The secret tunnels of Chabad Lubavitch and those ties to pedophilia

ER Editor: Kudos to veteran Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti for taking on this topic. We highly recommend his other work.

A Twitter / X reminder of what was posted on social media about the discovery of tunnels in New York —

Remember when Zelensky officially received these people?

Translation: Zelensky receives the rabbis of Chabad Lubavitch, one of the most powerful and dangerous Zionist sects in the world. The Lubavitchers are the same ones to whom Giorgia Meloni paid homage last year during the Hannukah ceremony and they are the same ones to whom every Prime Minister pays homage every time he enters Palazzo Chigi. The alliance between the Zionist lobby and the Nazi regime in Kiev is there for all to see.


UPDATE: January 23, 2024



The secret tunnels of Chabad Lubavitch and those ties to pedophilia


When many saw the images of men from the New York Police Department storming the headquarters of the messianic Zionist sect Chabad Lubavitch and arresting many rabbis, a general feeling of astonishment spread.

New York is a very particular city for the Jewish world as it hosts the largest community of Jews in the world, even larger than that in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This has led some to ironically define New York as Jew York, whereas Jew in English means Jew.

However, when the police raided the synagogue, secret underground tunnels were discovered whose function has not yet been explained by Chabad.

The cult’s representatives thanked the New York Police Department but were unable, or unwilling, to offer any convincing explanation as to why these tunnels have been built.

Last Monday a cement mixer was called to fill these underground areas but this provoked the revolt of the ultra-Orthodox Chabad Jews.

The police were called to resolve the incident and the various rabbis reacted angrily by throwing the synagogue’s prayer benches at the police.

The officers then proceeded to carry out the arrests of the troublemakers and Chabad released a note in which it tried to distance itself from some “extremists” who were not in line with the spirit of the movement.

However, this does not explain how and when those underground passages were built, and it seems absurd to think that the movement did not know that there were secret passages underneath its synagogue.

When the police entered these cellars, they found dirty mattresses and high chairs for newborns.

At that precise moment, horrendous images crossed the minds of many people who thought that extensive pedophile trafficking was taking place in those hidden tunnels with the approval of the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters.

There are various testimonies from survivors of international pedophilia rings who describe these tunnels used by traffickers to carry out their abuses and move the victims of these inhuman trafficking.

The mainstream media while we are writing this analysis are obviously busily defending the image of the Chabad Lubavitch, and on the pages of the international newspapers of the Anglosphere there is a proliferation of senseless terms such as “right-wing conspiracy theory” or “Qanon theories” in an attempt to dismiss everything as the creation of some mind with too much imagination.

However, this is not a question of imagination, but of documented history. It is not the first time that this Zionist sect has been associated with pedophilia and even in Israeli newspapers we find disturbing stories concerning them.

The link between Chabad and pedophilia

There is the story, for example, of the famous Chabad silversmith, Hirschel Pekkar, who in 1982 received from one of the most well-known leaders of the group, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the task of creating a Jewish candlestick for the well-known Jewish holiday of Hanukkah which is celebrated every year in December.

Photo source

Pekkar created a candelabra following the requests of Schneerson, who wanted a reproduction of this sacred object for Judaism more similar to what existed in the times of the Middle Ages, when the candelabra had its arms in a diagonal shape rather than curved as can be seen in other versions of the Jewish menorah.

Pekkar carried out the rabbi’s requests and since then, his candlestick has become the universal symbol of Chabad.

We see it every year when various European prime ministers and US presidents prostrate themselves reverently at the feet of this movement, which is undoubtedly the most influential Jewish and Zionist group in the world.

Unfortunately, Italy is also no exception to the subjection towards Chabad, so much so that every year every prime minister, especially after the Mani Pulite coup which led to the fall of the First Republic, says goes to Piazza Barberini in Rome to celebrate Hanukkah together with the rabbis of this powerful movement.

A few years after the creation of the diagonal-armed candelabra, Pekkar was accused of pedophilia by an Israeli girl who was the victim of his abuse on several occasions in the 1990s when the victim was only 5 years old. (ER: This story can be accessed here.)

The now 38-year-old woman decided to file a complaint against Pekkar, but there were no consequences for the silversmith as he disappeared not long after the victim had decided to drag him to court to answer for the abuse.

