US, UK & Australia Team Up In Historic Military Pact Against China

ER Editor: What immediately struck us about this story is, according to all the ‘plandemic’ nonsense, isn’t the West supposed to be a complete sell-out to China? Aren’t ‘Biden’ and the Democrats thoroughly infiltrated by China? Who has benefitted economically from the scamdemic that the West has willingly obliged with? Biden is ACTING LIKE TRUMP IN TERMS OF FOREIGN POLICY??? Wait a minute …

Below we have a video discussion of the topic from The Duran team as well as an article from Zerohedge.


Here is The Duran team with Alexander Mercouris leading an analysis of the new situation, the formation of ‘AUKUS’ through granting Australia nuclear submarine technology, which has wrecked a 2016 arms deal between Australia and France and has greatly annoyed China:

  • The US has lost interest in Europe and is focusing on the Pacific for world leadership
  • AUKUS confirms Australia as an ally of the US
  • This is all about providing Australia with nuclear technology in the military sector, which has infuriated China, which is concerned about Australia getting nuclear weapons
  • These nuclear-powered (not nuclear weapons) submarines might not be seen for another 10 years; meanwhile, China and Russia are building their own
  • The key message is that China is seen as the great enemy by the US
  • This new alliance is a core around which others may be drawn into in the future
  • It’s a big move but not one that has been thoroughly thought through as it’s upset the Europeans, including the French, who are incandescent because they’ve lost a massive arms deal – a 43 billion dollar deal with Australia. The US has told France that Europe and particularly France are no longer as important as they were. The focus of US interests isn’t about Russia within Europe any longer, but China within the Pacific. Now the French are complaining about Biden acting like Trump. The French political class will also be highly annoyed that the UK, the historical enemy, has been brought into this agreement.
  • It’s a major strategic shift.
  • It’s a shock for countries like France, which is a very restless country. It adds to the sense that it’s in decline, that Germany is dominant. It’s made historical sacrifices for the alliance, and now they’ve been cut out of the Australian arms deal. They’ve never had the same problems with China or Russia that the Americans have.
  • How will Macron act? By building up Europe as a superpower? If so, they’ll simply fall more under German dominance. And the mood in France doesn’t support ‘more Europe’ right now. Or it will forge closer links with Russia, edging away from the sanctions policy. But nothing will happen before the 2022 French elections.
  • China is furious. They have been loud and bullying towards Australia in the last couple of years, especially as it’s tilted toward the US. Two years ago, Australia wouldn’t have considered this deal. So China needs to understand that bullying isn’t the wisest approach. But likely China isn’t too worried about the nuclear aspect; their nightmare is that other countries feel tempted to acquire nuclear submarines, such as Japan. Which might acquire its own nuclear weapons in time. It has the technology and facilities to do so.
  • Australia denies it will go to nuclear weapons. If so, it must quit the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. But the nuclear submarines and nuclear weapons do tend to go together. Britain, France, Russia, the US and China – all have nuclear weapons and the submarines. India is now following this path of submarines and North Korea intends to. Brazil and Argentina are talking about this but have done nothing so far.
  • Why is the UK involved in this as it’s nowhere near the Pacific? Probably because of historic links between the UK and Australia; the intelligence and political links are close.
  • From the Russian perspective, they may be quietly pleased. They like the fact that it’s China that has pressure being put on them. They will have a freer hand within Europe as a result. Nordstream II is now finished and just needs to receive its licence. So they might inch closer to France. However, Russia will be nervous about China saying it’s ready for a war with the US, and over Taiwan. Russia doesn’t want to see a conflict between China and the US in the Pacific, where China will probably drag Russia in. Likely they will be advising China to avoid war.
  • This has come at an interesting time for the US. Is this Obama’s policy finally playing out?  It seems to be a moving away from the Middle East as well as Europe. It certainly is a move against the Neocons, who never defend ending any war situation anywhere (such as Ukraine against Russia). They will resist any step of retreat anywhere. But does America have a reverse gear? Will it go on the offensive EVERYWHERE? Could the usual status quo just return? This is entirely likely. Refocusing on China requires single-mindedness and ruthlessness, and Washington may not be capable of this. …


US, UK To Share Nuclear Submarine Technology With Australia In “Historic” Military Pact Against China

Tyler Durden's Photo TYLER DURDEN

After breaking news of the the historic pact between the US, UK and Australia earlier, we have now gotten confirmation and additional information about the pact.

As the SCMP confirmed, the US, Britain and Australia announced on Wednesday a “historic” security alliance to strengthen military capabilities in the Pacific, which will share advanced defense technologies and give Australian forces nuclear submarine technology  further extending Washington’s drive for military cooperation that has angered China (although we are confident Gen Milley has already shared said nuclear technology with China so their anger will probably be contained).

