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MATT LANDMAN| TLB Contributing Writer

As a child growing up in Virginia, I spent my time outside in nature. It seemed to be the one place I could find peace and connection. I remember loving the thunderstorms that would come and go, leaving the smell of rain on the concrete in the hot humid summers. The sun was yellow, the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy. My primary concerns were avoiding the black asphalt with my bare feet in the summer, trying to not have my body covered in poison ivy, and where the best spot was to fish in the forest. I went straight to University in 1999 and even then found myself again ygoRkycsearching for the best fishing hole in rural Virginia and hiking chunks of the Appalachian Trail, spending most of my time in nature. I even had my favorite mountain I would hike to the summit of regularly where I would watch the sky and photograph sunsets. During all this time and in all those memories, however, I can firmly say: I never saw a square cloud. I also never saw a “persistent linear cirrus cloud” emitted from the back of an airplane. It wasn’t until I’d graduated from University in 2003 and decided to expand my horizons and move to California that my first solo road trip exposed me to the open skies of the midwest. There I initially saw and photographed planes that influenced the sky by leaving something behind. And, of course, I thought nothing of it. For the next ten years I proceeded to live my life like a leaf in the wind, seemingly directionless, experiencing life as it presented itself. I went back to school where I studied filmmaking and received a Master’s degree in Business, and re-immersed myself in nature by working on a squash and potato farm in coastal Northern California. Unbeknownst to me, farm life was going to change my life forever.

The year was 2012 and I was enthralled to learn about agriculture, but one issue unlike any this region had ever faced was making farming difficult in California: drought. It seemed cyclical and it seemed normal, but in time I came to find out it was neither. One very memorable fall afternoon, I was leaving the farm and my boss came over to the small crew of workers with a giant grin on his face. “Rain tomorrow and lots of it!” he said. He told us we would be harvesting pumpkins in the storm so as to prevent rot from ruining the crop. I went home and checked the weather and, sure enough, there was 100% chance of rain for the next week. After a few years of drought, we really could have used the moisture. This region in Northern California traditionally has had a seasonal deluge from October to May, which has been the case for thousands of years. The entire ecosystem is a temperate rainforest that stretches from San Francisco north beyond the Canadian border and is titled the “mouth of the atmospheric river”, which feeds the jet stream – a literal river of moisture in the atmosphere that runs west to east off the Pacific ocean and across North America.

Arriving at the farm the next day, I could hear the waves crashing and the black storm clouds visibly creeping their way towards the coast. Sure enough, the coming storm clouds would make for a wet and muddy day at work. I had arrived at work in my rain gear, ready for the storm but as the ominous clouds approached, a fleet of planes were arriving. The isolated, rural region witnesses very sparse air traffic, but oddly here we had a dozen planes zig zagging the sky leaving a checkerboard of “persistent Chemtrails-2011linear cirrus clouds” on the edge of the massive storm system. “Odd,” I thought to myself as I frantically harvested pumpkins with a skeleton crew on that brisk October morning. The planes continued to zig zag overhead, leaving lines in the sky behind them. Then the black cloud was finally overhead. My boss came outside after checking in with his doppler radar. “Any minute now,” he said as the storm and planes collided directly overhead. But nothing. Not a single drop of rain. I took off my raincoat and kept working. The day after, the soil was bone dry, the sky was a milky haze and the planes were still there, criss crossing the sky leaving lines in their wake. I continued to harvest but now started to realize, this storm wasn’t going to fix the drought or rot any pumpkins. As time went on, the storm continued east dropping plenty of rain, but none on California soil, and the drought persisted. This memory was etched in my mind and my curiosity had been sparked.

As the season came to an end and winter arrived, I moved on but something had changed within me: I began looking at the sky a bit differently. I started seeing planes in the sky that had no “exhaust” whatsoever, and sometimes I would witness very sparse air traffic. But other times I would see a lot of activity all at once and, interestingly enough, this uptick in air traffic would come on the edge of storms. I started to really question the catastrophic California drought and wondered if I had witnessed weather manipulation that day on the farm; it all seemed too coincidental, especially considering the irregular pattern of appearance of not just air traffic surges but also air traffic that left persistent linear cirrus clouds. One thing led to another and I started to demand answers – it’s just the way my brain works. I started researching and finally came across Californians on the internet who claimed they, too, had witnessed the quelling of rain storms during the drought. I learned there were even patents for technology to make it rain using aerosolized silver iodide sprayed from jets and patents for the contrary, that used aluminum oxide to dissipate moisture to prevent rain. The aluminum was even showing up in the sparse rain that would fall from these seemingly manipulated rain clouds. People were asking questions, just like me, and some were even doing tests and making very logical, sound conclusions. At this point, I had no choice: I was looking up with a critical eye, and what I began witnessing was nothing like what I remember as a child or as a young man growing up in Virginia.

