Funding Both Sides: France’s New ‘Right’ Candidate Backed by Rothschilds’ Connections

ER Editor: Although the Rothschilds are known to be behind the globalist, de-industrialization, green, LGTB/transgender, mass immigration, climate nonsense causes, it was always about funding both sides throughout history to obtain the desired personal outcome. Here we see a good example of that – arms-length connections to a potential new French presidential candidate, the bastion of the identitarian right – Eric Zemmour, who isn’t afraid to call a spade a shovel when it comes to the influence of migrant groups in France, especially Muslims. As Free Thinker (Le Libre Penseur, dentist Salim Laibi) notes below, he makes Marine Le Pen look like a girl guide.

France is definitely making a shift to the right in its thinking, as are many places. A seasoned political observer known to us saw this story and simply said, ‘they’ll do anything to stop Le Pen’. We’ll go with that.

Throughout the insanity of the last 18 months, Zemmour could be found in the 7-8pm slot on a CNews analysis program, giving highly intelligent, informed opinions and breakdown on a variety of topics. Well known as a journalist and writer, he garnered viewers for this TV channel, which had the audacity to let him air his views nightly. Meanwhile, however, NOBODY has been going to bat for the ordinary Joe, who’s had his life turned upside down. Except Marine Le Pen’s former deputy, Florian Philippot (pictured), who created his own party some time ago and can be found with tens of thousands pounding the Paris streets every Saturday afternoon for the cause of ‘Liberté!’. That’s personal liberty and national liberty in the form of Frexit. NOBODY except Philippot has defended the people through this insane time, and that includes Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen. It’s been largely radio silence from both on all the key topics. Le Pen’s had ample opportunity to speak out against many things on our behalf; she only pipes up when Afghanistan starts flying out migrants on an emergency basis. She frequently uses Twitter to gauge opinion on this or that topic instead of speaking up on matters of principle. She quietly plays to the LGTB agenda within her own party, causing some to leave, and dropped Frexit some time ago. She’s shown herself after all this time to be an empty candidate, devoid of good ideas, somebody who reacts instead of initiates. Zemmour sits on a TV set Monday to Friday, writes his editorials, and bam! he wants to be a presidential candidate with no organic political activity or real party. What’s the difference? He’s harder on judgements against migrants, and he’s brand spanking new with blue chip Establishment backers. Who hate the Le Pen family.

Le Pen’s lost any edge she had, but won’t go away; Macron’s a now hopeless case, hated by most of the population for his globalist-oriented, ‘get injected or else’ authoritarianism. Yet these are the two likely to face a run-off in the presidential. So what’s the play here? Weaken Le Pen fatally before she gets to the presidential run-off by siphoning her vote. The Rothschilds would be perfectly happy if Macron could simply hang on for another term while France burns to the ground as an independent nation state. Rothschilds’ messenger, Marxist Jacques Attali already has the next presidential contender lined up once Macron’s gone.

Zemmour IS a rocket scientist, and far too informed to not know what’s going on, who his backers really are, and what their agenda is.


Éric Zemmour helped and financed by ex-bankers from Rothschild!


We learn in this useful work of the investigative unit of Radio France who is behind the financing of the presidential candidacy of Eric Zemmour. It is a certain Julien Madar and a Jonathan Nadler, both of whom worked for Rothschild! Doesn’t that remind you of anything? Macron himself was an ex-banker of Rothschild (ER: Macron pictured with David Rothschild). He took advantage of this to make a very nice deal on behalf of Pfizer!

Although he came from the French socialist left, Macron is nothing more than a puppet of finance. Today, this same finance is scheming behind the scenes to bet on Éric Zemmour and his extremist discourse that makes the extreme right of Marine Le Pen look like a humanist of the left!

In reality, they are everywhere: they are behind all the candidates of the French political spectrum because they are adept at the proverbial heads I win, tails you lose!


It is a simple mailbox, fixed behind a slightly faded blue door, in the hall of a building located at 18, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, in the 10th district of Paris. There is no indication that this building, surrounded by bars and restaurants, is the official headquarters of the association Les Amis d’Éric Zemmour (ER: Friends of Eric Zemmour), which finances the pre-campaign of the possible candidate. There is a clue, which even the inhabitants of the building have not been able to decode. On this box is written: “LES AMIS D’ERIC Z.E.”

Since the end of April 2021, however, this is where the checks sent by supporters who want to make a donation to the association land. There are about twenty-five of them which, every three days on average, are taken by the treasurer of the friends of Éric Zemmour and deposited in the bank. This box corresponds to an apartment located on the second floor of building A. But when one arrives on the landing, after exiting the narrow elevator, and knocks on the door, no one answers. Then you notice a second clue: above the door handle are signs referring to a company called Checkmyguest, a start-up specializing in advising companies who wish to convert commercial premises into housing, and which offers nearly 800 high-end apartments for rent in Paris.

Julien Madar: a key man

The second floor apartment belongs to a company called Société Poissonnière. A SAS (simplified joint stock company) that was created on October 28, 2019 by four shareholders, including two dentists from Créteil, and especially their cousin: Julien Madar. It is the latter who put the mailbox at the disposal of the team of Eric Zemmour. Aged 32, he is the general manager of Checkmyguest. A former investment banker at Rothschild, where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions during his gap year, he first studied at Columbia University in New York. After that, he created an investors’ association (club deal) with a friend, also a banker at Rothschild, before joining Checkmyguest, a start-up he had helped a few years ago by raising €7 million in funds.

Start-up, investment banking, fundraising, youth… This profile recalls some of the lieutenants who surrounded Emmanuel Macron during his campaign in 2017. But this young wolf rolls for the radical right embodied by Éric Zemmour. A close friend of the potential presidential candidate confirms it to us: “It is Julien Madar who takes care of the financing part.”

“Rest assured, there is money”

When he meets the investigative unit of Radio France in a café near the Champs-Elysées, the boss of Checkmyguest insists, a little embarrassed: “My company has strictly nothing to do with this mailbox. My associates are not aware of it, it is a personal initiative.” He then explains to us how he became Zemmour’s “Mr. Finance”:

“I know a very close friend of Eric Zemmour. He came to see me last April, before the association Les Amis d’Éric Zemmour (Friends of Eric Zemmour) was registered with the prefecture, and he asked me if I could provide him with a mailbox to receive the checks. As I own this apartment and my company manages it, I knew that this mailbox was never used, since the tourists who rent the apartment have no use for it and do not have the key anyway.”

The receipt of donations could have been at the home of the president (on departure) of the association of financing the party of friends of Zemmour, Ambroise Sabatier. But “Ambroise Sabatier lives near Lyon,” says Julien Madar. “It is far. We needed a place in the center of the capital.” So it’s in the 10th arrondissement of Paris that Julien Madar receives the checks, and he does more than that: “I help Eric Zemmour on investment taxation,” he adds, “but also on start-ups. I also introduce him to people.” He is not the only one to accompany him in this search for funds. It is also the case of Paul-Marie Coûteaux, the director of the magazine Nouveau Conservateur and friend of Eric Zemmour since 1993. After participating in the campaign of Marine Le Pen in 2012, he joined the polemicist of CNews, and says optimistically: “I will not go into details, but rest assured, there is money!”

According to a person close to Eric Zemmour, the roles would in fact be well divided. Julien Madar directs the operational part of the financing of what looks like a pre-campaign, while Jonathan Nadler focuses on the economic program. Until now, these two men have done so in complete discretion, as the question of finances remains taboo in Éric Zemmour’s entourage. They prefer to remain in the shadows, and leave the media spotlight to the traditional financing networks of the national right…




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