A COVID-19 Theory I Cannot Prove

March 17, 2022 3

ER Editor: We welcome this more fulsome piece by Larry Romanoff. See the work we’ve published by him on this site. Way back in 2020, he was digging down into the patient zero phenomenon, and […]


The 1918 Rockefeller-US Army Worldwide Pandemic

December 23, 2020 0

The 1918 Rockefeller-US Army Worldwide Pandemic LARRY ROMANOFF One new historical development that has been evolving over a few years and now brought into focus because of COVID-19, is the so-called “Spanish Flu” of 1918. […]


COVID-19 Un-Explained

December 16, 2020 0

ER Editor: Larry Romanoff gives us here an enlightening summation of previous articles he’s published on the origins and global spread of the coronavirus, leaving us with key questions that need answers, especially about the […]

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