Tommy, Hero or Villain?

ER Editor: Two days ago, Tommy Robinson once more appeared at the Old Bailey to have his contempt of court charges heard. As the Guardian reports, however, the judge promptly referred it to the Attorney General given the complexity of the case. See Tommy Robinson: judge refers contempt case to attorney general.

Robinson’s supporters had a cordoned-off area outside where they gathered over a 3-4 hour period. RT live streamed the event (featured image and other images here courtesy of RUPTLY video).


Tommy, Hero or Villain


The Tommy Robinson circus rolled into town yesterday and the Fake News media were there to snort derisively at his supporters and treat Tommy as a bigger threat to our country’s security than the 20 child rapists he talked about in Leeds and Anjem Choudary put together.

Look, I do get it. Some of the things Tommy does and says are unpalatable to many, but last time I checked, we still lived in a democracy and free speech is allowed, isn’t it?

Anjem and Captain Hook were allowed to spout their bile on the streets of the UK for years without them being lifted, until in Anjem’s case he was picked up on a technicality. Has Tommy said anything that is on a par with those two nut jobs in terms of radicalising people to commit acts of terror?

I know that the so called and self-appointed anti-fascist group, Hope Not Hate, describe him as an “extremist and a violent thug who nearly derailed a trial”. But the fact is, the trial was not derailed. Is he really an extremist and violent thug compared to the 20 savages who have been sent down for a total of over 200 years and were found guilty of raping and abusing 15 young white girls over seven years? I also understand that contempt is a serious issue and I told him to his face that he was an idiot to get arrested. However, I ask you, is it right the way he is being treated by the courts, the Police, the politicians and their lackeys in the controlled Lame stream media?

If he was in contempt, then why not fine him a few grand just like Rod Liddle was when he nearly derailed the Stephen Lawrence case?

You do have to ask why the courts and, it would now appear, the Government want the Tommy circus to keep on rolling, and you also have to ask if he is being used as a political pawn?

Every report starts by describing him as the founder of the EDL and that his real name is not Tommy, and then it goes straight into his mortgage fraud conviction as if we need reminding of it!

This kind of introduction is clearly aimed at demonising Tommy/Stephen (LOL). However, this kind of coverage is clearly backfiring for the MSM as evidenced by the shouts of fake news when the BBC was mentioned outside the Old Bailey yesterday. Further evidence is the fact that many working-class people who support Tommy now refuse to speak to the BBC or Sky.

It was hilarious last week when BBC Newsnight did a piece on the so-called Tommy movement and almost admitted they were playing catch up on the issue as Tommy refused to speak to them, and everyone at a rally they attended told them to “eff off ” when approached. The people who support Tommy and for that matter anyone who voted for Brexit are not thick or stupid as the MSM like to paint them: they have seen through the lies of the controlled media. Now with the internet, Facebook and streaming, they no longer need the established media or the dinosaur press to get publicity and grow their movement. For god’s sake, if the President of the free world can get elected against the best efforts of CNN, the Democrats and even his own party by using YouTube and Facebook, then so can Tommy build his support.

This is the point:  there is massive anger over the rape gangs and what appears to be the Establishment’s refusal to tackle or talk about it.

The #MeToo campaign is huge and rightly so because, as a father of two girls, I want them to be treated with respect and dignity and afforded the same opportunities as men. But – and this is a massive BUT, where are the women and men in the Establishment, the press and showbusiness who are talking about the industrial rape and sexual abuse of white girls by predominantly men of Pakistani and Muslim heritage?

What are these lickspittles so afraid of?

Simple, it is exactly the same reason why they never mention the I word or the M word after a terror attack and why they tell us not to look back in anger, light a candle, change our twitter handle and sing Kumbaya after little girls are blown up.

It is called moral cowardice and fear that we, the largely white working-class population, will start revenge attacks against innocent Muslims which could lead to some kind of civil war.

This thinking of course is completely without any foundation.

Has there been any real reprisals since 9/11? Did London burn after 7/7? Did Manchester explode after the Arena attack?

No, they did not, but still we the majority population are treated as if we are the problem, the danger, the threat.

Let’s be fair – there have been idiots who have put bacon on the doors of Mosques and pulled hijabs off women, and I accept there has been a rise in Islamophobia; I condemn anyone who behaves like this.

There was also the terrible attack on the Finsbury Mosque, which the MSM tried to pin on Tommy because the attacker, Daren Johnson, had been reading some of Tommy’s social media posts. That was clearly a nonsense but let me be clear – I condemn Johnson and his foul act. He is a terrorist too.

However, I had to laugh when recently we were told there had been a 40 percent rise in religious hate crime and most of it directed at Muslims, especially after a terror attack. You don’t have to be Morse or Sherlock Holmes to understand how that happens though, do you? Similar things happened in Birmingham and my home town of Coventry after the Birmingham pub bombings. It was wrong then and it is wrong now, and I condemn it, but please let’s keep a sense of perspective.

It is quite obvious that the Establishment, in the shape of politicians and the media, by not confronting and reporting these issues fairly and openly, have led to the so-called Tommy Movement. It is the same reason why, against all the expert opinions and propaganda machine, people voted for Brexit and why these same people will get angry when the country is betrayed.

Yesterday’s coverage of Tommy’s trial was a disgrace. I purposely watched the event unfold on a couple of Facebook live streams because I wanted to see the events unfiltered through the biased lenses of Sky News and the BBC, and it was revealing.

There were hundreds of people outside the court which the Telegraph today dismissed as “raucous scenes in which demonstrators drank from cans of strong lager and waved banners praising Donald Trump, the far-right activist took to a stage and insisted he was being charged with contempt of court “because of who I am, rather than what I did”. The Sun described the crowd as waving Union Jack flags and one woman drinking a can of Stella Artois.

And the problem with our flag is what precisely?

I would not drink Stella at any time of the day, but has it been outlawed?

Pathetic, just pathetic!

And this pathetic coverage continues today in the Sun with them leading with a hysterical headline, in every sense of the word, “FAR-right hot-head Tommy Robinson walked free from court — and straight into a boozy lunch at the House of Lords.”

The truth, of course, is slightly different as the Leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, made clear in a tweet to me today: “More lies from the MSM, no one there had more than a couple of glasses of white wine, no red was served. The Sun is upset because Tommy pointed out its lies to the crowd outside the court and the crowd chanted ‘shame on you’.”

Instead of demonising Tommy Robinson and his supporters, why don’t the politicians engage with them?

Why don’t they get a sense of perspective and seriously address the real threat to community harmony and safety which is the rape gangs themselves? After all, they have had over forty years to think about it. Meanwhile, why aren’t the media attacking the politicians’ inaction on this subject?  To be fair to the Sun, they did print the column by Sarah Champion MP who clearly stated what the problem was, only for Corbyn to sack her from the front bench.

But where are the in-depth questions in any newspaper? What are they all so frightened of?

This is moral cowardice, and by refusing to discuss the Muslim grooming and rape gangs, I believe that the Establishment and the MSM will actually be the catalyst for violence which none of us normal people drinking our Stella want, is it?


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