The Nazi-Ukrainian Reich of Canada

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Long history of Ukrainian-Canadian groups glorifying Nazi collaborators exposed by defacing of Oakville memorial

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The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was founded in 1929. Its fascist and openly anti-Semitic ideology was that Jews and Russian-speaking citizens must be removed from Ukrainian society at any cost. They enthusiastically collaborated with Nazi Germany in the 1940s to exterminate Jews, Russians, and anyone who attempted to protect them. The OUN was only forced out of Ukraine after the USSR took control of the country, upon the end of the Second World War.

The Ukrainian fascists found new homes in Canada, where the ideology of anti-communism was extremely potent. Peter Vronsky, a former documentary Director at the National Film board revealed that:

“a little known US-financed group in Canada called the “Canadian Christian Council for the Resettlement of Refugees” privately lobbied the Canadian government in the 1950s to admit former Nazi Waffen-SS ‘foreign legion volunteers’ like the Moslem Bosnian-Albanian Nazi SS troopers, Ukrainian SS volunteers, and others, to come to Sudbury (Ontario) wholesale to work in the mines.”

The Jewish News of North California reported that the Canadian government admitted more than 2,000 Ukrainian members of the Nazi 14th SS Division in the 1950s. This was done to crush the burgeoning leftist Ukrainian diaspora that was building up during the previous few years.

One way of getting into postwar Canada “was by showing the SS tattoo,” Canadian historian Irving Abella told 60 Minutes interviewer Mike Wallace in 1997. “This proved that you were an anti-Communist.”

Canada knowingly failed to report them to Germany, resulting in many of the 1,882 recipients of the German “victim pensions” being Ukranian Nazis living in Canada.  Many former Nazis, including suspected war criminals such as Radislav Grujicic, were paid by the RCMP to provide intelligence reports on left-wing immigrants who had recently came to Canada, reported the CBC in 1996.

In 1995, a Toronto Star article exposed that a Canadian mining company, INCO, utilised Ukrainian Nazi collaborators to crush leftist labour organizing in the early 1960s. As a whole, they were crucial in shaping the anti-leftist lean of Canadian unions, resulting in the current centrist and right-wing unions which are being crushed by the bosses today.

It sounds to us as if the NATO / western intelligence service clique were using Ukrainian Nazis as the equivalent of the Operation Gladio stay-behind faction – right-wing paramilitary groups – which were deployed in certain European countries after WWII, to combat the rise of leftist or communist parties by staging false-flag events in order to persuade the general public that ‘far left’ groups were committing these atrocities. The Ukrainian equivalent in Canada, according to the article above, were likely less violent if at all, being more involved in quashing left-leaning Canadian unions and surveilling left-leaning Ukrainian immigrants.

Yves Engler wrote an interesting piece in 2022 about Canada’s direct involvement in Ukrainian affairs, particularly relating to legal charges against former Ukrainian president and western deep stater, Petro Poroschenko. See —

Canadian interference in Ukrainian affairs reaches epic proportions

More important than Liberal party hypocrisy, intervening to support Poroshenko reflects Canada’s promotion of militaristic, regressive, political forces in the Ukraine. In the 2019 election Zelensky trounced (73% to 25%) Poroshenko by running on a pro-peace and anti-oligarch platform. Out of office Poroshenko has worked to scuttle Zelensky’s efforts. Alongside well organized (if electorally insignificant) far right groups, Poroshenko promoted demonstrations and provocative stunts that undermined Zelensky’s peace efforts with Russia and the breakaway republics in the eastern Donbass region.


Visiting or escaping? The featured image is taken from this article of June 2023, where Trudeau and Freeland (both have been replaced over time) suddenly visit Zelensky (another double) in Ukraine. See —



The Nazi-Ukrainian Reich of Canada

Freeland is a Candidate “To the Top NATO Job”


Ukrainian immigrants and their descendants have a significant influence on Canadian politics, which is not surprising. About 1.36 million Canadians declare Ukrainian origins, which equals nearly 3.5% of the country’s population.


The qualitative shape of this diaspora was influenced by the admission to Canada of almost 100,000 ‘refugees’, including the SS-men from the 14th Waffen-Grenadier-Division of the SS Galizien, as well soldiers and members of other Ukrainian armed formations collaborating with Nazi Germany. They have been relocated by the Britons as a part of their preparations to the World War 3 against the Eastern Bloc, and to handle the intelligence tasks for Western Powers.

War Criminals, Not Political Refugees

Part of the newcomers joined the older organisation, the Ukrainian Canadian Committee (now the Ukrainian Canadian Congress).

That was a strategy of Andriy Melnyk’s fraction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). During WW2 this group was responsible for recruiting to the collaborator troops organised by the Germans and directly involved in the management of the occupied territories in Poland and Ukraine, taking active part in the Holocaust. In Canada, Ukrainian Nazis focused on intensive educational and propaganda work among young people, not forgetting about veterans from the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army (i.e. the rebranded Waffen-SS Galizien).

In turn, Banderites in 1949 organised themselves as the Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine, and now the League of Ukrainian Canadians.

