The Economic And Social Roots Of Child Trafficking And Pandemic Pedophilia

ER Editor: As the child trafficking / sacrifice / adrenochrome theme is about to break open, especially following the showing of Sound of Freedom, Diana West‘s piece (linked to below) from 2017 gives us (with plenty of links) all those hideous reveals about the Podestas, Clintons, Maria Abramovich, ‘Pizzagate’, the Madeleine McCann disappearance, etc. that were coming out over two years before the Covid lies and madness took hold. Signs of a cultural sickness that the media refused to comment on, but which ordinary people – the deplorables – took notice of. Elite rot and corruption bar none.

Celia Farber updates the phenomenon for us, giving insightful cultural observations that indicate how our culture has been manipulated into where we are now.


The Economic And Social Roots Of Child Trafficking And Pandemic Pedophilia: And A Must Read 2017 Essay By Diana West

(If you can wade through my prose, you will find it) (I’m sorry this post is so long.)


The Podesta Files

Why is everybody suddenly a pedophile? (I mean, not “everybody.”)

Is this some kind of frequency attack? It seems like a genuine epidemic.

To play armchair sociologist for a moment, I wonder if the destruction of first the family (60s, ER: easy divorce, paying women to be alone with multiple children) then women (feminism, ER: getting us out into the workforce and paying ‘them’ more taxes, thus unable to be effective mothers with nurturing control over their kids) then men (woke/chemical hormone disruption) led to the present day pandemic of child fetishism. (Yes, I know, it’s always been with us. Shirley Temple, etc)

But I’m trying to trace it to events in my own lifetime. For example:

One began to notice about 20 years ago that “super dads” spoke of their daughters in the gushing tones one wished they reserved for their wives.

“My daughter…she understands me. We don’t even have to talk.” This kind of thing.

I used to point it out to them when I heard it, to no avail. They (the social engineers) were erasing the wives, and undermining their mother power.

Women were in the absolute gutter, by the 90s. (In this country, anyway.)

But let’s talk about 2016-2023, and not pretend we only just “woke up” about child abuse as a plague in the summer of 2023. (That’s not said to slight Sound of Freedom—a film I applaud, questions and all.)

2016 was a shattering year, a loss of “innocence” year, and a year of painful awakening for millions—just before Trump became President.

Forgotten Hero

If one man changed the entire culture, and almost drained the swamp, it was Julian Assange. Like everybody who confronts The Beast, he underestimated it. He let his guard down in Sweden—I wrote about it: It was all, to use that bleak term, “consensual,” it was a semen-fright and HIV test panic story. It’s tragic water under the bridge now but I’ll maybe re-publish what I wrote, in case anybody still thinks he “raped” anybody.

Julian Assange essentially lost his sovereign life, his “freedom,” to blow the whistle for the American people. That’s how I see it. So when I get irritated at the post 2020 culture where heroic figures make a lot of money “speaking out,” at freedom conferences, festivals and the like (NOT referring to Sound of Freedom here), I’m keeping Assange and his sacrifice in mind.

Most people never read The Podesta Files. But those who did made a new genre of esoteric pedo-decoding from it, that continues to this day. Even when all code is cracked, a fundamental mystery remains: Why are so many people sick like this? How did mass pedophilia enter the cultural landscape? Actually—we know the answer, and I’ve addressed it. (Crowley/Kinsey/Hefner—)

American Squalor and The Decimation Of The Family—Creating the Pedo-Economy

Hefner, that worshipped monster, published frontal nudes of Brooke Shields at the age of either 10 or 12, and nobody really reacted. Her divorced, alcoholic mother “trafficked” her. Had she stayed married, none of it would have happened. (See: Pretty Baby documentary, which fails to substantively address the cultural story it charts.) Divorce is a major portal to all this, one that nobody talks about. We’re supposed to always focus on the person—the bad, the good, the bad, the good. In this case, the mother—Terry. We are not supposed to see the terrain that produced this woman and her choices.

