SITREP 5/29/23: Kiev Rocked as New Satellite Photos Prove Patriot Defense System Destruction

ER Editor: What about that Ukrainian counter-offensive? As Simplicius observes further down his post,

As I said previously, all we can really do now is wait. The AFU is running out of time as the huge increase in Russian strikes is devastating their reserves and Russia’s own industrial capacities in guided weapons are growing exponentially to such a rate that in the future, Ukraine may find it impossible to even receive much Western arms at all, as Russia could destroy everything from afar.

I agree with the following assessment:

The woman with the scythe: The “counter-offensive” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is delayed due to massive missile and UAV strikes by the Russians. Many rear ammunition depots have been lost, and there is also a shortage of BC for air defense.The Armed Forces of Ukraine also have internal problems due to the corruption of the Ministry of Defense, and there is a shortage of spare parts for military equipment. Everyone is sure that Ze wanted to coincide the offensive with the July NATO summit, but there is less and less time left.”

On that 3.4 ‘earthquake’ around Kiev (which doesn’t get earthquakes), of which nothing was reported on the US Geological Survey site:



SITREP 5/29/23: Kiev Rocked as New Satellite Photos Prove Patriot Destruction


Major things are in motion.

The night before last, Russia launched a massive drone attack on all regions of Ukraine. It has been called by at least one source as the single largest drone attack of the entire SMO thus far, causing many people to speculate that Russia must now be producing Geran-2 drones at exponential rates as they have been using them at tremendous volumes of late. Every region has been hit and something very anomalous occurred in the capital city of Kiev.

A huge explosion shook homes in the region, that at least one source says registered as a magnitude 3.4 on the Richter scale, and some experts estimated to be equivalent to at least a 100 ton ammo explosion.

The above map shows the distance of the monitoring station which recorded the magnitude.

Some unnamed ‘Turkish source’ speculates the following:

According to Turkish sources, the recent “earthquake” in Kiev, which Mayor Klitschko spoke about, could be related to the following: Kiev was one of the cities with the most extensive network of underground bunkers and tunnels in the Soviet Union. It is believed that the cause of the ground shaking may be an explosion and the destruction of a large underground arsenal, and due to the carelessness of personnel.

Some believe that a new type of Russian system was used, or simply that Russia penetrated Kiev’s underground bunkers with something like a Kinzhal.

And some contend it was merely Klitschko test firing his new NATO superweapon:

Ukr regions are subjected to the MOST massive drone attack since the start of the SMO

The duration of the conflict depends on NATO activity

Ukr can join NATO even if territorially divided (media reports)

Ukr drones tried to attack targets in the Krasnodar

It’s reported the Police-SBU HQ was hit in Kiev

An urgent post from a Ukrainian channel highlights how Ukrainian AD is not able to deal with the drone swarm:

Ukr Post:

‼️ UAVs fly at extremely low altitudes (changing directions) and not all of them are fixed on the radar.

Therefore, do not ignore alarms where they are announced

And a swarm it is. Another Ukrainian post attested to the swarm-like properties:

‼️🇺🇦 The Russian army controls Shaheeds via satellite, – speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

▪️ “They flew from the south and north. Then they fly in groups, fly in different directions in batches, each drone has its own route, each UAV has GPS navigation, is controlled via satellite, so it can even fly in a circle, and in a certain time inflict blow ,” Ignat said.

▪️The Russians are trying to confuse, mislead our air defense, for this they use the terrain to disappear from radar.

Then last night Russia launched another large mixed strike of missiles and drones. Kiev gave its perfunctory bluff about 99% of the objects being intercepted, but in fact there are several videos showing large arrivals blowing what appear to be ammo and fuel depots, like this one in Zhytomyr:


Also, countless reports of Russian strikes now hitting not only AFU staging areas but railroad junctures and train stations where materiel is being offloaded for the war. These are not just speculative rumors but in fact some photos have emerged showing several of these, like this video of a Kharkov strike:


And satellite photos of a railway station strike on Dnipropetrovsk where Ukraine was offloading gear. I believe there are clearer photos out there but this screenshot with the description was more convenient:

In fact, the strikes were so large that Russia even had to utilize additional Tu-95 bombers flying in from northern bases in Murmansk, which made quite the loop:

One thing that the massive strikes on Kiev have exposed is the charade regarding the Patriot system. Ukraine claims the Patriot wasn’t destroyed by the Kinzhal missile last time, but if that’s the case and it’s “back in order,” then why were the various missiles and drones able to so easily penetrate Kiev in the strikes of the last few days? Where did the magical Patriot go, which could shoot down hypersonic Kinzhals so easily, but apparently can’t take out slow moving drones? But I’ll get back to the Patriot in a moment.

Besides the huge earthquake as proof of some kind of hits, there are some videos of areas in and around Kiev being hit as well.

There was also a large hit on a “hospital” in Dnipropetrovsk, which Ukrainian propagandists immediately tried to whip up a narrative of Russian hospital strikes. But unfortunately, they forgot to mention that some female ‘influencer/blogger’ blew the lid by posting on her social media about how this ‘hospital’ was in fact a staging area overflowing with AFU military:

Many are now blaming her for the destruction of the object, and there are videos of people being pulled from the rubble. But here is one sanitized clip showing just the destruction of the building:


With that said, Zelensky’s regime has implemented the strictest possible punitive measures for anyone publishing videos of arrivals, so now it’s very rare for us to see the strikes, particularly in Kiev, though some still slip through once in a while. And photos were released showing several of a total 32 people which have already been arrested and/or summoned to the police after being identified as posting photos/videos of arrivals.




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