This was also the case in the late 90s and in the first decades of the 2000s. At the time, the Anglo-American empire firmly dominated by the Zionist and neocon lobbies needed to create another imaginary enemy who this time had to wear the clothes of radical Islamism.

It certainly does not mean that Islam does not contain in its entirety dangerous extremist fringes that make terrorism their main philosophy, but it is certainly undeniable that at the time, the deep state in Washington was allied with those states, such as Saudi Arabia, who were the first to finance the most violent and radical forms of Islam.

Today we see this well-worn strategy being repeated in our backyard with the increasingly shaky Meloni government.

The Meloni government was born from the beginning as a sort of therapeutic obstinacy of its predecessor, the Draghi government. For 30 years, Italy was governed by Draghi’s infamous autopilot.

That pilot who definitively transferred the levers of command from Rome to Brussels and who transformed the boot (ER: the shape of Italy, we presume) into a colonial government that finds itself executing orders already written elsewhere by commissioners unknown to public opinion, who in turn receive orders from various financial and industrial circles.

Today that balance has definitely broken. The principle of Euro-Atlanticism, which governed Europe for almost 80 years, is dying out.

The world is changing. The globalization of the 90s is coming to an end, trade is reduced and powers are gradually returning to the hands of nation states.

An entire political class, the Italian one, finds itself in the ford. If what was there before and ensured our existence comes to an end, how will we survive? This is the question that many peons of Montecitorio and Palazzo Chigi are probably asking themselves. And the answer seems to be a firm condemnation of them.

It is practically impossible for historical and geopolitical logics.

And then you rummage through the manual of mass distraction techniques and decide to try to fabricate threats that don’t exist.

It was tried first with the anarchists and the Cospito case which looks very much like a frame up for the reasons mentioned on previous occasions.

We then moved on to another old adage, that of eternal “fascism” returning with sudden groups of young people who allegedly gave rise to alleged episodes of “fascist” violence.

It wasn’t enough. And so it was decided to move the search for the enemy elsewhere, away from national borders to reach Moscow.

Only this time in the Kremlin it is not the communist bloc of the USSR but post-Berlin Russia, which really has nothing in common with its predecessor.

While the former was born far from Moscow at the behest of international finance, which lavishly subsidized the violent Bolsheviks Trotsky and Lenin to establish an atheistic communist regime fiercely hostile to Christianity, the latter is a nation inextricably linked to the tradition of Christian imperial Russia.

The real Russia is Putin’s current one and not that of the USSR founded on values ​​antithetical to those of this land.

But the “Italian” deep state has cultivated a real nemesis towards Moscow. The Italian liberal apparatus is obsessed with Russia because this country is the one that is placing the definitive push against the old world to which these elites were linked.

It is the world of globalization, in which man is dominated by capital and must comply with its laws even if these then mean sacrificing human life in the name of containing public spending.

This is the principle that we see affirmed in the Maastricht Treaties. It is the principle according to which a balanced budget must be pursued at any cost, even if this then means leading to the death of people.

It is the principle of inhumanity, but in reality this is the true nature of liberal democracy which under the hypocritical slogan of revolutionary and above all Masonic memory of “freedom, equality and brotherhood” hides an unprecedented ferocity, much more intense and violent than that of the manifest dictatorships of the last century who at least did not wear the hairy mask of human rights.

So now we shouldn’t be surprised if we see the various members of the Meloni government and of the Italian liberal elites try to wave the bogeyman of Russia before the eyes of the Italians.

Nor should we be surprised by the mad idea of ​​blaming the Russian military group Wagner for the trafficking of human beings on the Italian coast.

The desperation in the palaces of politics is at its highest level and they no longer know what to invent. We try to play any card, even the most losing, to try to move the population’s firm rejection of this political class.

Nothing to do. The distance between the people and the buildings does not decrease. Increase. Someone among the elites tried to ring the alarm bells. It was one of the most ruthless executors of the liberal “model” and ominous demolisher of IRI, Romano Prodi, who said that democracy is now one step away from its end.

No one believes in it anymore and why should people do that anyway? Why should Italians believe in a system that had told them that entry into Maastricht would ensure peace and well-being for everyone just as the euro would give so much wealth as to “make people work one day less, earning as if we worked one day moreover”?

And why should Italians believe a large part of the medical establishment who swore by the safety of serums improperly called “vaccines” when they are literally killing many of the people who received them?

Just as we don’t understand why Italians should trust the judiciary which to date has not yet launched a serious investigation into the countless crimes that took place during the pandemic farce, and we also don’t understand why they should trust the police who they have always committed too many indecent abuses during the terrorist operation of the coronavirus.

So there is a simple and undeniable fact to note. There is a whole relationship of mistrust between the people and the institutions that cannot be remedied, and the situation is certainly not destined to improve in the near future.

It will inevitably get worse. The Meloni government is more of a virtual entity than a real government executive that deals with public affairs and the real problems of the population.

We try to carry forward some points of the defunct globalist agenda but we do it not so much because we want to get somewhere.

It is done because all those who are sitting on the parliamentary benches are still inextricably linked to a transnational power that is dying but whoever is sitting on those benches is bound to this power by a paradox.

They cannot get out of alignment with the agenda even if it means coming to their inevitable extinction by trying to implement an agenda that can no longer be implemented.

The match was lost elsewhere. Far from Rome. It was lost when the BRICS began to deliver powerful blows to the Anglosphere, and it was lost when the United States ceased to be the guarantor of the empire.

And it has also been lost in recent days when the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the probable one of Credit Suisse is dismantling the entire beating heart of AngloZionist finance.

That finance that launched speculative operations with impunity against those governments that refused to submit to the power of the City of London and Wall Street.

There is a world that is dying out and there is another that is about to be born. It is the transition phase we mentioned last time. From globalization to de-globalization. So what to expect from the rotting Italian political class?

What we are seeing these days. The centre-right gets rid of the last apparent vestiges which apparently distinguished it from the centre-left. There is no more time now not even for hypocritical appearances. It is Meloni’s government that welcomes the record number of illegal immigrantsIt is the same Meloni government that seems ready to throw the seaside resorts overboard and it is the same Meloni government that is letting public health sink, now on the verge of systemic collapse due to lack of public spending.

The centre-right will try to merge with the centre-left in what will be a sort of extremely fragile liberal monolith. We lock ourselves inside the fort hoping that history will pass and spare the Italian deep state.

We are chasing mere illusions. Meloni already knows that the epilogue of her story will lead her to be mangled by the unsustainable economic and health crisis underway. She will therefore in all probability fabricate a casus belli to escape from Palazzo Chigi and get out of the meat grinder in which the elites have placed her in spite of herself.

Therefore, making artificial enemies will not change the situation of the parties. The bell of history is ringing for the Italian liberal regime and its exponents.

Putting your hands over your ears and pretending not to hear won’t change anything at all.