The day the world changed: Britain WILL leave the EU after voters trigger a political earthquake by backing Brexit – sparking panic in the markets and effectively ending David Cameron’s time as PM

By the Daily Mail

  • Massive 22-point win for Leave in Sunderland signalled the direction of the battle in dramatic night of results
  • Brexit camp also turned the tables in Swansea, where Remain had been expected to romp home by 10 points
  • Vote in favour of EU membership was very strong in Scotland and big cities including London
  • But experts say impossible for In to triumph after losing Birmingham, Southampton, and much of North of England
  • The value of Pound has slumped to a 31-year low against US dollar as markets take fright at looming result
  • Ukip leader Nigel Farage has hailed a ‘victory for real people’ and said it is Britain’s ‘Independence Day’
  • David Cameron will give his response to the result within hours and could declare he will quit
  • Brexit supporting MPs have delivered a letter to PM urging him to stay on whatever the outcome

PUBLISHED: 20:59 GMT, 23 June 2016 | UPDATED: 06:07 GMT, 24 June 2016

Britain has been hit by a political earthquake after the historic EU referendum delivered clear backing for Brexit – and effectively ended David Cameron’s career.

The Leave campaign triumphed after stacking up votes across England and Wales – despite massive support for Remain in Scotland and major cities including London.

The Prime Minister is expected to give his response to the dramatic verdict shortly, with speculation that he will herald the end of his tenure in Downing Street. Ukip leader Nigel Farage has hailed a ‘victory for real people’ and declared June 23 the country’s ‘Independence Day’.

The Pound nose-dived to its lowest level against the US dollar for 31 years as traders took fright at the news, and the stock market is set to open down around 8 per cent. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has already raised the prospect of a second independence referendum in Scotland.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is also coming under intense pressure over his role in the botched Remain campaign.

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