Prof. Carvallo of Argentina: “Regions Using Ivermectin Are Doing Much Better!” [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Dr. Hector Carvallo talks to Xavier Azelbert of quality, independent French site FranceSoir on the use of ivermectin in Argentina in a video interview. He says there are six regions in Argentina deploying it to treat covid, with other regions having declined, probably due to Big Pharma allegiance, or ‘greed’ as he calls it. Those regions having employed it are doing well clinically speaking.

Argentina has employed very harsh lockdown measures lasting months, and has even forcibly quarantined citizens with their families in centres against their will. Has the lockdown policy contributed to the poor state of covid health in the country? Dr. Carvallo doesn’t address this, except to point out that covid cases are high.

Here are the main points of this 30-minute interview:

  • Dr. Hector Carvallo has been a professor of internal medicine in public & private universities in Argentina.
  • Concerning Covid, things have gone from bad to worse. Argentina has no vaccines relatively speaking: only 1.5% of the population has been vaccinated, among them relatives of high-ranking people. Six provinces in total have authorized ivermectin to treat Covid and patients are doing well. Other provinces have not authorized it. Any lab can produce ivermectin today as the patent on it expired 8 years ago, so it is no longer profitable. So some provinces have refused to use ivermectin purely out of greed.
  • Ivermectin has been proven in several countries to have an effect not only on parasites but also on viruses such as for encephalitis (from West Nile), Dengue fever, and others. So ivermectin was on the frontline to be investigated as a treatment for covid. Prophylactic treatments (prevention) were developed as well as treatments for those already sick, both of which have been successful with covid patients. The results were published but were not taken much notice of, however. Big Pharma wasn’t interested in a ridiculously cheap, ‘orphan’ drug that anyone could manufacture. So other compounds appeared such as Remdesivir.
  • Dr. Carvallo’s studies were not tested against placebos because, for a potentially serious disease as covid was believed to be, it would be unethical not to give the drug to patients. Further, patients or relatives have to sign consent forms, which also included consent to take all the other drugs such as HCQ, etc. So his results were compared against all other drugs. He had a reduction in deaths of 7 to 1, which is consistent with all the other trials done around the world. All of them have shown ivermectin to be useful in the treatment of covid.
  • All Argentinian authorities saw Dr. Carvallo’s studies, but only six provinces decided to take advantage of this virtually free drug. These provinces saw a dramatic reduction in deaths and in those admitted to hospital. Home treatment became possible instead of hospitalization. The other provinces who didn’t adopt ivermectin saw the opposite effect. In Brazil, ivermectin reached the supreme court, which ruled ivermectin could be used. And the differences were night and day between provinces who did adopt it and those who didn’t. A French study has shown that it is the safest drug in the world. All compounds have side effects, but so far his team has seen only episodes of diarrhea and dizziness, which were temporary.
  • The EMA is advising against the use of ivermectin in Europe. This is not a surprise. They’ve had to take some sort of action against the drug because it’s being used so much, even without a doctor’s prescription. The EMA has already allowed experimental vaccines to be tested on children, yet they are not affected by this. This is highly unethical. So it was to be expected that ivermectin would not be accepted by the EMA because it only saves lives, it doesn’t bring any profit. The EMA is not independent of Big Pharma.

(ER: See this report we ran earlier this week titled European Medicines Agency Essentially a Lobbying Outfit for Big Pharma.)

  • Doctors should remember their Hippocratic oath: the only reason for being a doctor is to help people. Without his oath, a doctor is nothing.
  • Doctors in France have been prevented from prescribing a number of drugs as they have in many countries. In South Africa doctors were sued for prescribing ivermectin, and some who brought the drug into the country were jailed. Most neighbouring countries around SA use ivermectin to cure river blindness, so that’s why they don’t have covid. Vaccines haven’t worked in SA; more lethal variants have emerged. So they authorized ivermectin at the end of January, and their cases went down dramatically. South Africa, Buenos Aires and Australia all have the same climate, yet when SA started to use ivermectin, they got a dramatic difference not observed in the same climatic zone, so the differences couldn’t be attributed to climate.
  • Dr. Carvallo has many things to say in a court of law, and can prove all of them if a public enquiry were conducted.


Prof. Carvallo of Argentina: “Regions Using Ivermectin Are Doing Much Better!”


Debriefing with Professor Hector Carvallo, a specialist in infectious diseases in Argentina. He is a physician, innovative researcher and pioneer in the use of ivermectin for diseases like Covid-19. Author of the IDEA and IVERCAR trials, two innovative studies on ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, he has also done substantial work in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 with ivermectin, iota-carrageenan, bromhexin. He was one of the first researchers involved in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19 with ivermectin.

In his debriefing, offered in partnership with BonSens, he explains the performance of ivermectin, its use in some provinces of Argentina. He also comes back on the decision of the European Medicines Agency, not to recommend the use of ivermectin against Covid. No wonder he says…





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