EU Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos to Build Power

April 10, 2017 0

ER Editor:  this article was originally published on 22 March 2016; it has been reissued for its continuing relevance. Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos to Build Power ALEX NEWMAN BERLIN — A European Union military force […]


Emerging Trends to Shape The New Europe

February 23, 2017 0

Emerging Trends to Shape New Europe ALEX GORKA Those who strive for «centralization» of the European Union are engaged in a flurry of activities to achieve their goal. On February 16, the European Parliament backed […]


Why Europe secretly roots for Donald Trump

September 25, 2016 0

They won’t admit it in public, but some European politicians wouldn’t be too upset if The Donald wins Matthew Karnitschnig Careful observers of European politics might be forgiven for asking if — behind the exclamation […]


Bratislava Summit Results: Dark Clouds Over EU

September 19, 2016 0

PETER KORZUN The Bratislava EU summit held on September 16 delivered few concrete commitments on the way to bridge the deep rifts dividing the member states and threatening the very existence of the bloc. German […]