Renaud Camus announces his own list for European elections

Renaud Camus announces list for European election

French writer Renaud Camus announced a few months ago in a forum that he was going to be a candidate for the European election. Together with a co-writer, Camus has penned an open letter for his cause.


Camus told online conservative magazine, Valeurs Actuelles, that the new list would be called Ligne claire. They chose the name for their list, in opposition to the “opacity” of other lists.

Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh, president of Siel (Sovereignty, identities and freedoms) both announced on Valeurs Actuelles that they would be candidates for the European election.

Known for his writings on the “Grand Remplacement,” Renaud Camus routinely denounces “mass immigration and Islamisation” which he calls “genocide by substitution” and proposes “remigration”.

In a “Letter to Europeans” published on Breizh-info, the two men propose 101 items. “Europe we must not leave, we must leave Africa. Never has an occupation ended without the departure of the occupier. Never has colonisation been completed without the withdrawal of colonisers and settlers. The Clear Line, and the only one, is the one that leads from the firm observation of the great replacement (…) to the requirement of remigration,” Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh state.

Despite their commitment, both candidates admit to being aware of the difficulty of the task. “People are laughing at the elections in Africa, so often determined by fraud and ballot stuffing. But ours, if they seem at first sight more democratic, or at least more regular, are neither less predetermined nor less distorted,” Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh argue.

The European election this May is very different from the ones that preceded them, they say, because “European people now have a real hope of liberation”.

For decades, Europeans have been subjected to “organised migratory submersion and to cynical, dehumanized and dehumanizing management especially, big money-makers, financiers, multinationals”.

All powers that meet annually in Davos to manage the planet as a human park for the sole benefit of shareholders, the “Davocracy”, are the managerial governance of the world by Davos.

They argue that the most reliable representative of Davos is Emmanuel Macron, in an open breach with Eastern and Central Europe, especially the Visegrad countries.

Renaud Camus

Renaud Camus. Photo: Flickr

“Humanity is being substituted for a haggard, deculturated, disoriented, hyperviolent and infantilized post-humanity. The city and the countryside are nibbled together by the global village, the global village gives way to the universal suburbs, under the universal suburb pierces everywhere the global shantytown, whose Calais jungle was the perfect illustration but we see also spreading well in Paris and in most metropolises.”

The authors of the letter believe that the “media selects or creates information” in order to bring about this dystopian future “nightmare” by brainwashing Europeans “to accept everything, including their own disappearance”.

The only “clear line is remigration”, a European resistance to the ongoing destruction, they say. “For remigration to become reality, it would suffice for the invaded peoples to desire it, and to express this wish by their suffrages: they still have the strength to impose it, and even to lead it with humanity.”

For this to happen, Africa must be taken out of Europe. “Europe is today a hundred times more colonised by Africa than it has ever colonised itself, and in a far more serious and deeper way, because this colonisation is demographic.

“It therefore threatens to be irreversible, if the anti-colonial or decolonial revolt does not take place very quickly.”

The two authors maintain that this “colonisation of a new kind, is supported and desired by the economic and financial omnipotence”.

The European “autogenocide” is being led by invaders, absurdly disguised as “refugees”, as if half of the Earth was made up of “refugees”.

Between the gigantic forces of the US, Russia and China, Europe has no hope of persevering if it does not resolve to seek power, the authors point out.

“Those who claim the impossible remigration are the same who say at the same time that humanity has entered an era of general migration, that the nations are hotels, that all men are or must be at all times and in all places displaced persons; and who announce without blinking that Europe needs forty million migrants.”

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