Trump has Hijacked Rothshilds Central Bank in the USA

Trump has Hijacked Rothshilds Central Bank in the USA

This happened quietly… without any media coverage



Watching the USA from the outside is like watching a great tragedy taking place – with the villains running freely causing more and more destruction – shifting the blame onto those who want to uphold peace and harmony and to simply live a beautiful life.

For all my friends in the USA – please be aware that your country is under full blown attack by the same Rothschild funded Bolshevik insurgent agents that caused most of the destruction and chaos in the world over the past 250 years.

This is the most dangerous organized crime syndicate on Earth. They have killed presidents, started wars, over-turned governments, abducted, tortured, extorted, bribed and murdered millions of people to retain their control over most of the world’s governments to date.

Among their more famous victims have been: Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Archduke Franz Ferdinand 1914; Tsar Nikolai Romanov 1918, JFK in 1963, Hendrik Verwoerd South African Prime minister 1966, and many world leaders who defied their banking system – including Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Donald Trump is the first leader to have broken that control and removed them from power in the USA by taking control of the FED.

This is why the attacks on him are so vicious and relentless, and they come from all sides. Since the USA was always the Rothschild’s strongest territory – to control the rest of the world, with its powerful army, these global criminals have pulled out all the stops to overturn a duly elected president. They have activated and unleashed all their assets to achieve this.

Since Trump controls the army and the FED, their main tool is the mainstream media, with its repeating lies and propaganda 24/7 to poison the minds of the people. They are fighting for their survival.

They will lie to your face, use human tragedy and emotion in their favour against you, destroy the economy, destroy cities and monuments, bring down an entire country, kill and deceive everyone – just to achieve victory. Please be aware of this. If they cannot destroy Trump – they will be finally destroyed after 250 years of global control.

If you live in the USA, it is very difficult to get a clear view of the situation, because most of the US media is part of the Cabal and toxic with anti-Trump propaganda. Trump’s victory will liberate all other countries from the Rothschild control of all central banks and bring freedom to people everywhere.

Whether you like Trump or not is not the issue – he is the only world leader who has defeated the Rothshilds by hijacking their central bank in the USA.

This happened quietly during March 2020, and without any media coverage, because the media is owned by the same Rothschild banking empire.

TRUMP’s success against the deep state and their Communist, Bolshevik agents, is not about the USA surviving – it is about liberating the WHOLE WORLD from their bloodthirsty control.

Inform yourself – be smart – be aware. The freedom of the world depends on your next move and what happens in the USA in November 2020.

In unity – Michael Tellinger

Article featured image: Baron Guy de Rothschild speaking during a press conference celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Rothschild Brothers Bank, watched by Baron Elie de Rothschild and Baron Alain de Rothschild, April 26th 1967. (Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


(TLB) published this op-ed article as contributed by Michael Tellinger. 

Michael Tellinger is a South African author, politician, explorer and founder of the Ubuntu Party. 

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3 Comments on Trump has Hijacked Rothshilds Central Bank in the USA

  1. Hello Sean – your answer demonstrates that you’re a very knowledgeable, well-informed person, definitely way beyond the average and much moreso even than those folks who try to stay informed. Your deductions are very reasonable as well, based on logic and rationale – the only problem is, there are certain things that challenge your assertions. If Trump was really just another stooge, then why was there a concerted plan to slander and undermine him from practically the very beginning of his campaign? Why has the mainstream media, outside of an occasional blurp from FOX, been totally silent about this, when government records and details have been released and made public for all to see that there has undoubtedly been treason and sedition committed? There are numerous other indicators that you are ultimately not aware of the truth. And here’s a question for you: if Trump IS just another shill, then what exactly is YOUR hope for the future? If all someone like you can do is simply bring an attack on Trump from a slightly different angle, with no other alternative, then what can you offer to bring some cheer into the situation?

  2. Right in the bull’s-eye. Mr Sean’s comment is much more enlightening and accurate than this article completely out of the reality by Michael Tellinger, who does not seem to have the ability to analyze the facts that even a foreigner like me can do .

  3. “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.”
    -Jean-jacques Rousseau-The social Contract-

    What exactly is the evidence this article is based on?

    I’ve no dispute over most of this, other than the statement that Trump has somehow hijacked the Rothshilds Central Bank in the USA.

    The Central Bank of the U.S., the FED, is owned by its member banks, the largest national banks in the U.S.

    Those largest national banks, in turn, are largely owned by the same cartel of largest institutional investors.

