On Saturday afternoon, a large demonstration was held in central Stockholm. About a thousand protesters are said to have marched from Ticino Park to the state television and state radio premises to express their dissatisfaction with their reporting.

It is Pierre Tinderfjäll from the Freedom Movement who has initiated the demonstration. The organizer states that Sweden is being misled by the tax-funded public service actors in a way that threatens the country’s future. This is because serious problems are concealed or treated inappropriately.

Furthermore, the public service actors are criticized for not releasing different perspectives on topics that receive attention. Especially when it comes to reporting on the side effects of Covid19 vaccines, NATO, migration, the climate and gender issues.

On the organizer’s website it says:

“Anti-human ideologies have become the norm and indoctrination around these is set in a system to shape the thinking of children and adults. Free media and opinion leaders are smeared or shut out”

“Avideologize SVT and SR – away with extremists who do the business of international financial interests”

At 5 p.m., freelance journalist Christan Peterson reported that “thousands of protesters” besieged the SVT building.