The strange death of MEP Michele Rivasi who wanted the truth about the Pfizer-Von der Leyen scandal

ER Editor: The recent death (Nov.29) of French MEP Michele Rivasi is indeed odd, seeming to come out of nowhere. And her history shows she’s stood on some principled ground on a variety of key topics, including free trade agreements, environmental toxins, Covid/vaccine lies and tyranny, and latterly Ursula von der Leyen. She has a science training.

As veteran Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti notes below, not much has been exposed in the mainstream about this highly corrupt woman, von der Leyen, and her husband Heiko, and the secret deals she made with Bourla using truckloads of European taxpayer money, from which she and her husband stood to gain enormously.

Sacchetti notes the names of two African leaders who quite likely were assassinated for their refusal to kowtow to the globalists’ vaccine nonsense. However, an article we published a while back gave a huge laundry list of African politicians and related people (and a number of prominent Iranians) who died mysteriously around this time, ostensibly of ‘Covid’. See —

Why was Covid so deadly for African (and Iranian) Leaders?

We briefly remind readers of additional key figures who suddenly died before and during the Covid period, or who had attempted assassinations done on them. These are the ones who made the news. There obviously could be many others:

  • Kary Mullis (PCR test inventor)
  • Alexander Lukashanko (he told the truth on countries being paid to lockdown their populations)
  • Brandy Vaughan (activist against vaccines, former Merck employee, clearly murdered)
  • Prof. Jean-Bernard Fourtillan (locked up in psychiatric facility)
  • Prof. Luc Montagnier
  • Retired French pharmacist and anti-vax author, SERGE RADER (died of ‘Covid’ on an overseas trip in 2021, not apparently aware of ivermectin & HCQ as a pharmacist) – he co-authored a book with MICHELE RIVASI
  • Researchers into genetics, Dr. James Taylor and Dr. Bing Liu
  • Moise Jouvenal, Haitian leader & veteran Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries
  • Madagascan leader Andry Rajoelina (Madagascar is a centre for Artemesia production, a valuable plant remedy)


Some tweets —

Translation:  Michèle Rivasi, a rare figure on the left to have courageously denounced the vaccine persecution orchestrated by the pharmaceutical industry. Although hesitant to associate with those described as “extreme right”, she nevertheless fulfilled her duty, contrary to the silence observed among her political clan on this subject.

Translation: Michèle Rivasi died on November 29. The MEP will remain one of the rare left-wing political figures to have criticized several vaccination campaigns, the latest fight in a long list of struggles

Translation: Michèle Rivasi has died. She was one of the few elected officials with a solid scientific background and her work made her a needle in the foot of the Brussels technostructure. Her commitment led to her often being caricatured by lobbies and incompetent crooks disguised as environmentalists, within her own party.

This tweet shows the video demonstration of a ‘heart attack gun’, and suggests the same as Sacchetti does below. Of course, lacking proof of the hypothesis —

Translation: In 1975, the CIA (again!) developed a heart attack gun. 50 years later, thanks to DEWs, we can bring down skyscrapers, set fire to Hawaii and even stop hearts remotely. I’m not saying that’s what happened to Michèle Rivasi. But hey…

The following article is machine-translated.


The strange death of MEP Michele Rivasi who wanted the truth about the Pfizer-Von der Leyen scandal


Often in big scandals involving real power, not what we see on the public scene, but that of secret societies and high finance, there are suspicious deaths.

This is what was seen, for example, in the case of Michele Sindona, a man from the P2 lodge and mafia banker killed in prison by cyanide-laced coffee.

And the same fate befell another controversial banker such as Roberto Calvi, also a member of P2, who “committed suicide” under the Black Friars Bridge in London in a place full of Masonic symbolism.

This time the person who has died with a timing at least singular is Michele Rivasi. Michele Rivasi was a French socialist politician already elected in the 90s from the ranks of this party.

In the following years, from 2009 onwards, she moved onto the European scene when she entered the European Parliament in which she was already in her third term.

She was a member of the Green group and was not known in the past for battles that today can be defined as fully sovereigntist, and it does not even appear that she has ever openly denounced the European Union and the powers of the financial lobbies that govern this institution.

