So in the end, the day long awaited and feared by the deep Italian and international state has arrived.

There has been no postponement of the polls as some Telegram channels registered for some time in the field of false counter-information have shadowed, just as there has been no extraordinary event that should have invested the decayed Prime Minister Draghi with “extraordinary powers” on 24 September.

The day before the elections, there was also what in retrospect seemed to be an attempt to make abstention fail by announcing bad weather and torrential storms throughout Italy.

The next day, Sunday, the sun shone over a large part of Italy and it must be deduced that in all likelihood a completely false bulletin was issued announcing meteorological disasters to discourage outdoor picnics given the good weather that then came is seen on the day of the polls.

Low-grade tricks that, however, have not prevented us from witnessing what can be defined without fear of denial as the largest boycott of the electoral process in the history of the Republic born in 1946.

Abstention has never been higher. Only 63% of voters who turned up at the polls had never been reached. This is ten percentage points more than in the previous electoral round which correspond to about 5 million votes.

To date, there are 18 million non-voters. A real army that scares the Power much more than many dissidents on social media believe, unable to read the numbers that the establishment can read very well and that are already depriving many of the sleep in the button rooms.

The alarm went off immediately on the mainstream newspapers. The concern is not at all for Giorgia Meloni’s “victory,” which we will focus on later. The concern comes from the fact that too large a part of the electoral body no longer recognizes itself in the rite of the vote of liberal democracy.

The crisis of liberalism and democracy

For more than 70 years, liberalism has cultivated the illusion that its status quo could last forever. For more than 70 years, this intelligentsia believed that it was possible to continue indefinitely through vote on vote from which the same political figures came out who did nothing and did nothing, especially in the last 30 years, to change the condition of supremacy of capital. domestic and foreign over the masses.

On the contrary, politics has worked to accentuate even more this condition of domination until it reaches the current state in which it can be safely said that democracy is the political system in which the people are most naked and defenseless to the pointed jaws of financial oligarchies.

This boundless condition of domination was accentuated when the equilibrium of the First Republic was broken in 1992, which despite its limitations preserved a condition of popular legitimacy of which the current and dying Second Republic is completely deprived.

The parties of the First Republic had a bond with the territory. They breathed and lived on the relationship with their electorate. They did not live locked up inside the rooms of the party secretariats, and they did not rain down decisions from above that fell like axes on the people’s heads.

They had an interest in ensuring that the people were in a condition of well-being because this condition was the guarantee of their consent. This was the reason why popular participation reached figures unthinkable today, equal to 90% of voters.

This relationship between people and politics was completely shattered when the judiciary, on the orders of the Atlantic powerbrokers who founded republican Italy, cut down the parties of the First Republic to the sound of judicial inquiries, to spare only the PDS, a party already designated a few years first to accompany Italy to the gallows of Maastricht and the single currency.

From then on, politics as it was known until then, is definitely dead and extinct. Buried under the new commandments of Maastricht and the technocratic EU.

The supranational powers that had conceived the strategy of tension years earlier (ER: Gladio) and the murder of President Aldo Moro had decided that Italy had to enter the last phase of the construction of the so-called New World Order.

The one in which all the spiritual, cultural and economic vestiges of this country were stripped to make way for a political and moral desert, in which the real masters are the faceless gentlemen of the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Group, unknown to public opinion.

The soul of politics therefore died in 1992 aboard Queen Elizabeth’s yacht Britannia, sold off by traitors to the homeland and faithful servants of Anglo-Saxon finance such as Mario Draghi, who undisturbed liquidated state silverware of public industry to banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Politics died there, and he was reduced to a prostitute in the pay of the financial Babylon of the City of London, dominated by the powerful banking family of the Rothschilds.

The present moment cannot be understood if it is not understood that the political crisis began then, and that today we are only in the terminal stages of liberal democracy.

The people no longer recognize themselves largely in any party because they have come to the simple conclusion that what comes out of the ballot box is completely indifferent. Liberalism is no longer able to respond to the real needs and needs of the people. And every single party identifies with this ideology, and does nothing but carry on its agenda. There is “automatic pilot” as Draghi himself once said during his tenure at the ECB.

There is a script already written and the politicians who have presented themselves to the elections are nothing more than actors, or rather extras or supporting actors, who have to do nothing but play a part already assigned. The directors are others, far from the political arena.