”When I got a gig, we could buy things.”

—Brooke Shields.

Decades Into Rockefeller Engineered Post Feminism Societal Collapse—Children Become Prey and Money

2016 was the year Everything changed.

I read Wikileaks Podesta Files and DNC Files more or less the minute it came out; I was living on a small island on the Baltic Swedish coast at the time, and had silence and time.

The text was shocking, strange, disorienting and genuinely ominous. It was encrypted—written in code. Hence, the non encrypted mind could perhaps be forgiven for not quite knowing what one was looking at. One knew only that is was very bad news. A frequency of dissonance, of something very alien, new, yet precise.

They all sounded like cult members with glassy eyes—so positive and inscrutable.

“Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.”


(Awful word.)

I become angry when I don’t understand what people mean, even when it’s not something on this scale. Opacity, code, and vagueness are handmaidens of evil. Orwell explained all this perfectly.


“Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”

We think you’re insane.

And we’re losing our lives to your smug, cryptic pedo-depravity culture. You think you have every right to destroy and even murder children, to express what Aleister Crowley called “what thou wilt.” The everything goes crowd need to be demolished, to borrow good old Herb’s word. They’ve had their run, with their bogus claims of self-fulfillment by way of sexual experimentation. They’ve had their run since the 60s—and they turned our country into a child porn cesspool, with their sex-obsessions. Now look at us.

Fathom the “irony” that heterosexual Assange is locked away at Belmarsh for supposedly not catching certain cues during (consensual) intercourse in Sweden, or even, being disenchanted with condoms. (I read the 98 page Swedish police report.)

I know that’s not why he is locked up. It never even amounted to a case—not even dropped, just never existed. But still, the hypocrisy boggles the mind. #MeToo for whistleblowers of the deep state, yet children are—according to them— sexual from birth, and don’t need to consent, even before they can talk. And Podesta, he winds up a Biden appointed Climate priest, instead of a disgraced pedophile and collector of ultra sadistic child “art.”

The Podesta Files’ reading experience was one of feeling very cold, inconsolable, depressed—having nowhere to run. No way to locate a happy, innocent world. Extreme claustrophobia and dread.

This swill is everywhere now. During “Covid” it manifested around the disgusting, proud, woke masking of children—also child abuse. One had to witness it daily, and one could not intervene. A woman on a plane I sat next to told me, in 2021, that her grandchildren liked their masks.

Children as agit-prop. Don’t say anything. Don’t “judge.”

Genital mutilation as progressive super-parenting, after 2020, after the mass induced trauma of “Covid” and lockdowns, poverty, masks, and finally, child sacrifice by injection.

It began, I sense, with super-parenting—in the 90s.

I raised my son in the 90s in New York City and often broke down crying from the stress of keeping up with it all.

My ex-husband, a voracious reader, excellent father, and very educated person, told me not to take them seriously and not to let them make me feel inferior. He was not stressed by them; I was.

But I was observing troubling trends. Nothing felt “normal.”

I remember feeling distraught when the fathers, (superdads) in suits, came to the playgrounds and pre-schools— asked detailed questions about play time and things. Why did they have to be so good, so perfect?

I wanted them to be totally useless (I mean it affectionately) and oblivious, like my father was; I felt they were taking the children from us, becoming better mothers, somehow. But we, we mothers, were so stressed we could never have done it without them, and they were…amazing in many ways.

As for my former husband, he never condescended to our son, or spoke to him as though he were made of gossamer wings. I think this is what started to wig me out—how they treated their children as tiny Gods.

My mother (who indulged us precisely nil) used to tell us about underground pedophilia when we were very young, and for this reason, I was in a sense a prepared mind, in 2016, but at the time, (1970s) I thought she was just saying things she had no proof of. I was about 8. I wanted her to be “normal.” Her thesis was that powerful men were out to destroy women. I’ll leave it at that. The 1970s was the decade wives became hated, phobic objects—all that Ira Levin stuff.

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen—where to begin? Both nuts.