From the beginning to this day, these groups proudly use the black and red Ukrainian Nazi colours and openly declare pride in the legacy of Stepan Bandera.

An important part of the League is Society of Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in Canada has openly brought together members of Nazi troops responsible for the  genocide on Jews, Poles, Russians and Ukrainian anti-fascists during World War 2.

In Ukraine, one of the League’s main collaborators was Yuri Shukhevych (son of the UPA leader, infamous war criminal Roman Shukhevych) active politician until his death in 2022, declared by the Kiev regime as the National Hero of Ukraine.

The Banderites’ organization in Canada entitled “Homin Ukrainy” (“Echo of Ukraine“) has played  a significant role in inscribing the whitewashed legend of “heroic Ukrainian defenders of Western civilization against Russian communism” into the dominant mainstream of Canadian historiography.

The practical implementation of such a policy was the dominant position of the Banderites’ emigration in the so-called Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations. The effects of this generation-long game of influence are fully felt during the current international crisis.

Nazi Grandfathers

Following an entryism strategy, typical for Ukrainian Nazism, the activity of the descendants of Ukrainian immigrants in Canadian politics was also highly supported with truly impressive results.

Ukrainian roots were declared by one Canadian Governor General and three provincial premiers.

Chrystia Freeland is currently geared up to reach even higher, of course, not forgetting about her own roots.

She is fiercely anti-Russian, fanatically pro-Kiev and… is a woman. This combination strongly increases Chrystia Freeland’s chances of succeeding Jens Stoltenberg as the Secretary General of NATOThe Ukrainian origin of the candidate also seems to be significant, as does the fact that her grandfather was a Nazi collaborator during World War 2.

This current Canadian deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance representing the Liberal Party is a famous advocate of the unconditional support of the entire West for the Kiev junta.

Moreover, she reveals her own sympathies without embarrassment, posing with the black and red colours of Ukrainian Nazism, what “The Times of Israel” mildly described it as a ‘faux pas’.

Such ostentation should not be surprising.  After all, these were the colours of Freeland’s natural grandfather, Mykhailo Chomiak, during World War 2 nominated by the  Germans editor-in-chief of  “Krakivski Visti”, the official press organ of Melnyk’s collaborationist Ukrainian Central Committee in occupied Cracow.

The Newspaper was extremely antisemitic and anti-Polish, often republishing materials from the infamous “The Völkischer Beobachter”, supplemented by it own attacks on Jews and deep admiration of Adolf Hitler’s policy. 

Krakivski Visti” “recruited Ukrainians to the Waffen-SS and German auxiliary services in the death camps.

After the war, the deputy prime minister’s grandfather was one of the closest associates of Volodymyr Kubijovyč, a prominent member of the Melnyk’s OUN and influential collaborator, who scared even Germans with his visions of mass ethnic cleansing in Eastern Lesser Poland, carried out on the Polish and Jewish population. As an immigrant Chomiak helped Kubijovyč to create the “Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Studies” (“Entsyklopediia ukrainoznavstva”), modern bible of false Ukrainian historiography, chauvinism and national myths.

Facts Are Always “Russian Fakes”?

When her grandfather’s collaborative past came to light in 2017, Freeland described the allegations as ‘Russian disinformation’ and has not changed own version even after the publication of Chomiak’s photo with Emil Gassner, Head of the Nazi General Government Press Department, nor after the publication of articles from “Krakivski Visti” praising Adolf Hitler and German politics in areas ‘liberated from Judeo-Bolshevism’.

She was also not convinced by her uncle, a well-known historian of Ukrainian origin, Prof. John-Paul Himka, who admittedly stated that he had not found anti-Semitic texts signed by his father-in-law, but also confirmed that his newspaper was part of the Nazi propaganda apparatus.

Finally Professor Himka moved to critical positions towards the glorification of the OUN and Ukrainian pro-German nationalist activity during the WW2 but Freeland only sneered, that ‘her uncle’s efforts to study and publish on this difficult chapter in her late grandfather’s past’ were always supported by Chomiak himself. She also reiterated that the accusations were ‘part of Russia’s strategy to destabilize Western democracies’.

Question of Responsibility

Sure, no one is responsible for the sins of their fathers.

However, this is not yet a justification for praising these sins, for not mentioning the crimes.

This is the basic controversy related to the activity of many Ukrainians. For there is nothing unnatural, or even subjectively condemned, in cultivating one’s own national traditions, even those not necessarily to the liking of other nations.

Anniversaries of victories for some will always be memories of defeats for the others. There is, however, or at least should be an uncrossable border, in the form of unequivocal condemnation of crimes such as genocide.

And this is precisely what is missing in the attitude of many Ukrainians, subjected to intense neo-Nazi ideological indoctrination dominating in present Ukraine. Even clearer such ¡No pasarán! (ER: they shall not pass) should apply to everyone who directly refers to the criminal heritage of the OUN, the Ukrainian Waffen-SS, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and the whole past and presence of the Ukrainian Nazism.

Unfortunately, as we can observe not only within Western politics, this rule has already passed away…



Konrad Rękas is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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