Vaccine ID Passports: Merging Your Digital Identity Onto The Blockchain

ER Editor: For another take on this topic, of creating a digital ID, see this story we published back in May 2021 about the grab for people’s general data in the UK via NHS medical data. See NHS Data Grab Will Put GP Records In Central Store For ‘Research’People had until a time in June (or conversely a time in September, next month) to OPT OUT of this personal data-harvesting system. So if people don’t know about it, they are not likely to opt out. Medical data from doctors’ offices and hospitals is supposed to be just the beginning.


Vaccine ID Passports: Merging Your Digital Identity Onto The Blockchain


The plan for a universal ID for every person on earth is for total and detailed tracking and monitoring. You cannot control what you cannot monitor. Conversely, you can control whatever you can monitor. Vaccine passport IDs will kickstart your ID onto the ubiquitous blockchain. ⁃ TN Editor



The goal of coercing the world’s population into obtaining a Digital ID is one with many arms, expanding the field of players and implementers to a degree that would take a year to trace down.

Yet, the key implementers that are steering and/or directly overseeing many of the smaller outfits tend to stand out due to their connections, funding, and girth of power. This report breaks down some of those bigger implementers that are at the top of the food chain, gobbling up everyone’s data, and building the framework to roll up all human beings into a Digital Identity and put them on the Blockchain.

According to ResearchAndMarkets, the post-Covid-19 identity verification market is forecasted to grow from $7.6 billion in 2020 to $15.8 billion by 2025. According to the UN, artificial intelligence (AI) is forecasted to generate nearly $4 trillion in “added value” for global markets by 2022. As with all of their manufactured crisis industries, the manufacturers stand to make trillions, and their new industry is human enslavement.

Part 2 broke down the who, what, when, where, why, and how they have been building toward this for a very long time. It is important to review Parts one and two before reading Part 3, for a comprehensive outline of what’s truly transpiring. They want full surveillance, control over all human beings and resources, and world domination. It’s critical to understand the various mechanisms being used to enslave humanity, who’s behind it, and what their ultimate end game is, so that one can make education decisions, stay ahead of the game as much as possible, better protect ourselves, and collaborate to navigate this corrupt territory and establish ways to combat it. As stated in Part 2, “Don’t become a QR code.”

As they work tirelessly at corralling all children and adults to sign up for a vaccine id passport and get a digital identity with a simple QR code that will link to one’s data, they are also making certain that all newborns will be brought directly into the system from birth, for a seamless transition into their new world order.

In 2019, NEC carried out the world’s first proof of concept of fingerprint identification of newborns in the Republic of Kenya, with great excitement of being a part of the UN’s 2030 agenda’s Target 16.9 of Goal 16 which requires that states should, “by 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.” This goes hand in hand with ID2020’s charge to develop a “persistent digital identity from birth,” with “cutting-edge infant biometric technologies.”

The telecommunications industry plays a vital role in the digital identity infrastructure, being as smartphones are the prime device being used in most cases. In 2018, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon increased their authentication process, which also included fingerprint biometrics, which many phones are using these days. The CEO of AT&T Business was recently a keynote speaker about the “rise of digital identity” at The Economist Event Series. According to Juniper Research’s analysts, biometrics capabilities including fingerprint, iris, and voice recognition, will reach 95% of smartphones globally by 2025, accounting for $3 trillion in payment transactions, up from $404 billion in 2020.

The so-called pandemic, BlackRock’s “Going Direct” plan that instituted a financial takeover, and the digital identity agenda, are all a coordinated attack against humanity to bring in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that by design, is to plug every human being into the smart grid, inside their smart cities, where a virtual and augmented reality awaits, all data is mined and surveilled, people become a labor force synched with robots, and everybody’s actions, access, and spending is controlled by a social and climate scoring system. Yes, it sounds very dystopian, once their masterful marketing spin is removed from the content to reveal the true context.

While reading this report, keep these key points in mind. What can people do to stop this from moving forward?

Do not be coerced, bribed, blackmailed, shamed, guilted, manipulated, or intimated into complying.