The reason why we promoted an intense abstention campaign is precisely this. We are faced with a dying system that is now devoid of a true and substantial popular legitimacy.

Participation in the vote in these conditions would have done nothing but give oxygen to this apparatus which, in our view, must be demolished as quickly as possible.

The logic of “less worse” is simply a lethal scam that various pipers and snake charmers in the pay of the parties repeat to keep the masses within the fence of this policy firmly in the hands of the Freemasonry or para-masonry, such as the Rotary clubs and the Lions.

The failure of the small parties of the false oppositions

The same goes for the so-called small parties of the false oppositions that in these hours are pouring rivers of poison and insults against those who have invoked non-voting on social media.

The triptych chosen by the power to capture dissent was the one composed by Paragone, Toscano and Sara Cunial, who took 1.9%, 1.2% and 0.75% respectively .

It was a thunderous and announced failure, but they cannot blame the dissidents who did not give their parties the vote. The vote cannot be given to anyone, much less to those who claim to be against certain powers and then, in fact, have followed opposite paths.

This is the case of Gianluigi Paragone, who voted for the restrictions as early as February 2020 and who said he was in favor of the green certificate on condition that the swab was free. This is the case of Francesco Toscano, who for a certain period tried to present himself close to the cause of traditionalist Catholicism only to forget his past in the service of a well-known Freemason, Gioele Magaldi, and his electoral alliance with communists such as Marco Rizzo, favorable to the vaccines and the introduction of the single currency at the time of the first Prodi government.

This is the case of Sara Cunial, whose party hosts characters such as the Polish lawyer, already convicted in 2018 for a murky affair at the time of his appointment as director of an ASL by the center-right Polverini administration. Appointment that Polacco should not have received due to his falsified CV especially for the occasion and that he should have received this assignment.

This is not the only thing that argues against the party of Cunial. This political formation seems to be imbued with the enlightened spirit of Freemasonry when in its programmatic acts it declares itself in favor of that ideology, that of human rights, which is the most distant and hostile to the Christian and Greco-Roman tradition of the country.

The same is true, ça va sans dire (ER: ‘it goes without saying’), for Paragone and Toscano who do not refer at all to the values ​​that have made this land great and prosperous.

And this is only the surface of what concerns the un-votability of these small parties. Therefore, gentlemen cannot blame those voters who have developed a healthy allergy and strong antibodies against so-called facade opponents. Too many times people have been scammed to be able to fall lightly into the power trap again.

In reality, each of these taken individually has taken on its function. Not that of entering Parliament, which has never been the real objective of these small parties, but rather that of trying to demobilize the enormous mass of abstentionists segmented into different electorates of reference; from the former grillini (ER: 5 Star Movement) to the former leaguers (ER: Northern League of Matteo Salvini) up to land in the territory of the so-called sovereign leftists.

Once this function was fulfilled, the deep state actually burned all its agents of false opposition but in its perspective, however erroneous, it was a necessary sacrifice in order to try to stem the wave of non-voters, the one that makes such powers fearful.

The victory of Pirro della Meloni

Then there was the “triumph” of Meloni, which is not so much triumph if you look at it closely. The party of Fdi’s (ER: Fratelli d’Italia or Brothers of Italy) pasionaria took 26% of the votes, however, equal to only 63%, 60 if you count the void and blank ballots of the voters.

Fratelli d’Italia can be defined as the last, or rather the very last gatekeeper, of Italian politics. The first of this series was the M5S (ER: Five Star Movement, on the ‘left’) which received 25% and 32% respectively nine and four years ago when, however, the participation was much higher, equal to at least 75%.

The baton of opponent designated by the system was then passed to the Carroccio who assumed this role until 2019, before making harakiri on the shore of Papeete on the orders of the usual transnational referents. The League was assigned another task.

To prepare the ground of Palazzo Chigi for the man of Britannia (Mario Draghi) and to be able to digest this indecent lie to their constituents, a real disinformation campaign was set up aimed at making them believe that Draghi had “redeemed” himself and had become “sovereign” (ER: instead of what Draghi is, a globalist acting on behalf of the banking powers). The thud of the Lega (Salvini) plummeting to 8% makes it clear what its former voters think of this lie and of all that the Carroccio has done over the last two years.