Jeffrey Epstein is, among other things, a manifestation of all this woman and wife loathing that was getting underway during all the dark waves of Rockefeller “feminism.”

She won’t even cook my dinner! To hell with it. I’ll get myself an 11 year old wife who adores me.

Reading The Podesta Files was an act of tacit Trump approval, in 2016, though it was really a bond forged with Julian Assange and fellow normal Americans, not Trump, per se. Trump of course, betrayed Assange, unforgivably. Julian Assange did  help Trump get elected, I believe, but that was not his imperative. (ER: it may transpire in time that there is much more going on here between Trump and Assange, according to back channels.)

Where has it left us, 7 years after the release of the shock files, after Pizzagate, after Epstein?

No Democrat I know of can even bring themselves to object, even mildly, to Joe Biden’s compulsive molestation of other people’s children, even in Finland.

(When did he go to Finland?)

One Democrat talking point of course, is that there is no such thing as other people’s children. Literally.

To wit:

The Trans PSY OP—No Such Thing:

Biden Repeats—No Such Thing (as another person’s child)


Here’s yet another deconstruction of an open air child assault by Joe Biden, with parents partaking in the dance. What did the Finnish press, I wonder, have to say about this?

Is the CIA curating it all, to make us go crazy with powerlessness and confusion? Is anything we “think” or react to organic?

The supposed “right wing” cultural antipathy to progressive pedophilia was in fact set in motion by Assange, who is not “right wing,” and has scant support among Conservatives or Christians.

I read The Podesta Files, flew home, weeks later, and voted for Trump—thinking him some kind of antidote. The years between 2016 and 2023 are about as brutal as could be imagined. But we’re still here, amazingly.

Assange’s idea of just throwing the inside of elite global “leaders” emails on our doorstep and asking us to read was a departure and shock, in the sense that he was (by design) not narrating or spinning any of it. This was his brand new idea: eliminating the messenger as well as the curated message, and instead trying to sell people (at no monetary cost, zero grift) on raw documentation.

Make of it what you will.

2016 was also the year ‘normal’ people had to wrap their heads also around elite Satanism, with its endless gross code words, symbols, and straight up depravity seeming to experience itself—and insisting you do, too— as the new ultra hipsterism.

It became common for people to accept “elite pedophilia” but draw the line at Satanism.

But Satanism is, surely, the only means by which to “understand” it.

Once back in the US, at the previous incarnation of this outlet, I wrote a fair amount about “Pizzagate” so wracked with coercive snobbery/abuse/gaslighting and contempt, it was the media’s evil spirit precursor to “just get vaccinated.

My friend Stephen Ericson, an engineer, had told me years earlier: “Celia, they’re normalizing pedophilia.” I knew he was correct, and he began to show me evidence—years before Wikileaks, even. It was hiding in plain sight. The signs were absolutely everywhere.

The fights that broke out on the old Truth Barrier site about “Pizzagate” were incapacitating. A few of our most devoted readers became truly enraged—it was baffling. Was it the Christian angle they perhaps wished I had left out? How do you do that, when this all is about the very real subject of Anti-Christianity? (Satanism.)

It was designed, of course, never to be resolved. They bake these anger tornadoes and indignations and resentments into every pie.

How dare you-ism?”

Everybody’s got to be mad all the time, and I think I know why: It stems from the misguided belief that consensus will win the triumph. Also, we’re just way more aggressive than we used to be. I plan to write a series here, very soon, on the power of manners, as a lost art, and healing balm. (If you’re Japanese, I want to hear from you.)

One was supposed to “support” Trump, at all costs, remember? He, on the other hand, was not expected to “support” anybody, in return. Not even the Jan 6 prisoners, some of whom have already killed themselves.

A lot of people act like every last new savior figure must be protected at all cost. Maybe just let people be. Or even, be wrong, potentially.

Liz Crokin was one mainstream journalist who never let it (Pizzagate) go, and was extremely harassed, miraculously not killed. They managed to cloak Pizzagate in the same disreputable uncool kid odor field as every other story they needed to deny. And it works; They’re expert at this.

