The Draghi Regime Is In Disarray

ER Editor: Are the rats leaving the sinking ship? In his analysis below, Cesare Sacchetti uses the recent story of Italian Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti opposing a tightening of Covid restrictions in Italy and mandatory vaccination, not because of any compassion for the population nor actual research on the harmful nature of the vaccines nor appreciation for democratic principles, but because of political realities. Globalist minion Giorgetti, part of the supposedly ‘populist’ Northern League party (the League’s Matteo Salvini has simply caved to the globalists, as did Austria’s Young Global Leader Sebastian Kurz, despite their bold pronouncements against mass immigration into Europe), understands that the Italian government, as well as Italian society, is about to implode and that key sectors of the country, such as the police and military, are not on side for these tyrannical ‘health’ dictates. The Rockefeller blueprint for this mess didn’t anticipate a revolt among the military and police.

Sacchetti, as ever, gives us a broad perspective through which to understand current events in Italy.

For information on what the Quirinale pact with France is, here is Thierry Meyssan on this very topic from December 2021: The European Union Begins Its Dissolution – France Turns To Italy. This is about Italy turning away from China and toward France.


The chronicle of the day of January 5 could be defined as the chronicle of the beginning of the end of Mario Draghi’s regime.

The eve of the Befana was by no means an ordinary day like all the others. In the previous weeks, the terrorist apparatus of the regime’s media has fueled the bellows of fear to the maximum.

Throughout the holiday season, the media poured out the harshest threats on the Italian people already severely tried by the gruelling coronavirus terrorist operation.

The Italians had been led to believe that on January 5 there would be the final crackdown, the one that would close any residual glimmer of freedom still open.

They were led to believe that the Draghi regime would give rise to a generalized vaccination obligation accompanied by the extension of the reinforced COVID certificate to all workers of all categories and ages.

Together with the regime media, the false counter-information apparatus has also joined this strategy of terror.

In fact, for weeks now, numerous Telegram chats have been literally haunted by disinformation agents whose specific task is to sow fear everywhere and overshadow the most catastrophic and absurd scenarios.

They will come to pick you up from your homes on December 23rd while you eat the panettone together with your loved ones to deport you and forcibly inoculate you with the experimental graphene serum.

You will wake up on January 1st of the new year under the sky of military dictatorship as a mysterious individual on WhatsApp, who imitated the voice of another journalist, was trying to make believe.

And again, they will take your money out of your checking account or suspend your retirement if you don’t get the serum.

What we have witnessed in recent weeks, and unfortunately also in recent months, is a contrived operation of psychological destabilization.

They are those psychological warfare operations that are studied and conceived in the service rooms to bend the resistance of those who have not yet yielded and have not been inoculated with the experimental drug.

At this moment, not even the official organs of the media mainstream, which have long since lost the ability to influence public opinion, play an absolutely important role in this campaign of terror.

They are the so-called alternative channels. The masses have now understood that the printed paper in the hands of a few oligarchs, such as the Elkanns linked to the Rothschild family, or Urbano Cairo, a man of Soros, cannot be trusted.

The architects of chaos have therefore changed their strategy. If the masses no longer believe what we say in national newspapers, we must take a new form.

We must speak to the people through the platforms that they populate at this moment in search of the truths hidden by the national media.

The order therefore was to flood the alternative platforms and to break down people’s psychological resistance by making them believe that there is nothing more to be done, that all is lost.

On the other hand, what happened on January 5 reveals that something in the apparatus of Mario Draghi’s regime has definitively cracked and will never return to its place.

On the morning of the eve of the Epiphany (ER: Jan.5), Giancarlo Giorgetti flees from Rome, one of the men who was one of the main architects of the descent of the man from Britannia (ER: the royal ship) to Palazzo Chigi (ER: This is Mario Draghi).

The Republic of the Elkann leaks a backstory (ER: paywall) describing the gray eminence of the League (ER: Northern League, Salvini’s party) deeply angered and annoyed by Draghi’s intentions to proceed to a further tightening.

Giorgetti expresses all his opposition to giving life to a reinforced certificate for the world of work for the simple fact that he is perfectly aware that the country thus risks definitively jumping.

In reality, this is not even so much that worries Giorgetti. His role was to support the interests of the deep Italian state that has deindustrialised the country for decades. His greatest concern at the moment is that of being overwhelmed by the consequences of the disintegration of the entire Italian political system.

