Tetanus: Even the Doctors Are Lied To

ER Editor: This short video has been making the rounds on Telegram and is one definitely worth sharing.

Dr. Carrie Madej briefly discusses the real use of the tetanus vaccine vs. what doctors are told in medical school. We recall, just before the madness of Covid got going, being offered a flu vaccine here by a new (to us) doctor; upon getting a refusal, she then offered a tetanus vaccine. You couldn’t make it up. To yet another refusal, she replied “Tetanus is a deadly disease.” Madej here puts the lie to that ridiculous and mendacious scare tactic. Nobody has died like that ever, she says. Kudos to her. Note what she says is the ACTUAL EFFECT of the tetanus vaccine.


1995: Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug. International / developing countries

PIP: A priest, president of Human Life International (HLI) based in Maryland, has asked Congress to investigate reports of women in some developing countries unknowingly receiving a tetanus vaccine laced with the anti-fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). If it is true, he wants Congress to publicly condemn the mass vaccinations and to cut off funding to UN agencies and other involved organizations. The natural hormone hCG is needed to maintain pregnancy. The hormone would produce antibodies against hCG to prevent pregnancy.


This CDC page on the Tetanus Vaccine reveals how the shot is delivered multiple times to children (or at least recommended to be so) from babyhood onward, and is combined with other vaccines for diptheria and pertussis: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/tetanus/index.html

Browing the CDC’s Childhood Vaccination Schedule pdf (original site link) for 2023, we can see that from 2 months of age to 12 years, a child is recommended to have FOUR vaccines containing the tetanus component. As Madej explains, the effect on the body and on fertility is cumulative. Once a girl/woman gets pregnant, the body would attack that very process; a woman may not even know she had become pregnant.


We remind readers that Madej was onto the transhumanist agenda in relation to the Covid ‘vaccines’ early on. And curiously enough, her plane went down on a short flight in the southeastern US. Both she and her partner managed to survive, miraculously.


And here she is a few months ago with Pete Santilli on the same topic (13th minute; just after, she reveals that it’s known by the medical profession that heart attacks and strokes are actually caused by a bacteria originating in the mouth, but that this information is suppressed by the medical establishment threatening young doctors):




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5 Comments on Tetanus: Even the Doctors Are Lied To

  1. Astrid Stuckelberger PhD MSc
    Forwarded from
    K O N K R E T: Pascal Najadi NEWS Bundesanwaltschaft Strafverfahren vs Präsident Berset
    U R G E N T – S I T U A T I O N

    Big fan. You seem to be one of the only vocal people that’s actually awake.

    Please keep me anonymous. I use this as a troll account and for staying connected with all my conspiracy folks, political news, porn, comedy…etc!

    I work as a pilot part time. I do freelance for pax and some times cargo on heavy jets.

    You’ll hear this in the mainstream news in the coming months. As a contractor that’s type rated on several aircraft, I work with multiple airlines, private jet companies and aerial tour agencies. There’s an ongoing coverup of the amount of Pilots dying at the cockpit. There’s no technical emergencies. I know of Atleast 3 SouthWest Pilots who passed out during a briefing on ground. All vaccinated. Ages between 58 and the youngest was 31.

    But here’s the kicker, Insurance companies are refusing to insure pilots who got vaccinated or boosted. They are considered a priority 1 risk.

    On a separate note, we have been flying in large cargo boxes into Gatwick, Amsterdam, NewYork, Melbourne and DFW over the past 3 months. The boxes are shipments of a drug called Oseltamivir and another called peramivir. We have never moved this much tonnage of a single product. I’ve personally done 5 runs full cargo on a 757. It’s the treatment drug for a avian flu virus H5N1. Apparently the only avian flu that’s recently been announced it transfers to humans.

    FYI: When on government contract we get different NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) than civilian pilots, ours come from NORAD. Two weeks again when they were shooting down UAPs over US airspace, we clocked an object doing Mach. 12 and we’re asked to decent our altitude by NORCOM.

    That’s 12 times the speed of sound. You won’t hear that on the news.

    Something is cooking. There are snakes in the grass. Stay vigilant 👁

    Please keep me anonymous. Thank you!

    Capt. DC
    Mar 25 at 12:44

  2. Silvano Trotta Officiel
    En route vers l’Etat Policier de surveillance. Le prétexte des Jeux !!! Tu parles !! https://www.lemonde.fr/sport/article/2023/03/23/jo-2024-les-deputes-autorisent-la-videosurveillance-algorithmique-avant-pendant-et-apres-les-jeux_6166681_3242.html
    Le Monde.fr

    JO 2024 : les députés autorisent la vidéosurveillance algorithmique avant, pendant et après les Jeux
    L’Assemblée nationale a adopté, jeudi, l’article du projet de loi olympique qui autorise le recours aux algorithmes pour le traitement des images enregistrées par des caméras ou des drones.
    4.8K viewsSilvano Trotta,

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