  • Vaccine ID Passports, digital identities being pushed by banks, driver’s license facilities, and other industries as a means for “access” or “convenience” should be avoided at all cost.
  • Make everyone you know aware of what this QR code and digital identity is really about, and how they intend to put you on the Blockchain to surveil and control your every move.
  • Bringing this information to the attention of your legislatures and demanding legislation to block vaccine id passports and digital identity applications is critical. See part 1 for states who have already taken action on this front.
  • Remove your money from the large banks into smaller, family-owned banks and small credit unions. If 10% of people did this, it would create a huge shift.
  • Build your own family or community energy and food systems. Resilient energy and food supplies will go a long way against their digital financial blackmailing systems.
  • Stop feeding the beast – do not spend money at Amazon (here’s why), and big box stores that are building the infrastructure to enslave humanity. Here are some alternative options.
  • Cash is king. Use cash as often as possible, to avoid the hyper-tracking taking place inside bank accounts that are aggregating your data and building your social and climate score, as well as studying spending behaviors of the masses to manipulate industries, supply chains, and markets.
  • Purchasing any products with the word “Smart” in it isn’t so smart. These products are all used for surveillance purposes via audio, some visual, and data aggregating, not to mention potential integrated mind control technologies. Here is a checklist of tips for how to better protect yourself when it comes to technology.
  • Clear as many debts as you are able to so you are beholden to no one. Invest in people, learning trade skills, family and community, hard assets, proper schooling for your children which might mean a local homeschool network, local farmers, any necessary supplies or equipment you feel you need, your health and peace of mind.
  • If your place of employment is requiring you to get the injection, here are some resources, assistance, and a downloadable form to provide to your employer. If they will not accept a religious or medical exemption, and leave you with no option, let them fire you instead of quitting, so you have recourse.
  • While the injection is still in the stage of Emergency Use Authorization, it is not legal to require a person to get the injection, and “informed consent” is the law. Though the FDA states they are going to “sprint” to get the approval done for Pfizer, the application was just submitted on May 7, 2021, and a “typical review of an application like Pfizer’s takes 10 months,” according to Stat who communicated directly with the FDA regarding their “sprint.” This is the original source of the media frenzy stating that Pfizer will be approved in September, followed by Biden demanding it be approved by Labor day, all of which is to increase the urgency for businesses to mandate the injections BEFORE they are approved. Pay attention to the FDA, not the media, and stick with “informed consent” for now. Maybe the FDA moves at lightening pace, or maybe not.
  • Visualize a better future for all, where these corrupt individuals are stopped in their tracks, and Pray.

If just 10% of the US population stuck to this list of bullet points above – we could forever shift the trajectory of their agenda and potentially put a halt to it.

“What is Digital Identity? Who a person or organization fundamentally is – a combination of attributes, beliefs, personal/organizational history and behavior that together constitute a holistic definition of the individual or organization self.” – World Economic Forum, January 2020

PLUS, health records, financial information, education, demographic locations, shopping and spending habits, social media behavior, your choices, what you eat, and more.

In the World Economic Forum’s Identity in a Digital World: A new chapter in the social contract,’ they have illustrated what the digital identity will look like in our everyday lives on page 10, Figure 1. Corey’s Digs has reproduced this chart below to avoid their stringent copyright issues, that makes it quite apparent that they absolutely do not want this information circulated, despite their insistence that they are creating this for the betterment of humanity, while building a “social contract” FOR you.

This is one of their visual schematics of a SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM on human beings, while they use the words “convenience, inclusive, and security,” and people fall for it. Trust your eyes. It is exactly what they are SHOWING you, not what they are telling you.

The Masters of Marketing Deception

Plain and simple – they are masters of marketing. They share just enough information to get people on board, entice them with convenience, safety, protection, and how everyone will be saving the world by doing the right thing. The easiest way to read between the lines and discern what these folks are really up to is to split their marketing content in the following way:

1) They will always utilize 4 main topics to push all of their agendas to the finish line, which are the climate hoax, the virus, cyber attacks, and terrorist threats. They will use intimidation, guilt, shame, and fear tactics. Don’t buy into it. They manufacture the disaster, then swoop in with the solution, which is always 100% to their benefit, and at your expense.

2) All of the points they make that serve stakeholders, government, and private and public sectors is truthful information, though they leave out the incredible amount of money and power they will derive from such efforts.

3) All of the points they make about transparency, privacy, protection, safety, benefits, and convenience toward individual citizens is a lie. They are doing the exact opposite. That’s the spin, so it’s quite easy to spot.

The Evidence is in Their White Papers

“Seamless verification of people and connected devices is essential to delivering individualized and integrated services in smart cities.” – World Economic Forum, 2020

Through the vaccine id passports, QR digital identity, biometrics, smart devices and wearables, IoT, Real ID Act, Government Identity Act (trying to pass) and other legislation, telecommunications monitoring, big tech, lidar and satellites, DARPA and ARPA-H/HARPADNA databases, AI integration, used by 20 states with digital biometric identity for unemployment benefits, and Blockchain, there is an unprecedented level of spying and surveillance taking place in this country and around the globe. Anyone denying it at this point in the game is either extremely foolish and naive or working against humanity.

