Texan Noble Energy & Israel Stealing Gas Reserves in Gaza

Texan Noble Energy & Israel are Stealing Gas Reserves in Gaza


It can be said by now that the primordial intention why Palestinian lands must be usurped by the Rothschild agents in the Middle East is to plunder the natural resources hidden beneath the Levant Basin. The Levant has throughout history meant Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.  The discovery is the largest discovery in the history of Noble Energy, “more than 40 Tcf of natural gas resources in the Levant Basin”.

Recent reports have indicated that even if Russia is successful in preventing the implementation of the Greater Israel Plan, the exploitation of Palestinian resources is ongoing.

Israel Siphoning Natural Gas from Gaza Says Dutch Report

US and Israeli companies are working with Israeli approval to siphon natural gas from Gaza’s territorial waters, even though this is illegal according to international law, says TRNN’s Shir Hever.

Al Jazeera further reports,

Israel-Europe gas deal sparks criticism

23 April 2017

Palestinians living under occupation will ‘continue to be further brutalised’ by expansion of Israel’s gas industry.

Ramallah – An Israel-Europe gas pipeline deal aimed at turning Israel into a major energy exporter in the Mediterranean has come under criticism from Palestinians, particularly as the besieged Gaza Strip continues to suffer from a crippling power crisis.

“The pipeline agreement between Israel, Italy, Cyprus and Greece will not only benefit corporations which directly profit from the occupation of the Palestinian territory,” Shawan Jabarin, general director of Al-Haq, told Al Jazeera.

“It also provides an incentive for Israel to continue the closure of Palestine’s coast and a tacit approval by Europe of Israel’s ‘naval blockade’ and continued international armed conflict in the waters off the Gaza Strip. It is the occupied Palestinian people who will continue to be further brutalised by the expansion of Israel’s gas industry.”

Ministers from Israel, Greece, Italy and Cyprus, as well as the European Union’s commissioner for climate action and energy, signed a joint declaration this month to make their commitment to building a gas pipeline that would bring recently discovered natural gas from Israel and Cyprus to Italy and the European market via Greece official.

The pipeline, which Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz described as “the longest and deepest subsea gas pipeline in the world”, is expected to be in operation by 2025.

Steinitz hailed the project as the “beginning of a wonderful friendship between four Mediterranean countries”, while Miguel Arias Canete, the EU commissioner for climate action and energy, noted: “We strongly support the development of the region, both from a general point of view and in particular as future gas suppliers.”

While Canete could not make “formal commitments”, he expected the project to meet all the necessary requirements to receive funding via the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility, a programme that supports the development of trans-European infrastructure, and which already funded the project’s commercial and technical viability study.

Designated as a “project of common interest” by the EU, the pipeline has been marketed as an alternative to the bloc’s current reliance on Russian energy and on the depleting North Sea reserves. But analysts are sceptical that the high infrastructure costs, coupled with low gas prices, will be able to compete with Russian gas and that the project will attract investors.

Israel has employed a brutal and unlawful naval operation to protect Noble Energy’s gas platforms beside the Gaza Strip, routinely attacking, killing and injuring civilian Palestinian fishermen who fish in the vicinity of Israel’s illegally imposed six-nautical-mile closure of Palestine’s territorial waters. – Susan Power, law lecturer

All other recent Israeli/US actions are just smoke and mirrors to keep the media looking the other way.


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