    One only has to take a look at SEC investment filings for proof.

    Worse yet, those largest institutional investors exist as the largest investors/shareholders of each other.
    Like a TRUE CARTEL.

    Take a deeper look into Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity (FMR), the Capital Group, Wellington, Northern Trust, Geode, etc.

    The U.S. is seeing the GREATEST concentration of wealth EVER in U.S. history.

    I’m admittedly no fan of Trump.
    But I’m also no fan of Hillary, Obama, Biden, or the rest of the political crooks.

    In a world where a few billionaires own trillions, and control tens of trillions, largely owning & control the largest “competing” corps. in the world, in most every single industry, including the media, of both the “left” and “right”, it’s foolish to believe ANY politician runs outside the influence & control of that cartel.

    Let’s not forget than when Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world, hosted an Elitist party at his new $165 MILLION mansion, that not only were Ivanka & Jared in attendance, so was FED Chairman Jerome Powell.
    Amazon is largely owned by the same cartel of those largest institutional firms.

    Truth is, with Trump, we’ve gotten more of the same garbage that Obama served up, only much worse.
    Not only renewed & much increased QE, with American taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of billions in toxic corporate assets.
    But also with the LARGEST increase in money supply (FED money printing) EVER.

    That’s all being paid for with more debt piling onto the American taxpayer.
    Yet the billionaires are reaping the gains from that massive explosion in public debt.

    Partisan politics is a complete sham.
    Donald Trump is the perfect corporate shill.

    He is greedy & selfish.
    That greed & selfishness are perfect methods of manipulation & control.

    In an era when not only Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, but also Keurig Dr Pepper (among other of the largest drink makers) are largely owned by the same cartel of institutional investors, it is foolish to believe the “competing” political parties are not similarly owned, thus controlled by those same elite.

    Largest concentration of wealth & assets EVER.

    Remember back in 2016 when Trump vowed to “fight the elite”?
    Yet those elite are now stronger & more powerful than ever.

    Remember when Trump complained about the “over-bloated” military budget?
    Yet it’s grown ever-larger under his command.

    THE M-I-C is alive & well.
    The Iron Triangle has grown & gained ever-greater strength & presence.

    Trump is merely a puppet of the Elitist propagandist campaign of Divide & Conquer against the American people, and the world.

    He is a false messiah, just like ALL presidents.

    Read about the “Myth of the Good King”.
    Read Cato’s Letters about the Elitist control of the British Monarchy of the 18th century.

    Trump is no sovereign.

    BlackRock is profiting massively off the CARES Act (via control of the FED’s plan).
    BlackRock is profiting massively off Trump’s “stimulus” payments (via its large ownership of MetaBank, the issuer of debit cards being issued in lieu of direct deposits).

    Trump is the perfect shill in part because he’s such a hot-headed complete dolt.
    He allows his temper, emotions, and vast ignorance to cloud his judgements.

    He is easily led astray by his irrational emotionalism.
    And the Elite are using his numerous flaws to their advantage.

    The FED has gained even-greater massive power & control, and has shed massive amounts of transparency.
    This power & control are fully in the hands of the Elite.

    Those same Elite have made their greatest gains during the three months of lockdowns, Mar-May ’20, than in the past 10 years.

    Enlightenment Era Philosopher Denis Diderot stated:
    “Gaiety is a quality of ordinary men. Genius always presupposes some disorder in the machine”.

    • Gaiety is belief that Trump is a sovereign.
    • Gaiety is belief that Trump has gained control over the Elite.
    • Gaiety is refusal to acknowledge the massive control & wealth gained by the largest national banks that own the FED.
    • Gaiety is a continued belief in the “competition” of the largest political parties, a belief in partisan politics.

    I get it, people are in desperate need of a White Knight.
    Americans and Britains have completely lost control of every aspect of their lives.
    Americans & Britains have been completely neutered.

    Propaganda is only effective when it isn’t recognized as such.
    Propaganda is most effective when followers are led to believe their movement is “good”, and falls outside the control of those propagandists.

    All the signs are there.
    People need to pull their heads out, and WAKE UP!

    ANY vote for the establishment, IS STILL A VOTE FOR THE SAME ESTABLISHMENT.

    The billionaires, having gained near full-control of the wealth, and thus the economy of the U.S. (and thus the political system and government), control EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN.
    They will NEVER allow a true rogue/rebel candidate to disrupt their monopoly over power & wealth.

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