At the time of the events, the Israeli woman was in the shop of her father, a jeweler, who worked for Pekkar himself.

When the victim expressed the need to use the bathroom that was not in her father’s study, the Chabad silversmith offered to use his and it was there that the man touched the girl’s private parts as he would then done on several other occasions.

The woman’s family went to the rabbinical court in Crown Heights, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, to seek justice.

Pekkar was summoned by the members of this court, he admitted his responsibilities but there were no consequences of any kind for him.

He was not reported to the authorities nor did Chabad, which today hypocritically expresses its “solidarity” with the woman victim of pedophilia, do anything about him.

And this is not the only case of child abuse involving this group. Pedophilia seems to be endemic in this organization and its representatives are not at all interested in repressing the phenomenon.

One of the Chabad rabbis in New York, Manis Friedmaneven went so far as to publicly declare that every child who attends synagogue is initiated into acts of pedophilia.

Friedman argued that this should not cause too much concern since, in his opinion, pedophilia is not such a serious sin.

In Melbourne’s Chabad chapter, Australian police have accused the sect of covering up numerous cases of sexual abuse.

The leaders of the group know everything that happens within it and are often the first to participate in such acts of pedophilia.

There is a history of pedophilia that runs through the veins of this sect and it is a story that obviously the media does not want to say too much about.

The same rule does not apply, for example, to the Catholic Church when the media dedicates maximum attention to cases of abuse that have occurred within this institution but when it comes to pedophilia perpetrated by members of Jewish groups the media outcry suddenly dies down.

This should help understand the readers in the hands of who the mainstream media is.

Likewise, the media does not question the fact that Chabad could not have failed to know that in its most important synagogue in New York there were disturbing filthy mattresses along with equally disturbing children’s chairs.

Chabad, as we have said on other occasions, is in fact extremely powerful.

This sect not only exerts a strong influence on the messianic right-wing Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu but on all Western governments.

The Lubavitchers have a worldview where Talmudism dominates, allowing pedophilia, which explains why rabbis like Friedman do not consider the act to be a sin.

Even this taboo topic is obviously never touched upon in the slightest by the mainstream media.

We rather see on the pages of the media ceremonies where top exponents of institutions such as Sergio Mattarella (ER: picture below, left) participate in the celebration of the Talmud, but we never see any article that tells us what is written inside this “sacred” book, where in some places they even go so far as to define Christ as an impostor, the son of a prostitute, This was even confirmed by a Jewish researcher, Dr. Peter Schäfer, who dedicated a book, “Jesus in the Talmud”, to the way in which Jesus is depicted in the sacred text of modern Judaism.

The Talmud in Italian delivered to Mattarella - La Stampa

Mattarella shows the Talmud translated into Italian together with Rabbi Di Segni

The general public must be denied the right to know what the philosophy that governs Chabad is, just as it is not said that the official website of this sect explicitly speaks of a “New World Order” at the head of which there will be a figure defined as “moshiach” by the Lubavitch who is none other than the messiah that the members of this sect are waiting for.

The section of Chabad in which it is declared that the ultimate goal of the organization is the New World Order

For a long time the Lubavitchers thought that the messiah was the old Rabbi Schneerson, who died in 1994 and it is said that after his death, the rabbis waited for days that he would rise from his grave.

The resurrection obviously did not happen and the Chabad continue to await the coming of their leader.

In the meantime, however, we see that the image and prestige of this powerful group received a very serious blow when the whole world was made aware of the existence of secret tunnels under the synagogue of the Hasidic Jews.

Secret places where it is believed that the trafficking and abuses in which Chabad representatives were involved on several occasions could have taken place.

And the fact that all this happened and that the international public was able to see what lies beneath the Lubavitch places of worship certainly represents an event that appears to have no precedent.

For the first time, after many decades, we see the limitless power of Zionism begin to shrink and head towards its unstoppable decline.

Just as we see that globalism is going through a profound crisis and its loss of influence, so we see that in the same way one of the most powerful movements in the New World Order circles is gradually losing all its power.

This brings us to a conclusion we had already reached in the past. The 20th century has truly come to an end.

The 20th century was the century that saw the birth of the Jewish state and the undisputed power of sects like those of the Chabad which assign to this nation a role of imperialist domination above all others.

This century, which can be defined as the absolute century of Zionism, now seems to be living its last years of life.




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