Train Travel in Italy – a True Sign of The Times

Train travel in Italy


Train travel in Italy has never been so easy and affordable these days for migrants. All you need to do is to simply board the train. Chances that someone will approach you politely asking for a ticket are next to nil. If, however, especially on long distance trains such as Freccia, a conductor eventually finds you without a ticket, all he can do is, again, very politely, ask you to get off the train at the nearest station. The only result is that you continue your journey, getting on the next train. And then, if you don’t agree with such a request because your travel plans cannot be bothered by lack of a valid ticket, you can always rely on the presence of some foot soldier of Soros’s Army, ready to lend a hand or give friendly advice to an alien culprit.

This is what happened not long ago exactly on a Frecciabianca, a high-speed regional train rolling along the Tuscan coast. A loud altercation was overheard by the passengers as a sub-Saharan woman was being addressed with – allegedly – harsh words by a train cleaner who had something to say about the fact that she was without a ticket. It was the African woman’s lucky day though, as one of the passengers who witnessed the commotion was Lorenzo Tosa (pictured), a blogger and former candidate in the May EU elections put up by Soros-financed Più Europa. Tosa rushed to the scene, ready to help the African woman confronting the train cleaner, described by Tosa as “an Italian in his forties, badly dressed, wearing thick frame glasses.” In short, someone mentally retarded who dared to approach “a splendid African girl in her 20’s who was in evident distress due to the man’s behavior.” At that point in the event, Tosa felt entitled to step into the discussion and demanded – actually forced – the train cleaner to apologize.

Afterwards he felt compelled to inform the reader in a lyrical style how close “with every muscle, every nerve of his body” he sympathized with the African woman. Talk about empathy of the highest degree! Why didn’t our empathetic blogger pay for her ticket as a gesture of solidarity? Why shouldn’t his empathy be directed towards all human beings? How about some empathy towards the train cleaner, whose lack of education, or lack of skills, or lack of connections, forced him to clean train toilets for six or seven euros per hour? We wonder if Tosa ever had to accept such a low level menial job. Perhaps he wouldn’t have frothed at the mouth with disdain, or disgust, towards this man whom he portrays as a worthless human being.

Again, how about some empathy towards train conductors being attacked and beaten on a daily basis by Africans whom they – always politely – lest they be charged with racially aggravated harassment – ask for a ticket? If you read the sanitized, politically correct Italian news, you would be forced to think that Italians all of sudden are becoming increasingly allergic to tickets, as the reports do not reveal the nationality of the aggressors. Tosa is too busy sympathizing with ticketless Africans, rather than with his fellow citizens making an honest living.

This is by no means an isolated episode. Far from it. Italians, as well as every other EU citizen, are subject to a constant, never ending brainwashing dished out by a wide array of different and all too powerful actors, with the head of the newly reformed Bergo-sorosian Church in Rome who, like a broken record, on a daily basis, reminds Italians and the rest of the world that immigrants must be accepted no matter what. Then you have the rank and file foot soldiers like Tosa who take advantage of every possible situation to earn their bread, enforcing the daily brainwashing dose.

In Italy, when someone is engaged in a political – or any kind of – discussion, the F-word is often used to dismiss a potential enemy. And no, we don’t refer to the ominous four-letter word widely used in everyday English; rather, we mean the word denominating a political party that ruled Italy between 1922 to 1943. When all else fails, rest assured someone will eventually call you a fascist no matter what. Whether you are debating the proper way to cook pasta, to make pizza or to travel safely on a train without anyone around you ready to assault the train conductor because he is asking passengers to show their tickets, if they don’t like what you have to say, you are a fascist. Period.

Lorenzo Tosa is no exception, eager to show his audience, and his party, that he knows what’s right and what’s wrong. If you disagree with his selective empathy, you are clearly a fascist and a racist, therefore you have no right to debate to begin with. Nowhere else outside the Apennine Peninsula does this appellative of anti-fascism – and lately of anti-racism – serve better all those forces interested in changing the foundations of Italian society. Whether you’re a sub-Saharan “migrant” or an LGBT activist, you are a first class citizen deserving every possible attention and care, and certainly free legal defense, if needed. The others, the rest, the average Italian workers have become second – or third – class citizens.

We cannot help but wonder what kind of future society Tosa envisions. From Italians like him, every African who has just washed ashore soon learns that in Italy, the rule of law is a very vague concept. For you can be without a ticket on a bus, or a train, and someone like Tosa will be ready at hand to show his concern and solidarity. Or you can attack and beat up train conductors, train cleaners or police officers, and a friendly judge-and-human-rights-upholder-in-one will always be obliging and make sure that you will not be facing jail because your conduct is “due to the stress involved with the condition of being a refugee”, as cited in many verdicts.

Or you can stab to death a police officer and receive a visit in jail – a sign of concern for human rights – from a top brass member of the PD (Democratic Party) like Ivan Scalfarotto (right, pictured with his husband) who was once “disturbed” by the fact that a suspect was reported to be blindfolded in a Rome police station. We would like to remind Scalfarotto that in many countries, including the US, the murderer of a police officer would most likely have been dead on the crime scene, human rights or not, and would have certainly not been allowed visits from anyone anxious about a detainee’s condition.

Scalfarotto is a fitting example of the evolution or metamorphosis of the PD, the direct descendant of the former PCI (Italian Communist Party). An “activist committed to LGBT rights” – we can read on his Wikipedia page – he was the first ever member of an Italian government (the one headed by Renzi) to be “openly LGBT”. He is on very good terms with Monica Cirinnà, another top notch member of PD and staunch advocate of LGBT rights, whose motto is “God, Country, Family, what a shitty life”. Never mind that the country she defecates on pays her and Scalfarotto a daily remuneration of 500 euros, give or take a few pennies, so she can afford a posh ranch in southern Tuscany where she cares for horses and donkeys.

Have the workers’ rights, the dignity of the proletariat, the welfare of the poor been struck out of the the leftist agenda?

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Obviously. It would be far too naïve to dismiss these fellows just as another example of “multiculti” supporters. Tosa, Scalfarotto and Cirinnà are preparing their places in the not so distant neo-feudal society that’s in the making. They know all too well that the nomenklatura, the selected elite made of billionaires who live in a separate world will need a buffer class, a middle class if you wish, of obedient servants and especially of Thought Police enforcers, members of a puppet parliament or LGBT activists: all those necessary to keep the Herrenvolk as far away as possible from the 90% plus of humanity, from the Sklawenvolk needed to carry out all the menial work.

Menial workers like the train cleaner will only have one goal: survival. And if they need – from time to time – to be distracted from the drudgery, their thoughts will be attracted by Facebook or similar social networks, lest they dare conceive thoughts about their humiliating condition. The middle class made of people like the trio cited above will have its privileges, better living conditions, and certainly will be freed from the need of performing manual labor.

Welcome to a new segregated society.


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