Life is a journey and the new leg of my journey had just begun. I continued to desire scrutiny and transparency in our skies but could not fathom a means of going about it. Finally I met a friend, James MacDonald, upon moving to Vancouver, Canada where I was pursuing a new life in filmmaking and acting. As a mentor and a brother, James gave me the courage to literally be the change I wanted to see in the world as he encouraged me to pursue the idea of making a film that explained the atmospheric aerosols the jets were dispersing at an ever increasing rate. It was early 2015 and I decided that if I was going to delve into this field, I was going to give it my all. A demand for truth and also a response to the overall social ignorance surrounding the issue; I am devoting the remainder of my life to stopping this chemical spraying from planes.

Since then, my research has uncovered a treasonous, nefarious plot to control the weather and an even worse agenda that involves tricking the public into a hoax that the planet is heating uncontrollably because of our carbon emissions. The so-called problem (global warming) has been so elaborately constructed and endorsed as to persuade us it is simply self-evident. Their so-called solution (chemical spraying among other things) to this problem, which we are now being persuaded to accept by a bought-out, compliant media, is equally self-evident. Such is the elaborate nature of the problem-reaction-solution paradigm being foisted upon us.

36pic-450x296As we know, the global warming theory has been weakened to become simply ‘climate change’, and change is what they are effecting through what they call Solar Radiation Management, also known as Solar Geoengineering (or blocking the sun). Manufactured drought, manufactured flooding and storms, extreme weather patterns – all are part of the ‘problem’ to which SRM is being given as the answer. All would seem in the realm of conspiracy; however, the concept has become official and is being publicly launched as the official solution to global warming/climate change. Even new cloud names have been created to trick the public into thinking these new sky phenomena are natural!

The plan to control not just the weather but the sunshine, too, has been afoot for decades and the Department of Energy in conjunction with the U.S Airforce are the primary evil doers. One document to sink your teeth into is the Tropospheric Aerosol Program through the Department of Energy in 2001, easily found online. One shocking disclosure hidden in plain site is the Civil Society Actors meeting of 2013, where a group met in Washington D.C to decide how to go about blocking out the sun 17972700_1486160987with geoengineering. These civilian society actors are nongovernmental persons who “manifest the will of the public” by controlling the dialogue to get their desired outcome, which is full spectrum control of our air, water and sunshine. Again easily found by searching online, participants in this “Civil Society Actors meeting” state that “society is lousy at strategy” and that they need not worry about activists getting in the way of their evil agenda. These “actors” are not just media participants but also controlled opposition. The movement to bring awareness to Geoengineering / Chemtrails has been inundated with agents to control would-be activists and control the debate. The degree to which the agenda has been manipulated to control public opinion is staggering, and thus revealing the truth has become incredibly important. The world deserves the truth and the world must know that the people of earth do not consent to solar geoengineering.

In order to get the word out on this ongoing crime against humanity, I have endeavoured to inspire the movement, hosting various talks and conferences (the most successful being the first and second Global Chemtrail Summits) and have been on 40 radio shows and podcasts since the June, 2017 release of my feature documentary film FRANKENSKIES ( The film, complete with cover artwork by the infamous MEAR ONE (pictured above), details the history of weather modification, dating all the way back to the 1930’s and culminates in the unfortunate present reality where the geoengineering agenda is exposed. A must-see film, considering the importance of actual-activists-logosuch an issue, FrankenSkies is 80 minutes long and can be found by visiting Also in an attempt to bring unity and inspiration to activism, I have created the brand Actual Activists as an umbrella for activism so that we can come together to make a future for the next generation that we can be proud of, which includes blue skies and Truth. Furthermore, in response to the normalization and official launch of solar geoengineering as a cure-all to climate change and global warming, I am hosting the Matt3rdCTSummit3rd Global Summit to Stop Geoengineering, in Tucson, Arizona on May 12th ( The location is fitting considering this is where the public experiment to prove to the world we need this technology is being deployed later this year, 2018.

Ultimately we must learn to discern and take truth as the authority rather than authority as the truth. Learn more at and, in the interim, remember what Malcolm X said: “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” Never forget the freedoms and truths our ancestors fought for, and remember we are only one generation away from losing everything if we choose silence when faced with injustice.


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Matt Landman is an advisor on geoengineering to TLB Project