Now comes the last piloted opponent of this series, Brothers of Italy.

Fdi is actually nothing more than a party that largely hides under its name the forceist political class chosen by Berlusconi, plus some scraps of the National Alliance, already welcomed at the time by Rothschild’s finance in 1994 after the famous turning point of Fiuggi made by Ended in that year.

The League’s (Salvini) pool of votes therefore passed in part to this party because this is what domestic and international architects have decreed. However, what they do not seem to have considered is that the current historical moment is completely different from that of 2018 and 2012.

Italy sits on the rubble of the pandemic farce. The country has emerged from two years of war that powers such as Davos have declared, and this war is made of the blood of the thousands of entrepreneurs who have failed, of the millions of workers who have lost their jobs, and of that of the vaccinated who have suffered. and suffer the consequences of lethal graphene serums. And it is precisely the issue of graphene in serums that is a scandal that can no longer be hidden.

Indisputable evidence is beginning to emerge that drug companies have put this toxic substance in their preparations. Evidence that inevitably calls into question the Conte and Draghi governments, which have approved and obliged in several cases the administration of these drugs to different categories of workers.

There has been and is in progress a very serious attack on public health for which this political class will have to respond, and Giorgia Meloni was at the forefront in supporting the serums and restrictions that plunged Italy in 2020 into the psycho-pandemic hell in which you couldn’t even leave the house without some sort of self-certification.

A hell that led to the Bergamo massacre in which not a mysterious flu virus, but a lethal mix of drugs and the infamous ventilators led to the death of patients in hospitals. A massacre whose responsibility falls entirely on this political class that attributed that slaughter instead to the flu called COVID.

Then there is the very intricate economic node of the energy price increases caused by the infamous decisions of Brussels to link the price of electricity to that of natural gas, and to constrain the purchase of the latter on the Amsterdam stock exchange, a casino where the price is inflated at least five times.

It would be enough to buy gas directly from Russia as the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban, does, but that is not what Giorgia Meloni intends to do. She is too prone and too submissive to that Babel of Atlanticist powers that have transformed Ukraine into a powder keg inhabited by Nazi cutthroats and human traffickers.

The center-right government that should be born cannot resolve any of these problems and cannot do anything that would need to be done to bring Italy out of the quagmire. It cannot and does not want to leave the increasingly weak Atlanticist camp because it is tied to it and it cannot pull the plug on the increasingly precarious single currency because it is to Brussels that its loyalty goes.

Fratelli d’Italia and Meloni were chosen by the international powers to try to preserve a status quo that has already failed in any case.

It is no longer the time when the Italian deep state was guaranteed and supported by its indispensable life support, that of the American deep state.

This is not 2014. There is no Barack Obama in the White House. The era of Donald Trump has inevitably changed the course of world history, and the umbilical cord that linked Rome to Washington has not been recomposed with the Biden administration, as many in Palazzo Chigi and in Parliament were under the illusion that it would happen.

There seems to be some kind of limbo in Washington that is still implementing Trump’s foreign policy agenda, which has pulled the United States away from Atlanticism.

This is the context in which a possible Meloni government will have to be born. A context in which all the old balances of the past are no longer there. A context in which the Anglo-Saxon unipolar world no longer dominates the international scene but a new multipolar world founded on the respect and sovereignty of nation states.

A world in which the journey of history is not written by unknown actors who meet in secret in the rooms of some lodge but in the light of the sun by sovereign leaders loyal to their homeland and not subjected to the cause of an occult global government.

Meloni will therefore have to deal with an international scenario that will not give her any real political protection and with a people angry at the economic and health damage suffered over the last two years.

There is a strong feeling that the legislature that has just begun will be short-lived and that the eventual Meloni government will have to deal with epochal historical changes which it will not be able to survive.

The Italian deep state was desperately clinging to Draghi to try to stay afloat, but the man from Britannia sensed that the ship was sinking and passed the match to whoever came after him.

The match is now in the hands of Meloni and all the parties that can no longer count on the shield of technocracy to avoid taking responsibility for the damage caused.

For the second Republic it seems that the time has come to pay the bill. Millions of Italians have already made it clear that they are no longer willing to tolerate what has already been done in the past.

The requiem will be the probable background that will accompany this legislature and liberal democracy itself.