Globalist Rutte Nailed for His Schwab Connections by Rookie MP

ER Editor: Many thanks to ER reader M. van der Kemp for sending us this English translation from Dutch below. It is an approximate translation of a video we are also posting below, in which newbie Dutch MP Gideon van Meijeren reveals globalist PM Rutte to be a correspondent of the WEF’s infamous Klaus Schwab. This video was issued on July 14, 2021.

Kudos to van Meijeren for revealing Rutte’s globalist contacts. It would seem that Schwab has likely been leaning on many governments. Rutte falls into the trap of immediately declaring van Meijeren’s question to be in the realm of ‘conspiracy theory’ before van Meijeren nails him.

Van Meijeren is an MP in Thierry Baudet’s Conservative populist party, Forum for Democracy.


We had previously published this, Thierry Baudet Exposes Globalist Conspiracy to Use the Pandemic for ‘Obedience Training’. Baudet also lets the globalist cat articulately out of the bag.


Another interesting parliamentary exchange happened much more recently. A member of Thierry Baudet’s party was questioning Dutch premier Mark Rutte about Klaus Schwab’s book. (Dutch)

The translation would be somewhat like this:

Gideon van Meijeren (FVD): “Thank you Madam Chairwoman, more and more people see that the current corona measures are not implemented to protect public healthcare. That begs the question why we are implementing measures that disrupt our societies. There are a few influential globalists that see the corona-crisis as a big opportunity to reset our economy, and they seem to have a perverted interest in keeping the crisis going. One of these globalists is Klaus Schwab, who wrote a book with the catchy title – Covid-19: The Great Reset. And my question to the PM is: how would you evaluate this book?

PM Mark Rutte: I do not know this book, Madam Chairman. I would advise Mr. van Meijeren not look too much into these conspiracy theories. I also watch them, those videos that explain how 9/11 didn’t happen, or that everything is different. They are usually very well fabricated (those videos), but this is usually what it is… conspiracy theories.

Gideon van Meijeren (FVD): Well, it surprises me that to the first question I’ve asked the PM since I have been sworn in as member of parliament he accuses me of conspiracy theories.

Mark Rutte: Congratulations by the way.

Gideon van Meijeren: Thank you very much, but it surprises me that my question was answered with a lie. Because I have here with me a letter dated November 26th 2020, from Mark Rutte to Klaus Schwab, in which the PM thanks Mr. Schwab for sending him the book, and he thanks Mr. Schwab for a hopeful analysis for a better future. Could the PM dig into his memory to see if he can find this recollection. (This is a reference to many of his previous lies.) I do not know how long your memories remain active, but it’s possible this memory is active somewhere. And I ask the PM to answer my first question again, and now honestly, please.

Mark Rutte: Well, the honest answer is that that is a ‘decent’ letter, because one cannot read all the books he gets sent from all sides. But you do want to send a friendly thank-you letter to those who send you a book.

Gideon van Meijeren: So the PM apparently didn’t lie to me, but he lied to Mr. Schwab. Then I have another question: Mr. Schwab pleads in his book for resetting our world. He wants to replace our parliamentary democracy with a global technocracy. He pleads for the end of private property, and Mark Rutte apparently is not aware that he called this a ‘hopeful analysis for a better future’. How is it possible that the PM gives a value analysis of a book that he did not read?

Mark Rutte: Well, Mr. Schwab is founder and head of the World Economic Forum. The man has offered his whole life to bringing about dialog between the private sector, politics and NGO’s, and to how you can advance this world further. I have the biggest possible respect for the man, but I don’t not agree with everything. I have read his previous book, about the 4th industrial revolution, that was a great book, this book isn’t. So yeah, great admiration for professor Schwab and his life’s work. The World Economic Forum is very valuable as platform to meet each other. Where young people get a lot of opportunities. Where big topics like climate, and the environment and energy-transition are discussed, up to how we can set up our future industries in full openness, visible to everyone. So there is no reason to doubt the intentions of Mr. Schwab.

Gideon van Meijeren: Finally, because I would also like to ask a question to Mr de Jonge (minister of health). I believe it would be decent of the PM that he gets back to Mr. Schwab and informs him that the PM doesn’t think this book is a hopeful analysis for a better future is, and that he did not read this book. That is the least we can expect.

Mark Rutte: Well that summary, I leave to the speaker. But Mr. Schwab follows all parliamentary discussions, so that is alright.


Translation of summary below Youtube video:

‘The House of Representatives debated the fight against the Coronavirus on Wednesday. Forum for Democracy (FvD) has been quite busy lately with The Great Reset (what that is you can read here) and in particular a book by founder and director of the World Economic Forum (known for its conferences in Davos) Klaus Schwab with the same title. Has Mark Rutte read the book, FvD member Gideon van Meijeren wants to know from the outgoing prime minister. “I don’t know the book,” Rutte says. Painful, because it appears from Chamber documents that Rutte sent Schwab a thank-you note (at the bottom of this article ) after sending him the bundle. And yes, we know that the Prime Minister cannot read everything and that such a bill originates from the Secretariat. However, it is still a very charming little scheme by FvD member Van Meijeren who, of course, had prepared it.’


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4 Comments on Globalist Rutte Nailed for His Schwab Connections by Rookie MP

  1. Thank you for your bravery and intellect! Appreciation from the people in the USA! The world needs more like this!

  2. Yes, on the subject of tmfixed election results what about Sigrid Kaag as the number two? Where the hell has she come from? Give you a clue – WEF!!

  3. Yes, and he just slides into ‘conspiracy theory’ talk. I had heard through Alexander Mercouris that fraud was suspected in the election but alas, he didn’t say where he had got that from.

  4. The main take-away for me is the ease with which Rutte is lying. Having been called specifically on the fact, he doesn’t seem phased at all, and seems rather nonchalant. At one point lying as a politician was a deadly sin, that cost you a career. These days we’re dealing with a worldwide political clique, that have lying in their job description.

    And I still can’t wrap my head around it that Rutte again won this year’s election. Voter fraud is completely off the table in the media, and only circulates in very small circles.

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