Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union

December 14, 2018 0

Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union World War II continued by other means JON RAPPOPORT This is an intelligence briefing. Here I present the bare bones of what has been happening before our eyes…if […]


60% Of Italians Think The EU Is Bad For Italy

November 18, 2018 0

60% Of Italians Think EU Is Bad For Italy   TYLER DURDEN If the European Commission does levy billions of fines against the Italian government (or enforce some other punishment), some “60 million Italians will […]


EU: Politicizing the Internet Already Underway

October 1, 2018 0

EU: Politicizing the Internet JUDITH BERGMAN Even before such EU-wide legislation, similar ostensible “anti-terror legislation” in France, for example, is being used as a political tool against political opponents and to limit unwanted free speech. […]

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