The team of Jean-Baptiste Rivoire (Off Investigation) has just put online a documentary on the way in which Emmanuel Macron hid his income from the Rothschild bank, of which he was managing partner from 2010 to 2012  [ 1 ] .

According to this survey, the managing partners of Rothschild have the privilege of being paid one-fifth in France and four-fifths via trusts domiciled in the Channel Islands. These latter revenues legally escape the French tax authorities.

However, when he was elected President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron had the obligation to declare all of his assets so that any conflicts of interest could be identified. But he did not declare his fortune abroad.

Journalists do not know the amount of this fortune, but it should be considerable because of his role in the acquisition of Pfizer’s baby milk activities by Nestlé. In 2014, after leaving the Élysée where he was Deputy Secretary General of President Hollande, Emmanuel Macron tried to settle in London. He could thus have enjoyed his hidden fortune without having to repatriate it to France.

Faced with the inconsistencies in the statements of Emmanuel Macron, the Anticor association had seized the High Authority for the transparency of public life. The latter, having almost no means of investigation, had been able to establish nothing. Anticor then took legal action. But the Public Prosecutor of Paris had considered that there was no need to investigate…since the High Authority had not detected anything abnormal.