People back off.

Crokin still supports Trump, but does she not realize he betrayed Assange, without whom, we would be largely clueless?

Diana West’s 2017 Piece on Pizzagate— A diamond.

Now that I think of it, yes, it was to go against, also the conservative “grain” to touch “Pizzagate.” Conservatives, Libertarians—each on their own way often obsessed with respectability, not seeing “crazy,” not being “conspiracy theorists” etc.

Not so, Diana West.

Some writers go where others fear to tread. Thank you (who was it?) for bringing Diana’s 2017 piece on Pizzagate denialism, as it were, to my attention. It’s an amazing piece, making the rounds.

Linked here:

Wake Up And Smell The Culture?”


The last line here, “That’s Marina above, with shirtless child,” is so exacting— arouses in me a rage, from which there is no relief.

Whose child is that?

What is the matter with these people?

Diana’s piece is really “about” the MSM’s entitled and aggressive designation of what they called “Pizzagate” to the “dangerous conspiracy” bin. But follow how she weaves it, and you’ll see active psychosis on their part. They wave a wand and the forensic evidence (of Satanic child abuse) vanishes. It’s not what you think, not what it seems, not what it is. This is what happened to us, after 2016. Post-reality set in, and we became an open air mental hospital.

The solution: Jail Julian Assange. No formal charges needed.

It’s actually disreputable now, as West notes, to hate Satanic pedophilia even when it presents itself in thousands of undeniable images of stark horror. That’s still “deplorable” stuff. The “Satanic Panic” Operation is still working for them.

Children, it was explained, via mass media, all those years ago, can’t be trusted. They lie. (Unlike politicians who run child sex networks, money laundering, and drug and weapons trafficking. They tell the truth. Follow?)

See: Nick Bryant’s Crusade To Expose Truth About Child Sex Abuse, here.

Women in the #Me Too “movement” were never to be questioned.

Who’s sick and tired of being mind-battered by an abusive cult all the time? How can we get rid of them, dethrone them?

High society, art world, all the saints, (Eyes Wide Shut set) basically Satanic-Pedo positive, and of course, trans positive—no exceptions. They’re not your children, remember?

Never been happier to be a deplorable in a basket, with no societal connections, or aspirations. I think we will inherit the earth, but in the meantime, this is consistent torture, so just endure, and support one another to the end. We’re not crazy, but they really are.

What would Tom Wolfe have made of all this? We don’t have him but we do have Diana West.

I think may be more perceptive even than Wolfe was. I don’t think he understood the gravity, quite, of what he was observing, in books like Bonfire of The Vanities or Radical Chic.

What else was Diana West right about?

Why did the conservative gatekeepers ambush her after the publication of the remarkable American Betrayal? What made them so angry?

Here’s Why Academics Hate Diana West, a searing 2013 piece of essential reading by Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov.

I hope Diana West opens a Substack one day, but in the meantime, you can subscribe/support her work at the link above.

Here’s a link to Podesta Emails, full text.

Around 2 am this morning I came upon an email from Faiz Shakir “Democratic political adviser” written to Tony Podesta, saying, inexplicable, he was attaching a few photos of his daughter, Sadia, followed by Podesta enthusiastically replying that he “can’t wait” to meet her and suggesting a time and place. I wondered again: What is this thing, with these people, where they appear to traffic their children for power, openly? And why does my mind still balk, unable to compute? I took a JPG, I thought, but now I can’t find it.

And what’s this?

Subject: Engage Cuba Holiday Event at Embassy of Cuba Dear Mr. Podesta, Engage Cuba would like to formally invite you and your wife to attend the one-year celebration of U.S.-Cuba ties and holiday party at the Embassy of Cuba. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us at the event. Details are as follows: Engage Cuba Holiday Party & One-year U.S.-Cuba Ties Celebration Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Embassy of Cuba in Washington, D.C.