Rivasi could define herself as a classic “environmentalist” who grew up at the school of the European greens which, it is no secret at all, has been financed by Soros.

Despite her pedigree not at all in opposition to the Eurocratic establishment, Rivasi had recently expressed critical positions towards what was happening in the Union.

The French MEP had in fact openly criticized the Covid certificate without which access to public places for a certain period of time was difficult in some European countries, especially Italy, and had also expressed doubts about mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers in France.

Another burning issue that Rivasi had been interested in recently was that relating to the scandal of the vaccine contract signed by Ursula Von der Leyen with the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

The issue is probably already known to our readers, but it is certainly useful to reconstruct its fundamental stages to find a probable relationship with the sudden death of the Green MEP.

The vaccine contract between Pfizer and the EU

The European Union had chosen the path of mass vaccination as a “solution” to the pandemic farce already in 2020, aligning itself perfectly with the wishes of the Davos forum, which in January of that year had already traced the path to the distribution of the serums as a “way out” of a false emergency which wasn’t even such at the time.

Towards the end of 2020, the first vaccines began to be distributed in Western Europe, and in the first quarter of 2021, the EU signed another large serum procurement contract with Pfizer for 1.8 billion doses.

The contract in question is one of those that moved an enormous river of money from the coffers of the European Union to those of the American pharmaceutical company.

About 20 dollars were paid for each dose of vaccine and therefore the overall bill is 36 billion dollars paid to Pfizer.

It is not money that has fallen out of nowhere, but it is the money that each member state pays to the Union every year, and Italy, it is worth remembering, occupies third position among all the net contributors to the Union.

What the media have not explored at all concerns a potential enormous conflict of interest which concerns Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission.

In fact, at the time of signing the contract with Pfizer, Von der Leyen’s husband (ER: a doctor), Heiko, was acting as a consultant for an American company called Orgenesis, a company that has a very close relationship with Pfizer as the owner shareholders are the same, in particular the well-known American investment fund BlackRock.

Orgenesis was in turn involved in the development of mRNA vaccines already in 2020 and Heiko Von der Leyen moved to the United States to work at this company in the midst of the pandemic farce, in December 2020 to be precise, despite not having a notable CV for an international researcher.

The timing is simply fundamental because, according to what has already been revealed by the Romanian journalist Adrian Onciu, the German doctor would have personally benefited from the contract signed between Pfizer and the EU.

Onciu claims that Heiko Von der Leyen received a 2% bonus in commissions from Orgenesis for selling the vaccines.

The money would have been transferred from Pfizer to Orgenesis, and at these levels such a commission turns into a figure equal to 760 million dollars.

A huge mountain of money that would have ended up directly in the pockets of the Von der Leyen family, and, if this accusation were confirmed, it would be the biggest community corruption scandal since the creation of this organization in 1992 in Maastricht.

If all this were true, the president of the European Commission would have benefited herself first from the sale of vaccines.

The Italian and European media have never spoken to their public about this enormous scandal; only a small piece of truth has emerged regarding the messages exchanged by Von der Leyen with Pfizer.

In Von der Leyen’s smartphone there were all the steps of the negotiation of the purchase of the serums of the American pharmaceutical giant, and the procedures followed by the president of the EU Commission were not at all in line with those traced by the EU itself for contracts of this type.

The media talked about this aspect probably because some other pharmaceutical companies that produced the Covid vaccines were not too satisfied with the fact that the biggest piece of cake for the distribution of the serums went entirely to Pfizer.

Von der Leyen, however, saw fit to remove all traces of the negotiation by deleting all the messages from her phone, and this already in itself it should have been such a gross offense as to force her to resign.

German politics is not even new to the non-transparent management of supply contracts and procurement, so much so that when she was Minister of Defense in Germany, she incurred the same accusations, and on that occasion too she deleted the messages from her mobile phone in what we can see is an old habit of the President of the Commission.

Von der Leyen, however, miraculously managed to stay in her place, but some MEPs wanted to shed light on the scandal.

The strange deaths of inconvenient characters at the pharmaceutical cartel

One of these was Michele Rivasi herself who had dedicated her most recent parliamentary activity to seeking the truth about the messages deleted by the European leader.

