Unlimited open door EU migration to continue until 2021, UK’s Javid reveals

Unlimited open door EU migration to continue until 2021, Javid reveals

Immigration was the defining issue of the Brexit referendum and the British public clearly expect numbers to be slashed significantly – but Theresa May’s government are seemingly in no hurry to do so.

Yesterday, Home Secretary Sajid Javid (pictured) revealed that even after a clean, No Deal Brexit that would give the anyone from the EU would be free to come to the UK for three months and then stay for another three years by applying for ‘temporary leave to remain’. As The Sun notes though, EU migrants who don’t apply are unlikely to be deported.

A statement by the Home Secretary reads: “We will introduce time-limited transitional arrangements and grant EU citizens coming after March 29th temporary leave.”

EU migrants “will still be able to come to the UK for visits, work or study, and they will be able to enter the UK as they do now,” the Home Office now say.

On top of this, Javid also said in Parliament that there would be “no targets” in the immigration policy moving forward, killing off the ‘tens of thousands’ net migration pledge that has long been Conservative policy. It was only on December 19th that Theresa May had insisted this was still policy. What the hell is going on?

Instead the government are only committed to bringing “net migration down to more sustainable levels”. This is incredibly weak considering the Migration Advisory Committee found that mass migration has hurt wages for the lower-paid, reduced employment and raised unemployment of the young and less well-educated, as well as having pushed up house prices. These issues need tackling now, not leaving to get worse for years to come.

Lord Green of Migration Watch UK has hit out, declaring:

”This is free movement in all but name. Yet again the government has entirely caved in to the business lobby.

“This is an astonishing concession before the situation of the one million British people living in the EU has even been considered.

“Most of the public want to see a reduction in immigration, not to see it prolonged for years on end.”


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