The national productive fabric has already been largely torn apart by the first phase of the coronavirus terrorist operation, the one in which it was the former premier Giuseppe Conte who initiated the final economic desertification of the country.

Because the globalist power sent Draghi to Rome

Mario Draghi has taken up the baton of this operation because the Masonic circles have entrusted him with the mission of carrying out the economic and moral murder of the country which began decades ago.

The most recent history of Italy can be defined as a history of betrayals perpetrated by the corrupt Italian political class against this nation.

The death of the country had already been decreed many years ago when one of the most influential circles of architecture of the New World Order, the Club of Rome, founded by the Rockefeller family, decreed the Italian deindustrialization in the early 1970s.

Italy was becoming too powerful and its industry, especially the public one at the time in the hands of the late IRI, one of the largest industrial groups in the world, was being dismantled and auctioned.

Over the decades we have witnessed the slow and inexorable decline of an economic power, not because it has not been able to carry out structural reforms as claimed by disinformation professionals.

The decline of Italy was the direct consequence of the betrayal by its ruling class which, rather than serving the interests of this nation, served the interests of those occult powers that want to proceed with the establishment of a New World Order.

Decade after decade, the entire economic framework of the entrepreneur state that had made Italy a power was dismantled and destroyed, above all thanks to an economic formula that did not see the state in the mere role of a spectator as the neoliberal oligarchic doctrine wants, but rather of an actor active in economic processes.

Then came the season of Prodi, one of the privileged representatives of high finance in Italy, who meticulously began to kill the beating industrial heart of Italy guarded at the time by IRI.

Then came Mario Draghi, the man who most of all in Italy represents the most influential interlocutor of that Masonic and financial world that hate this great country so much.

When Mario Draghi boarded the Britannia in 1992, he did not do so to represent the Ministry of Economy and the Italian state he was to serve.

He did so to fulfill the agenda of the Club of Rome which had already issued the death sentence for Italy.

Draghi respected that mandate, and all the industrial strength that had built the post-war economic miracle disappeared in the infamous subversive night of 2 June 1992 on which the judiciary never shed light.

At the time, as then, the judiciary was committed to serving the agenda of those powers that shared Italy’s treasure.

Thus the heart of the Italian industry was snatched and delivered at the sale price on a silver tray to the Anglo-Saxon finance represented by its greatest exponents such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

Draghi’s career took off in the following years as a direct reward for the “work” done on Queen Elizabeth’s yacht. First Draghi was hired by Goldman, then he moved to the Bank of Italy, and finally he was seated on the throne of that ECB which is none other than the central bank in the hands of those financial powers served by the man of Britain.

The mission entrusted to Draghi today is precisely to complete what began in 1992 and decided decades earlier.

The various Masonic lodges have ordered the arrival of Draghi, as proudly claimed by one of its Italian exponents , Gioele Magaldi, and have decided to tighten the definitive noose around Italy.

And he had to be the one to carry out this mission: Mario Draghi. Draghi’s regime compared to Conte’s has only shifted the geopolitical and economic axis of the country from Communist China to Macron’s France, in turn in the hands of the Rothschilds (ER: France is Rothschild Central), a name that is constantly recurring during the economic devastation of Italy .

The dispossession of the country had to continue, but the transactional powers decided in 2020 that it had to be done under the hat of the European elites and not the Chinese Communist Party.

The Quirinal Pact in this sense can be defined as the sublimation of that decision.

France has already begun to acquire Italy’s strategic resources through its multinationals, Suez and Veolia.

It is for this reason that Italy today is in the French colonial sphere and it was Draghi himself who brought it to us.

A year and a half ago, we happened to observe how all this had already been decided.

We also happened to say that Draghi would drag the country into the most complete destabilization.

The Draghi regime in chaos: Giorgetti flees from Rome

Today, we have reached exactly that point, or rather the point of no return in which Mario Draghi has dragged Italy.

Giorgetti must have been perfectly aware of all this. He became aware of evidence that is as simple as it is unequivocal.

Following the plan of Davos and the other globalist clubs to the end is tantamount to political suicide.When one of the most influential men of the Italian deep state comes to this conclusion, then it means that the breaking point has already been reached.

Giorgetti escapes from Rome on the day of the Council of Ministers, and retires to Varese for alleged family reasons. The other two gregarious ministers of the League, Garavaglia and Stefani, remain with the match in hand, who will not be able to prevent what Giorgetti feared most.

