The French Strike Shows Workers Need to Deport the Oligarchy


As French rail workers braved the cold this Christmas, continuing to strike, editors in the mainstream media were also busy — making up stories to distract from the class war! The front page of Ouest France ran a story about how the NGO, SOS Mediterranean was also working through Christmas. It showed a boat of migrants from Africa being helped onshore by another elite-funded NGO Medecins Sans Frontière. Why this focus on migrants at a time when the domestic population is engaged in the biggest revolt since 1968?

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What the media is not telling readers is that the same people who bombed and destroyed Libya in 2011, imposed IMF debt and neoliberal regimes on African countries, are now trafficking migrants into Europe to drive down the price of labor. First, Western elites destroy developing countries; then they use the victims of these wars as social engineering weapons against their own working class.

From a ruling-class perspective, it’s abundantly clear: “You can continue to protest about your wages, the cost of living and dwindling pension funds all you want. We are importing millions of dirt-cheap wage slaves to replace you and they won’t complain because we’ll engineer them to be perfectly submissive.”

The tragedy of class struggle in France is the lack of leadership. For example, the CGT has, at least since the 1970s, functioned more as an appendix of class rule than an organization that serves workers. The French Communist Party, since embracing Soviet revisionism in the 1960s, has morphed into a dull talking shop for ideologically bankrupt intellectuals and students. Other major unions such as Force Ouvrière were actually formed by the CIA during the Cold War to weaken the French Communist Party.

Major leaders on the left collaborate with the Macron regime. For example, François Ruffin (pictured left, with Macron) was recently exposed as a government agent when a telephone conversation he had with President Macron (ER: from 2016) was leaked on the Internet. In the conversation, Ruffin and Macron were organizing a mise-en-scène whereby Macron would visit a factory and Ruffin would be there playing the role of the “workers opposition”. It should have been the end of Ruffin’s career but for so many people who identify with left-wing ideology, reality and truth are the least of their concerns.

Ruffin said: “I think that if we think about strategy, you need to be strongly challenged, and publicly, by Ecopla’s employees, it will be an episode. And then, you respond to them by saying: ‘I’m ready to go to the factory, and there’s a second episode.’”

Macron: “Okay. Okay (…) One: we have an exchange about the dossier. Two: we keep you informed of progress. Three: you, you stop me publicly. Four: we agree upon a travel date together. On October 5, or in late September—and we see how we communicate on it together.”

As for the leader of La France Insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he has recently gained slightly in credibility after he was attacked by the French Jewish lobby, CRIF, for blaming their British equivalent for the defeat of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Britain’s recent general election. However, these kinds of antics won’t change the fact that the working class doesn’t vote for petty-bourgeois Trotskyites; what the working class in every country craves is a genuinely nationalist alternative to the New World Order; and almost every leftist party out there is anti-working- class.

Identity politics and ecologism have completely taken over working-class movements. Right now in France, there is a dangerous political vacuum. Most “nationalist” parties have been taken over by Zionists and Free Masons and there is, therefore, no real political leadership of the Yellow Vest movement.

There will be no solution to this economic crisis. The very idea of pensions and organized labor is disappearing. Soon, we will have as many old people in Europe as young. That means there will be no more pensions for working-class people. The wealthy don’t need state pensions. They have unlimited money and will live off a fraction of the interest on their investments. Workers at retirement age will be forced to do menial, low-paid jobs and when they are sick, they will be encouraged to consider euthanasia. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that once euthanasia is promoted and becomes the norm, it will be considered unethical for the elderly to want to live. So, there will be no more pensions. There will no more organized labor either.

As organized labor is led by globalists, strikes tend to exasperate many of the young entrepreneurs, middle-class managers and other independent laborers who can’t get to work. The strikes don’t really hurt the ruling elite because there is no effective political leadership. In fact, if the strike continues, it could even militate in favor of the ruling class.

Because the leaders of the labor movement do not explain to workers the purpose of the elite-funded agendas turning their society into a rubbish dump of zombies — infinite debt and the entire gamut of social degeneracies that come from a debt-ridden society need to be the issues at the forefront of any radical movement.

Having nowhere to turn, workers in desperation strike. The strike is perfectly justified: it is all they can do. But all is not enough. Demonstrations and strikes will not bring about a revolution. What France needs now is a genuinely patriotic party which puts French workers first; stops imperialist wars; stops immigration; stops the bourgeois nonsense about “saving the planet”; stops promoting infanticide and starts promoting the family as the basic and most important unit of society. Only when that happens will there be anything approximating a revolution.

When you have a government which upholds the natural family as the basic unit of society, you have a government which recognizes love as the most important social value. Therefore, all market relations will be subordinated to the material and spiritual wellbeing of that unit, from the new-born baby to the eldest among us.

If I were dictator of France, I would employ all the migrants as shipbuilders. Then, I would use them to round up the globalist elites and their leftist collaborators and send them all in ships to Africa to rebuild the countries they have destroyed. Then the headlines would be different: “French workers cheer as African migrants send ships full of oligarchs to Africa for forced labor!”


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