“Engage Cuba?” In what?

Everything is written in glossy, positivist code, you can never get any sense of what anything is truly “about.”

Another fragment, not by any means the truly scary stuff but still, the dizzying narcissism!

Bill, on Hillary:

On Jan 27, 2016, at 10:15 PM, Angel Urena <[email protected] > wrote:

BILL CLINTON: Everything she ever touched, she made better, I’m just telling you, including me. It’s like just second nature and it’s why a lot of these people, they don’t really know how to deal with her or cover her or anything, you know. But it’s evident.

QUESTION: Do you think we’re covering her wrong?

That’s some hard hitting journalism right there, I tell ya.

“Do you think we’re covering her wrong?” Asked of…Bill Clinton!

I found it—the Shakir/Podesta exchange. The thread is titled “Sadia,” the name of Shakir’s daughter. Why would anybody start an email thread with a super busy and important person like John Podesta with the name of their own daughter? Ask yourself: (Read from bottom up) Also, what is “good baby Hillary gear?”

Page 96 

Dear fashionistas, is there any good baby Hillary gear amid all this wacky stuff you're rolling out on the runway? She's 
already a fervent feminist and could use the appropriate attire 

On Apr 29, 2015 7:01 PM, "John Podesta" < john. [email protected] > wrote: 

Have to have Sadia visit Brandywine St. For dinner soon. Can't wait to meet her. Love to Mom. 

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Faiz Shakir < faiz. [email protected] > wrote: 
hey Jennifer and John, apropos of nothing except fatherly pride, I thought I'd share a couple of photos of our daughter 
Sadia with you. 

We're not sleeping much, but we're doing fine despite it. 

Hope you both are doing well and enjoying Brooklyn 

From: "Faiz Shakir" <[email protected]> 

To: "John Podesta" <[email protected]> 

Date: 5/30/2015 9:56:24 AM 

Subject: Re: Sadia 

All of this is small potatoes—I know.

I’m working on my drafting table with small potatoes, thinking they will make me fluent and able to move on to bigger potatoes.

I’m wasting my life, perhaps, and yours. I want to be free of all this!

I want to be free.

Can we just ignore it? Wake me when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is President.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. does not speak in code. Ever.

Conclusion, to the extent I have one

People say: Follow the money. I say: Follow the words. If they feel confusing, the speaker is evil. I do mean evil.

“In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible. Things like the continuance of British rule in India, the Russian purges and deportations, the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan, can indeed be defended, but only by arguments which are too brutal for most people to face, and which do not square with the professed aims of political parties. Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness. Defenceless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitants driven out into the countryside, the cattle machine-gunned, the huts set on fire with incendiary bullets: this is called pacification. Millions of peasants are robbed of their farms and sent trudging along the roads with no more than they can carry: this is called transfer of population or rectification of frontiers. People are imprisoned for years without trial, or shot in the back of the neck or sent to die of scurvy in Arctic lumber camps: this is called elimination of unreliable elements. Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.”

One of Orwell’s points is:

The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.

—Wikipedia, Politics and The English Language (George Orwell)

If you want to be reminded of the true essence of what came to be known as “Pizzagate,” a wildly weaponized term, you can find it in Diana West’s piece linked above.

There is in fact no controversy.

We know, and they know, and they know we know.

Please let’s not make Sound of Freedom another angry-at-each-other glue trap. My aim is to expand the subject, while lending my support, and my ambiguity.

I wanted to talk about 2016, and The Podesta Files— lest we forget Julian Assange altogether, in a summer of feel good hopefulness about breaking the sound barrier on “child trafficking” (which itself is a limited hangout term.) We should also remember Andrew Breitbart, and his father in law, Orson Bean, who both died mysteriously.

There’s another thing: Nobody talks about poverty and trafficking.

The death blow dealt to the family paved the way to this child trafficking nightmare. Divorce blew the doors off all protections, (which does not mean things were idyllic before.)

The uptight Christians were right; The Amish got the last laugh.




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