATA from the PUBLIC. They were hiding citizen death numbers. The implications of the data have already been indicated elsewhere through the work of people like Dr. Denis Rancourt. Right now, we’re arranging deckchairs on the Titanic in talking about how many millions of people have died due to the Covid vaccine. And nobody has found a bug in the program used to generate and analyze this data. (Kirsch refers to his own copy of NZ govt data being confiscated in the Wasabi server system, which he was using to host the data.) Jones: the NZ is also trying to stop Kirsch from looking at data that is professionally handled. Kirsch also refers to researcher Dr. Kevin McKernan, and a terrabyte of his (McKernan) data housed on a NZ-controlled MEGA server that has been deliberately destroyed by them.
  • Kirsch: nobody has denied this is legitimate data that has been securely handled. There is no excuse not to bring this data and its implications out. Jones: They’re running scared.
  • Young: it’s the People’s data. We’re waiting on deputy PM (of the new government led by Christopher Luxon) Winston Peters to act on this.
  • Jones and Kirsch talk about Young’s legal defense and funding of that.
  • Kirsch: Young is the first person in history to make public public health record-level data. This has always been hidden by public health authorities.

Two sidebar thoughts from us, which we find curious —

  1. This video puts side by side the unlikely pairing of Alex Jones and Steve Kirsch, the latter who is part of the Democrat elite and multi-millionaire (billionaire?) supporter of RFK Jr. We find this to be a form of media signalling, a symbol of unification for the US audience. They operate like a mutual appreciation club, a sort of tag team, whose mission it clearly now is to thrust Young’s revelations before the (western) world.
  2. Why this why now? The NEW New Zealand government is now put squarely in the hotseat because of this issue, yet Young had gone to journalists well before now. The data revelation, coming as it does at this time (post-Oct. 14 when NZ had its elections), indicts the NEW Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon, as well as veteran deputy PM Winston Peters, whom Young and Gunn had contacted first with their findings.

New governments of a populist persuasion have been indicted for various things recently. We have in mind Milei in Argentina, Wilders in the Netherlands, the AfD party in Germany recently censoring Dr. Mike Yeadon, and now Luxon’s government. So much for the populists. We believe this is a communication strategy.


Start at 6:00 minutes



One hour interview NZ Whistle-blower, Barry Young, post his release after two days in prison with Alex Jones and Steve Kirsch

For those following the revelations from New Zealand, here is a one hour video:

EXCLUSIVE: New Zealand COVID Lethal Injection Whistleblower Gives First Interview, Drops Huge Truth Bombs! (madmaxworld.tv)

You will need to skip past a lot of commercials and personal anecdotes from Alex, but there is plenty of “juice” in the one hour.

Key question: How much anonymised health data should be in the public domain?

One other point – Steve is set to quarterback a fund raising campaign for Barry Young – Young’s earning capability is his prior roles is probably now zero. He is 56 years old. No doubt he has lost all his pension contributions and will soon have his bank account seized as well.

Steve mentioned that he will start a GoFundMe – I hope he considers how Canada seized the money from the Canadian Truckers fund raising efforts via GoFundMe.

GiveSendGo would seem a better choice – with funds held in the US, away from anything to do with the NZ banking system,

There is a short slot on how the Philippines government has opened an enquiry into around a quarter of a million excess deaths amongst its 116 million people who took 170 million doses.

Heart strings resonating with the expression “River of Tears” and “even if I (Barry) spends the rest of his life in jail, his conscience will be clear”.

More video coverage here:

BREAKING: New Zealand Jab Data Whistleblower Released from Prison, Makes First Statement (infowars.com)





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