President Biden, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared virtually together to announce the partnership. “This is about investing in our greatest sources of strength, our alliances, and updating them to better meet the threats of today and tomorrow,” Mr. Biden said. “It’s about connecting America’s existing allies and partners in new ways and amplifying our ability to collaborate.” All three leaders stressed that the new submarine would be nuclear-powered and not armed, keeping in line with nuclear nonproliferation measures. None of them mentioned China in their remarks.

The pact builds on the longstanding alliance between the three to share intelligence, deepen cooperation and help Australia as China’s influence grows.

The new agreement, announced Wednesday by leaders of the three countries, was described by administration officials as a way to line up common interests in the Asia Pacific.

As noted earlier, the partnership is called AUKUS, an acronym for Australia, United Kingdom and the US and will have a number of components, chief among them the development of the nuclear submarine capability for Australia. Others include security cooperation in cyberspace, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and undersea capabilities, administration officials said Wednesday.

While officials declined to say the effort was intended to counter China, describing it as an effort to engage three allies together strategically in an important region, let’s be honest: the effort is intended to counter China, whose response to this new venture will be most curious and certainly one that will not help ease the global inflationary wave . The announcement comes shortly after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan last month, which was described as part of a broader effort by the Biden administration to focus on issues in the Indo-Pacific, including China.

“This partnership is not aimed at, or about any one country, it’s about advancing our strategic interests, upholding the international rules based order and promoting peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific,” one official said. “This is about a larger effort to sustain the fabric of engagement and deterrence in the Indo-Pacific.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington urged the U.S. and others to “shake off their Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice.”

“Exchanges and cooperation between countries should help expand mutual understanding and trust,” the spokesman said. “They should not build exclusionary blocs targeting or [harm] the interests of third parties.”

While the U.S., the U.K. and Australia already take part in common security arrangements, and all three participate in the Five Eyes alliance, an intelligence-sharing arrangement that also includes Canada and New Zealand, the new security structure provides for the technology cooperation needed to share nuclear submarine technology and other common efforts in a region where China poses growing security concerns.

The U.S. and U.K. are starting an 18-month period of consultation on helping Australia develop the nuclear submarine capability. That would eventually allow Canberra to conduct faster, stealthier submarine missions of longer duration than conventional submarine technology allows.

The U.S. has shared its technology in developing such a capability only with the U.K. White House officials declined to say how long it would take Australia to build a nuclear submarine but said Australia’s conventional submarines fall short of the stealth, range, speed and maneuverability needed to confront nations like China.

* * *


President Joe Biden is expected Thursday to deliver remarks on a major new “national security initiative” which ultimately appears aimed at countering China. Citing sources in the White House, Politico is reporting the US alongside allies Australian and Britain will unveil a landmark new security pact for sharing advanced defense technologies.

In particular, nuclear submarine technology is expected to top the list for the tech sharing initiative. As Politico writes, “The trio, which will be known by the acronym AUUKUS, will make it easier for the three countries to share information and know-how in key technological areas like artificial intelligence, cyber, underwater systems and long-range strike capabilities.”

Australian Navy image

It’s being further suggested that the pact is likely to result in Australia abandoning a $90 billion submarine deal with France – which was already for years fraught with tensions over soaring costs and production delays.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald the anticipated “AUUKUS pact” was the likely subject of federal ministers being called to an urgent “top secret” meeting in Australia’s capital:

In Australia, federal cabinet ministers were called to a top-secret meeting in Canberra on Wednesday ahead of the announcement. Some members of cabinet were granted border exemptions to urgently fly to Canberra for the hastily arranged meeting, sources familiar with the development said.

The White House announcement of the US-UK-Australia pact is expected for Thursday afternoon, at a moment Aussie Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Minister Peter Dutton are in Washington D.C. for annual Australia-US Ministerial Consultations. Likely they will be at the White House with Biden for the statement. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to simultaneously make his own statement addressing the Australian public on the new agreement.

Though there’s likely to be no explicit mention of China, it’s clear Washington is continuing to deepen its support to Indo-Pacific allies with an aim to curtail China’s influence, and interestingly at comes as Australia is locked in its own trade war with China, with Beijing over the past couple years curbing Australian beef imports and levying huge punitive tariffs on barley, wine, and other commodities.

“There’s nothing explicitly mentioning China in the three-way deal, the people said, but both noted that the subtext of the announcement is that this is another move by Western allies to push back on China’s rise in the military and technology arenas,” Politico underscored in its report.




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