EU vs Fake News and Russia: Tilting at Windmills

January 27, 2017 0

EU vs Fakes News and Russia: Tilting at Windmills ALEX GORKA Donald Trump’s ascension to power in the United States is not an isolated event. It reflects a general trend. The Brexit-started domino effect is […]


The Orwellian War on Scepticism

December 9, 2016 0

The Orwellian War on Skepticism Special Report: Official Washington’s rush into an Orwellian future is well underway as political and media bigwigs move to silence Internet voices of independence and dissent, reports Robert Parry. Robert […]


Fake News Vs. No News

December 8, 2016 0

Fake News Versus No News PHILIP GIRALDI The drama surrounding allegations that the internet is awash with “fake news” is being promoted by the so-called mainstream media which certainly has a lot to answer for […]

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