The enhanced certificate for workers over 50 passes even if doubts already arise on its effective application because many workers in the public sector and in the private sector could once again resort to obstruction through holidays and illnesses as already happened last October 15 when it was launched – the basic green certificate.

There are doubts that the state public machine, and even private companies, can withstand the lack of personnel given the already numerous staffing problems.

Giorgetti fears exactly this scenario and that is why he does not want to associate his name with the imminent disaster that will lead to the country’s production paralysis.

On the morning of the 5th, Ansa even reports that everything is about to be blown up because his absence from the government team risks not passing the measures.

Draghi is described as “surprised” and “disappointed” by the reaction of one of the men closest to him because for the first time, he must have acquired the knowledge that not everyone is willing to stay with him aboard the Titanic.

Many of the Italian politicians do not have the heavy transactional coverage available to the former governor of the ECB, and many are already starting to think about their fate already largely compromised by having taken part in an executive, as well as the previous one, which was stained with a monstrous amount of civil and criminal offenses.

In the afternoon at Palazzo Chigi, chaos continues to reign. Drafts are filtered that contradict each other. First the extension of the reinforced certificate to the over 60s is considered, then it turns to the over 50s.

Subsequently, the hypothesis arises that the employees of public offices can be exempted from presenting the reinforced certificate but then this possibility, as it was presented, suddenly disappears from the pages of the newspapers.

Immediately after it is said that there will be no penalties for the vaccinated unemployed over 50 subjected to the obligation. In fact, in the original draft there is no trace of sanctions for non-vaccinated. Even Ansa writes it . Then in the late evening there is a new U-turn and there is talk of 100 euros in fines for those over 50 and not vaccinated.

The chaos is not over because it is said that to go to the bank or post office it will be necessary to present a pass and here, too, one wonders how it will ever be possible to check dozens and dozens of people in the queue especially in light of the fact that many employees do not want to assume, rightly, a burden that is not theirs.

Confusion reigns supreme and this effect is probably desired by Palazzo Chigi. If everyone begins to think that they will no longer be able to go anywhere without this sort of vaccine racial certificate, many will run to get the vaccine, think the “refined” government strategists.

It will probably be the opposite because in the general misunderstanding, many will continue to do exactly the things they did before without rushing to get vaccinated.

To come to the rescue of the Draghi regime, however, is once again the false alternative information that even circulates the most absurd stories on Telegram such as those who will not give retirement to those who do not get inoculated or who will suspend NASPI for over 50s who are not vaccinated.

All lies, of course, but the dirty game of the media on the one hand, and that of counter-information on the other, is based on the principle that in the end, someone gives in exasperated and finally gets the serum.

Some incorrectly define this strategy as that of the “boiled frog” or the Juncker method.

This strategy is based on the principle of the progressive erosion of fundamental rights to then arrive at the definitive totalitarian squeeze.

However, this is not the case. The boiled frog technique is implemented with a precise scientific and calculating approach.

This strategy provides that gradually the power of the autocrat on duty gradually increases with the approval of increasingly repressive and authoritarian measures until the final squeeze.

The autocrat or the dictator, however guilty he may be of the worst crimes, always remains in firm and absolute control of society and its political institutions.

In this case, however, we are witnessing the reverse phenomenon. Draghi’s power has not expanded. It is shrinking. The police and the armed forces in revolt for months will take to the streets on January 15.

It is an unprecedented situation. This malaise of men in uniform manifested itself last December 15 when a fire broke out in the carabinieri barracks, Salvo D’Acquisto , a place where vaccines were kept.

December 16 was no ordinary day. It was the day when the vaccination obligation for men in uniform came into force. The media have tried to ignore the fire and have not even tried to question the causes of it. The order that came from above was to ignore what happened. However, the message reached those who were supposed to arrive.

The message is that there are more and more men in uniform who are no longer willing to carry out the orders of a regime that is ruining the whole of Italy.

Three days after the fire, a protest broke out from doctors who at the Order’s assembly in Rome denounced the illegitimacy of the suspensions of non-vaccinated.

Nor is it better for what concerns the daily application of these restrictive measures. Thousands of bars and restaurants are now asking for no green certificate. The so-called “controls” are now a rarity except on television screens where the usual skits created by the media are put up to make people believe that the eye of Draghi’s big brother is watching everywhere.

In reality, many are no longer following these crazy measures.

Something has definitively changed and the efforts of the media terrorist apparatus to bring back the clock of the coronavirus terrorist operation in March 2020 seem completely in vain.

