What are we supposed to understand about Diddy? [VIDEO]

ER Editor:  Go to the 1:09:43 mark for the discussion of Sean P. Diddy Combs. Phil Godlewski has a lot of interesting pointers to give around the Baltimore bridge prior to that, so we recommend that discussion, too. We’re offering some notes from the part on Diddy.


The MSM is offering one version of events which makes Diddy appear guilty of pedophilia and sex trafficking, who just managed to escape to Cape Verde on his jet before getting arrested. Phil unpacks what might be going on and why it matters. We offer a twist, too.

  • Note the Obama connection going back several years (1st video), and MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign to get blacks out to vote for Obama (his first term in office). The result was in fact a LOWER turnout because the election was rigged. Why was the billionaire Diddy even involved in politics? Was he forced to? – yes. 2017: Obama and Diddy are seen talking (2nd video). Trump did his capitulation tour in that same year. The same awkward relationship is visible between Obama and Diddy from the early days to 2017.
  • (1:28:36) Diddy, Tupac and Dwayne Keefe D. Johnson (ER: Here’s what Phil shows us – news insert – from September 2023 on Dwayne Johnson.) Johnson has always accused Diddy of ordering the hit on Tupac, which is true. Meaning that the rap industry knew this, as well as the Cabal, including Jay Z. Diddy was put in charge of a child trafficking ring to keep him out of jail. Diddy was thus set up as the fall guy for this ring, with others being able to operate within it at arm’s length, including the requirement to promote Obama. How come Jay Z is worth so much? Why have Jay Z and Beyonce been flashing the Illuminati hand symbol all this time? Note that 2017 was a difficult time for the deep state when Obama was pictured talking to Diddy. (See Phil’s comments on what may have been happening in that meeting.) ‘Diddy is controlled. Diddy probably has been controlled since right after the 1996 killing of Tupac Shakur.’
  • It’s starting to give us a look into how the Cabal operates. They have something on you which they exploit. And they do that at the highest level of every industry, with extremely severe consequences for the person and their family if they don’t co-operate with the blackmail operation.
  • The raids on Diddy’s property this past week were supposed to end up with his killing as he ‘resisted’ law enforcement. So where are Jay Z, Beyonce? Allegedly, they left their property overnight according to news reports. (Sarcastic) ‘Did Diddy get tipped off and flee before you guys could kill him?’ ‘Does Diddy have something on you guys? Is he cutting a deal? Wait …’  ‘Is he still alive today? Uh-oh.’ Diddy saw this coming because he made a rap video about him escaping from the Feds on a runway. Did Diddy order a hit way back on a member of the Illuminati itself – Tupac?
  • Phil’s overall take: we were supposed to be distracted with the Baltimore Bridge story as a way to ignore the killing of Diddy when his homes were being raided. But Diddy escaped it. ‘And now he’s talking’. Diddy will get a deal, but will take down everybody in the rap industry. Diddy has been trusted with a vast number of compromising secrets.
  • And Diddy’s not the only one in this position of being a controlled operative. What about Jeffrey Epstein? He could have been put in a similar position in a different set of circles and industries – the elites, Hollywood, etc. What about the sports’ world, for example? At the appointed time, such people get killed. These top earners and competitors in their particular industry are usually the fall guys for this type of thing.  But it’s now all falling apart very fast. The cabal’s world is crumbling rapidly. See what Phil has to say about Jay Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ellen Degeneres … Others used as fall guys have been coerced; but crucially, some haven’t – they were willing. Strategically, everyone is getting exposed, and there are many more names to come out. Remember those names that haven’t been revealed from the Epstein list? Some are in the news now, and there’ll be more.

Our take: supposing that is all true about Diddy’s role historically and in the present (and it does all sound plausible), this week’s video of Diddy’s homes getting raided, etc. were probably planted in the news by the white hats. Likely this all happened a long time ago, giving the white hats lots of time to investigate and quietly take out the ones they needed to.

It feels like we’re on the verge of major exposures, which would be the result of months if not years of quiet operations to investigate and arrest. Many major players, especially in Hollywood, have simply vanished from public view for a very long time. Stories of military tribunals have been going on for 2-3 years at least by this point. If we recall Hillary’s arrest on Sept. 11, 2016 and her alleged execution at the end of 2018, to be followed by sightings of a woman who doesn’t quite look like her since then, as well as Trump’s global capitulation tour in many key countries in 2017, it makes sense that this story is quite old.

Further, going forward there will be several Epstein equivalents with information to come out.

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