The Technocrat Takeover: Dark Journalist Speaks to Catherine Austin Fitts [VIDEO]

ER Editor: We’ve made notes from a recent interview (Dec 7) Dark Journalist did with Catherine Austin Fitts. We certainly don’t recommend these notes as a substitute for listening to what is a truly great conversation. And despite the immense darkness that Catherine speaks to, there is hope, providing more of us wake up. The video is below the notes.

What is evident is that we’re in an unfolding situation with hideous end goals. Let Catherine Austin Fitts describe it for us.

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The Technocrat Takeover

  • What is REALLY the rationale for permanent masks? OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) experts, like many, are frightened to speak up about this unhealthy recommendation. Biden’s declared a mask mandate. Biden’s job is to destroy all independent producers, turning them into mass dependency on the government and put us in a transhumanist state – it’s that simple.
  • Trump’s policy to put China back in line vs. Biden’s neoliberal pro-China gravy train. Trump has pushed back on them. Chinese and the globalists want to destroy populism, to have central control over all independent producers’ production and all labor. Humans must be integrated into the robotic labor force. So they’d rather give everybody a digital income to shut them up and sit still. They don’t want trouble from us. The boot is coming down on independent economic ability.
  • Post-election night: Trump fired the defense secretary, Mark Esper, and removed others at Homeland Security, etc. What’s going on? CAF: rioters were likely organized and contracted to go across state lines to do what they were doing. Was this part of the smart grid play where these zones had to be cleared? Was Esper part of this ‘contract’? (Pure speculation) Rioters were part of a multi-layered ‘real estate acquisition plan‘. The Establishment freaked when Trump suggested sending in troops to stop them. Trump may have been surprised at Barr, for having the power to stop the rioting and destruction and yet not doing it. // In 1994, Senator Biden created the Omnibus crime bill creating the economic basis of the private prison industry. From that, everybody was anticipating all the real estate clearings you could possibly do by dropping in SWAT teams and clearing up the African American areas, riddled by drugs. Dems and Republicans alike were grateful for the real estate acquisition plan. Private prisons that have resulted are really slave labor camps. Heaps of taxpayer resources were invested in it. So Biden and his friends are doing the same thing and the Republicans are in on it, too, hence Barr’s reluctance to act. It’s bipartisan with money flowing to both sides. A typical real estate acquisition plan is to let lockdown happen in a given city area destroying local cash flows, then burn them out of the buildings with riots and take them over.
  • Election fraud: Covid-19 had to be mobilized to attempt to beat Trump. He’s not beaten yet. Even if he’s lost, he has tremendous reasons to bring out in court as much as possible. Republicans have still not locked up the Senate, which is dangerous. Barr knew mail-in ballots were a problem ahead of time because it gives you the capacity to bring in all the fake ballots you need to bring up your totals. Part of the occult trick has been to make the fraud SO OBVIOUS, so that you buy into an official reality pretending it’s real when it’s not. Just as we buy into the magic virus cult.
  • Where is the Great Reset heading? CAF: they’re on a tear to destroy independent producers and the middle class. Next phase: finish the pretence of democracy and go to technocracy. Non-essential stores are shut down; food system goes centralized. It’s the independent producer apocalypse, which Biden/Harris will attempt.
  • But it’s global, isn’t it – not just in America? CAF: “Attack poodles” – leaders of countries are simply attack poodles, performing tricks for treats. They don’t think; they just take orders from Mr. Global. We’ve seen this through the CFR, taking orders from the Rockefellers, etc. Social inclusion, social prestige are SO important to these ‘leaders’ – it’s not just a lust for money. You see this with Kamala Harris. They’re not independently powerful – they’re just the designated representatives following orders, who are delighted to be included in the power elite.
  • Election and Covid are the two issues right now. If it’s an all-Dem scenario in outcome, where the Dems take the Senate and Whitehouse, there will be a gigantic stimulus bill that buys all workers out of  the independent producer system. So the stimulus from IMF approved by the Senate leads to Gates’ transhumanist system, a full-on cull. The global ruling class realized in 2016 that they had the problem of no-one enjoying their system except them! So they turned on the shriek-o-meter in order to attack the populace and Trump. They need to get rid of support for populist candidates. But where they want to go (transhumanism) is so hard for most people to fathom that they can’t. Fake election & fake virus are both parts of the same thing. They’re trying to get the tech guys and the pharma guys and military people and central bankers to get set up for transhumanism, so no-one can get their heads around it. These different pillars are part of one thing. The elite will eventually just abrogate all their responsibilities to people re. pensions and social security, etc. If states were to secede, their citizens would no longer be citizens of the US so federal taxes aren’t paid, then the feds don’t have to send monies over. And where do we get our military from in that kind of situation? Feds control our skies and waterways, so we’re not likely to be ‘free’ in that state. States seceding isn’t necessarily an answer. We’re in new territory here. Elites can still be in physical control despite secession. Secession could be merely cosmetic. Elites can still control us without performing their responsibilities.