Almost two years have passed since then, and the mental state of the population has completely changed.

At the time people sang on the balconies like idiots convinced that everything would be fine. Today we cry for the adverse effects that they are (ER: vaccines?) causing and for the economic desertification that is reaching its apogee under Draghi.

Only in recent days has another jewel of the Italian company, the Danieli hotel in Venice, ended up in the jaws of Bill Gates.

Italy is up for auction and once again the liquidator specialist of Britannia, Mario Draghi, has put it there.

At the end of this story, it will be necessary to seriously think about a reconstruction of the entrepreneur state and of the IRI to give back to Italy what was stolen.

But this is another story. Now we are still in the phase of decay, the final and most acute one.

To have understood that these are the last days of Pompeii of the Draghi regime are even the regime media.

It is impossible to continue like this for long. At this point, the point of view of Draghi and of those who pull his strings is not even so much that of giving life to a Great Global Reset.

The Great Global Reset to be successful would have to see a collective participation of governments around the world, especially the most influential ones.

At this stage, we are witnessing the reverse phenomenon. Great Britain has announced the end of restrictions. Denmark has declared the end of the pandemic farce soon through its health officer.

Russia’s President Putin, for years the leader of patriots resisting the world government’s plan, speaks of a “pleasant change” in his end-of-year speech.

Even one of the main architects of this pandemic crisis, Bill Gates, is forced to acknowledge in his reflections at the end of the year that governments have now lost the consent of their respective peoples.

Carrying out the Davos agenda in these conditions is practically impossible, above all because we cannot proceed with the militarization that the Rockefeller family hoped for in their document on the pandemic already ten years ago.

The militarization in reality according to the original plans of Davos should have occurred in March 2021. It did not happen. Initial plans failed. Just as Sorgi’s plan on the columns of La Stampa to militarize Italy in October 2021 failed .

Militarization also implies that almost all of the armed forces side with the tyrant on duty and this is not the condition of Western governments, especially that of Draghi which has to deal with an internal revolt of the military that is increasingly difficult to contain.

At this point, Draghi’s approach is to set the house on fire, cause as much damage as possible to the country so hated by Freemasonry and thus please its masters who live in the City of London.

If things turn for the worse, Draghi probably believes in his heart that he may have other possibilities for overseas assignments in the financial institutions he has faithfully served all these decades.

If, on the other hand, Draghi were to go up to the Quirinale immediately as a reward for his “work”, the plans of the elites would become complicated anyway.

If Draghi becomes Head of State within a month, he must abandon Palazzo Chigi and leave his “work” unfinished.

It seems difficult that the former ECB governor can be replaced by another who has the same credentials with globalist and international financial institutions.

The parties would again begin to fight to sit in the armchairs and to have them the exclusive role of waiters of the New World Order.

The Quirinale match therefore appears uncertain, but even if Draghi immediately became president, it would be difficult to define this rise as a prize.

What reward can it be to sit on such a fragile and in disarray political system?

The second Republic born from the Clean Mani judicial coup is dying and with it the same lie of the 1948 Republic born from the subjugation to the deep state of Washington and from the occupation of NATO, the army of the world dictatorship.

Italy finds itself in a unique moment in its history. This country is traveling towards the end of a cycle of great decadence that seems indispensable to complete in order to be able to emerge once and for all from this swamp of corruption and moral and economic disorder.

And it was Mario Draghi himself who probably gave the definitive acceleration to this process. It was he who probably gave the definitive impetus to the collapse of his own regime.

Giorgetti must have perfectly understood that the man from Britain brought Italy to the point of no return on 5 January.

The point of no return is the point of chaos and general riots that this fragile government is unable to handle because dissent is now becoming endemic at every level of society, including political institutions.

The future of Italy therefore passes precisely from 2022. The future of the country passes through this very delicate political, historical and institutional phase.

This year will be the probable crossroads of the history of this great nation. It will be months of great turmoil because the corrupt political class of the Second Republic will not think in the least about managing the dramatic situation in the country.

He will think about saving himself and sheltering himself from popular ferocity. The motto of the next few months in the classrooms of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama will be in the name of yes and no one can.

This is precisely the phase in which free Italians, who are now increasing day by day, are required to keep their nerves even stronger and not let themselves go to despair.

The rebirth of the nation cannot fail to pass from the end of this corrupt power and its elites who have parasitized Italy for too many years.

In order to be reborn, Italy must first get rid of the foreign bodies and parasites that torment and infest it once and for all.




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