World Economic Forum’s ‘Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative
January 2020

The Cliff Notes:

  • Pg 4: A digital identity is “who a person or organization fundamentally is – a combination of attributes, beliefs, personal/organizational history and behavior that together constitute a holistic definition of the individual or organizational self.
  • Pg 7: “Seamless verification of people and connected devices is essential to delivering individualized and integrated services in smart cities.
  • Pg 8: “Governments will be able to leverage trusted traveller identity as a starting point for redeploying it for access to other services in other sectors.
  • Pg 9: How can digital identity generate value in the healthcare system? According to McKinsey, “savings from seamless and secure sharing of medical information could equal 50% of US GDP.”
  • Pg 13: This sentence is a prime example of what masters of marketing through deception looks like. They nailed every buzzword in this single sentence, and the only words that bear truth are “digital identity.”
    Solutions that support digital identity that are fit for purpose, inclusive, useful, secure and founded on offering user choice will benefit individuals as consumers by providing them with convenience, privacy, inclusion, security, agency and autonomy in all kinds of their online transactions.”
  • Pg 16: Businesses are to manage both customers and workforce identities and data across silos, and are to “adjust their operations across sectors to leverage networked digital identity.
  • Pg 17: Presents a “design framework” that illustrates how to create value for governments, businesses, and individuals, while emphasizing the need for a “shared ecosystem.”

In July 2018, the Secretary-General convened a “high-level panel on Digital Cooperation” of 20 independent experts, co-chaired by Melinda Gates and Jack Ma, to advance their agenda, which resulted in producing a report titled “The Age of Digital Interdependence” in June 2019. The report states that “The immense power and value of data in the modern economy can and must be harnessed to meet the SDGs (UN sustainable development goals), but this will require new models of collaboration.” Following the release of that report, all member states and over 300 entities and organizations were contacted. Their input contributed to this report.

Who were the “independent experts” that convened to provide these recommendations? As listed on pages 27-33, multiple governments, International Trade Center, International Telecommunication Union, European Union, Alibaba, Cisco, Facebook, Ford Foundation, Ethereum, Gates Foundation, Google, Global Compact, GSMA, Mastercard, Microsoft, Lemann Foundation, World Economic Forum, several UN arms, World Bank, World Food Programme, World Health Organization, and numerous others.

The Cliff Notes:

  • Pg 2: “By harnessing them (technology) appropriately, the digital revolution can be steered to combat climate change and advance global sustainability, environmental stewardship and human well-being.”
  • Pg 7: They want to connect every school in the world to the internet.
  • Pg 10 from ‘The Age of Digital Interdependence’: “McKinsey & Company studied seven large countries and concluded that digital ID systems could add between 3 and 13% to their gross domestic product.”
  • Pg 11: They don’t feel enough women are on the internet. They believe there is a “gender gap” and they want everyone plugged in.
  • Pg 15: They use hacking and espionage as reason to create this new system that will allegedly protect “human rights,” while suggesting that 7.9 billion people need to be plugged in with digital identities based on 1 billion individuals that lack identification and may not have access to the same services, rather than just building that system for those individuals. This decades-old strategy is similar to converting school bathrooms to unisex for one transgender person that attends the school.
  • Pg 16: Under the guise of “inequalities” on social media, because women and girls were 27 times more likely to be harassed, the LGBTQ community has been threatened, and environmentalists and journalists have taken heat, they are advocating for “content governance frameworks” by Member States and businesses.
  • Pg 17: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forecasted to generate nearly $4 trillion in “added value” for global markets by 2022.
  • Pg 20: This sums it up well, when replacing the word “safeguarded” with “controlled”: “The digital technologies that underpin core societal functions, often referred to as critical infrastructure, including supporting access to food, water, housing, energy, health care and transportation, need to be safeguarded.”
  • Pg 22: The UN will serve as a platform for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue to accelerate global digital cooperation.

Also see ‘The World Bank Identification for Development (ID4D)‘ initiative for more information on this agenda, who’s partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UKaid, Australian Aid, Omidyar Network, Center for Global Development, European Commission, GSMA, UNICEF, UNHCR, IOM, UNDP, WEF, WFP.

There are hundreds of companies involved in this scheme, many of which are small potatoes hoping to hit the big time, but many are instrumental players who are just a tier or two down from the big guys calling the shots. This section exposes some of the higher level implementers.

It’s so important to understand that many of the key implementers are also involved with BlackRock’s Going Direct scheme that carried out the greatest transfer of wealth ever seen in history, and are heavily involved with the Covid agenda and profiting from the injections. It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book – manufacture a need and provide a solution. The only one who wins is the Eskimo who sold you the ice. It should also be noted that many of these same players that are involved with the pandemic, digital identities, and financial takeover, also fund the CDC Foundation.

Read full story here…




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