Rivasi probably wanted to find out what the content of those messages was because in those intense exchanges with Pfizer, there is probably evidence of enormous illicit acts, including that concerning Von der Leyen’s probable conflict of interests.

The media never brought this aspect to light but perhaps in the European Parliament more than a few MPs knew the truth and wanted it to come out.

If this was the intent of the French MEP, she was unable to carry it out due to the sudden illness that killed her.

Not much is known about the circumstances of this sudden death, which shocked many people in Brussels.

On Euractiv, a daily newspaper notoriously close to the European institutions, it is only written that an illness struck the French MP while she was on her way into Brussels.

There isn’t much else and we don’t know Rivasi’s medical history or whether she had a heart condition.

The timing of the Green MEP’s death has led some to think that her death was not so spontaneous after all.

There is extensive literature on how Western secret services are in possession of sophisticated weapons capable of causing heart attacks in very healthy subjects.

The infamous American intelligence agency, the CIA, already had a gun capable of proving heart attacks in the 1970s.

The was shown in 1975 in front of a committee of the American Senate, the then director of the CIA, William E. Colby.

The gun was designed to fire darts which, once they hit the subject they wanted to eliminate, dissolved in his body and released substances capable of causing a heart attack.

The cause of death of the victim is always a heart attack and the only way to find traces of this gun is, apparently, to carefully inspect the victim’s body in search of a red dot where the dart has penetrated.

Something very similar can be seen in an international spy film called “The International” from 2009 in which an unscrupulous Luxembourg bank begins to eliminate all those capable of revealing devastating truths about the bank’s dealings.

The film clearly draws inspiration from this weapon which is extremely real and extremely effective.

In the meantime, almost 50 years have passed since 1975 and it is not difficult to imagine that the techniques of the intelligence services are even more sophisticated and “discreet” than those of the time.

The Western secret services, especially the CIA and the Mossad, have divisions specialized in carrying out these murders which, through these methods, are passed off as accidental deaths or suicides.

We do not know whether Michele Rivasi was the victim of such a scheme. Only an autopsy carried out by specialists in the sector capable of understanding whether the heart attack was spontaneous or not could reveal the truth, but we doubt that the Belgian magistrates, very close to the European Commission, will even come close to thinking about this hypothesis.

However, the MEP’s death is not the only suspect involving vaccines. In 2021, the African politician and president of Tanzania, Joseph Magufuli, died after a rapid illness that struck him that year.

Magufuli became famous on the world stage because he was one of the few politicians who decided not to persecute his people by enforcing pandemic farce restrictions, and he also mocked the WHO when he sent it his PCR tests which had the positivity to the so-called Covid of papayas and goats was detected.

Magufuli knew that at the basis of the coronavirus terrorist operation there was only deception, and he knew that in this story there was an endless chain of lies starting from the failure to isolate the virus up to the PCR tests that detected any positivity to Covid what they touched.

Some have hypothesized that the Tanzanian president was killed using one of those sophisticated CIA weapons capable of causing heart attacks and illnesses, and in this regard an article sponsored by Bill Gates Foundation was published in the British newspaper “The Guardian” in February 2021.

The title “It’s time to rein in Tanzania’s anti-vaccine president” is quite explanatory and the timing is also significant.

The piece was released in February 2021 and Magufuli died of heart disease two months later.

Some might hastily dismiss this death as a “coincidence” but in this story there are quite a few “coincidences” which see the death of characters who are inconvenient to certain powers and apparatuses.

Even the president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, a critic of vaccines died of cardiac arrest at the age of 55.

There is a trail of blood and mysterious deaths involving politicians and personalities who had denounced the Covid vaccine and the corruption scandals that had arisen around it.

The rule for identifying the instigator of a murder is often to see the beneficiary or beneficiaries of that same death.

And in the case of the coronavirus terrorist operation, it is all too clear to understand who the deaths of Magufuli, Nkurunziza and lastly Michele Rivasi benefited.

This trail of suspicious deaths always benefits only people such as Bill Gates, corrupt European commissioners who have been paid millions to sell vaccines and the “big” pharmaceutical companies.



Featured image, von der Leyen: John Thys, AFP via Getty


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