  • Those missing trillions that have gone missing from private equity groups. Imaginary scenario: we should get out all the bank statements for HUD, KKR, Carlyle Group, Rockefeller Foundation, big banks running these programs, military contractors, etc. and see where all the money went. They DON’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. If the elites start running down pensions and social security, there are clever economic people out there who will start asking difficult questions.
  • How do we clean up govt agencies now? In theory there are hundreds of mechanisms, but nothing can be done until there is a significant shift in consciousness. To be willing to have transparency about all government economic operations at all levels. The US is a massively unequal country compared to others: the central bank treasury function is the major source of this inequality. So we’re using fed govt to ENGINEER inequality, and doing it outside the law. So big players are getting money at almost no charge while average citizens are paying 17% interest on their credit cards. If you can get 10% of the American people to understand this and reengineer the situation, it can change. It’s difficult because the biggest problem is mind Control in the US – people are in their zombie social media world.
  • The Missing Trillions: it comes to about 50 trillion dollars, documented by govt numbers. But the system that reveals these figures isn’t straight and doesn’t obey the law. We also have massive security frauds on top of that, plus the FASBY Statement 56 accounting trick that made govt finances completely dark. And all branches/sides of the US govt supported this, including Trump. So infinite amounts of taxpayer money can be dropped into programs with no accountability. Hence people can be burned out of their homes by thugs who are financed by this. Or massive election fraud could be easily financed. So Trump may only have himself to blame. Further, Bezos sold billions in stock and Buffet bought back billions in stock = 19 billion in stock from B&B. Where did that money go? If you want to find 21 trillion, knowing something about where 19 billion went would be useful knowledge. And what was Charles Lieber doing in Wuhan? Was he complicit with Gates and Fauci on a brain interface prototype that went bad? The financial patterns don’t indicate a virus went missing from a lab. It was never an escaped virus; it’s something biological that can be turned on and off. It was all intentional. And there’s no bat!!! Nor minks.
  • MSM like New York Times simply invent cover stories for the empire on all important topics. It’s fiction-writing. The only question is why anybody still pays attention to them. There is no truth for journalists moving up the corporate media ladder. We need to create a class of citizens who will be willing to build truth-based networks. It’s the proles who need to build their own intelligence networks. We have to fix it all ourselves!
  • Getting rid of the dollar for a digital currency isn’t a currency any longer – it’s a complete control system. Some will get UBI; for others, you run out their current net worth (to be harvested). And some will be culled. Pure and simple. Some people are being literally targeted and killed (see New York). The longterm care industry (and medicare and social security) has to make big payouts that they can’t afford. Over the next 4 years, the culling may accelerate. New York will have real estate to be repossessed and turned into smart cities. At least, some in NY will be picking up real estate cheaply, but which population will be swung in? Clearly, they have a population in mind. With the kids in lockdown, they want to break down families and do mind control over kids. Love of parents is the most powerful political force on the planet and it’s the one they haven’t been able to bust, but they’d love to make kids from test tubes if they could. If you look at humans as livestock, not as a sovereign individual, this is the elite view.
  • Right now, we have 2 different visions: one is a vision of life and living things where we connect and resonate electromagnetically with each other and with other living things. They’re trying to implement a system where we can’t resonate with each other. We’re supposed to be isolated, have receivers inside our bodies, and have surveillance/mind control devices in our heads. They’re trying to remould us so that our connections are broken, so that we resonate to their machines, their AI systems. And robots take over doing the jobs. They’re trying to take all the connections in life and put up a toll booth between them and re-circuit it all into their machines. It’s psychopathic. The hubris is off the charts. Sovereignty is not just our minds or our bodies but also electromagnetic sovereignty. They’re prototyping – they’re trying all different sorts of stuff, e.g. it’s not just nanoparticulates through chemtrails, etc. We shouldn’t underestimate their abilities to kill us as they use prototypes on us. This is massive, poisonous human experimentation on a global scale. WWII stuff doesn’t hold a candle to this.
  • CAF was involved in the new French documentary, Hold Up. CAF recommends it and the producers who made it. They gathered a great number of expert participants. It was all the rage on social media in France. It only took 2 days for Youtube and Vimeo to shut them down on copyright. (ER: here is the link to the French version.) The English version will be out in two weeks on CAF’s site. This censorship tells CAF that they’re running scared.



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