Pfizer’s ‘Process 2’ Clinical Trial Full of DNA Hidden from Public View Yet Rolled Out Worldwide

ER Editor: A reminder that Karen Kingston has told us already that DNA (or DNA plasmids) in the manufacturing process was entirely intentional and not some sort of accident suggested by the word ‘contamination’.

Elsewhere we’ve seen it explained that a treatment based on RNA would have a temporary effect in the body. DNA, however, bakes it into the cake, so to speak: our DNA is thus unalterably changed by the presence of these DNA plasmids.

This article also shows that ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE has been inserted into this DNA plasmid sequence —

Vials of Pfizer and Moderna are Contaminated with Large RNA Fragments and Antibiotic Resistant Genes for Kanamycin and Neomycin

Below we find out that the DNA-plasmid vaccine was covertly tested on a certain number of subjects, called ‘Process 2’, which became the product globally deployed, not the original ‘Process 1’ vaccine. This covert testing revealed a higher level of adverse events that should have prompted further investigation.


Peter Halligan also picked up the shocking story, with a broad overview and many links. See —

Weekly C19 and Variant update – plus WORLD IN SHOCK – doses actually injected were different from doses tested in clinical trials – plus appalling integrity of doses


Report 86: Pfizer’s Clinical Trial ‘Process 2’ COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered 2.4X the Adverse Events of Placebo Recipients; ‘Process 2’ Vials Were Contaminated with DNA Plasmids.


Some troubling context to the article below:

Slow kill bioweapons’ bait and switch for the deadlier slow kill bioweapon.

by Chris Flowers, MD; Erika Delph, Ed Clark; and Team 3 War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Investigators

Process 2 was hidden all along in Pfizer’s COVID ‘vaccine’ clinical trial, and the War Room/DailyClout investigators’ findings about it are mind-blowing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew that the Process 2 subjects had very high levels of adverse events, but there is no evidence that the agency acted on those alarming findings.

This Process 2 ‘trial within a trial’ was not discovered in the tens of thousands of the Pfizer documents released by the FDA until recently. The DailyClout teams were reviewing the expert testimony of Josh Guetzkow Ph.D. of Hebrew University, Tel Aviv, used in a lawsuit in the United Kingdom, and started looking for evidence of the 250 subjects who may have taken part in an experiment on behalf of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Eagle-eyed War Room/DailyClout volunteer, pharmacist Erika Delph, noted an anomaly in randomization numbers that matched the number and dates of this appended ‘trial within a trial.’ Our data team and medical experts analyzed the data. What they found is shocking: 502 subjects were in a Pfizer COVID vaccine ‘trial within a trial’ and received a drug contaminated with unacceptably high levels of DNA plasmids. It may be tempting to write this off as an accident; however, the documentation notes show that Pfizer knew that it was giving 252 unfortunate trial subjects a completely different injection than that for which they had signed up. This fact alone violates the Nuremberg Code (1947), which states that it is unlawful to run human experiments without full informed consent.

What is Process 2, and why all the fuss?

The terms ‘Process 1’ and ‘Process 2’ were mentioned by Pfizer in the different iterations of the clinical trial protocol for this novel drug platform that would be used worldwide. The ‘process’ refers to the way the ‘vaccine’ was manufactured.

The original manufacturing process of BNT162b2, Pfizer’s COVID ‘vaccine,’ for the clinical trial used a messenger RNA duplication (amplification) technique known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) — essentially like a photocopier, multiplying/cloning the original mRNA. This is known as ‘Process 1’.

Commercially, this type of process is expensive and would have to be significantly ramped up to provide doses for the whole world. The commercial scaling of the product used a proven way of mass production using e. coli bacteria. This mass production technique is ‘Process 2’. The thorny issue was that ‘Process 2’ used a completely different manufacturing process than that used for the product in the clinical trial (Process 1), and the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the ‘vaccine’ was granted based on Process 1. Moreover, Process 2 was not compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Note the FOIAed national contracts with Pfizer from South Africa and Albania.

Revelations from gene sequencing of the residual product in the vials produced using Process 2 by Kevin McKernan, confirm other groups’ reporting of the determination that there is marked contamination of the modified mRNA with high levels of DNA plasmid fragments.

This contamination is attributed to the use of e-coli during manufacture. These bacteria are naturally found in human gut bacteria and are a regular means of mass-producing mRNA sequences. The required gene is inserted into a ring of DNA, and the bacteria continually replicates these plasmids.

The plasmids produced by this process are purified using enzymes (DNAase) and have a regulated UPPER LIMIT in the end product due to the theoretical concerns about the incorporation of this DNA into the human host genome.

Despite the active ingredient being identical in Process 2 compared with Process 1, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) had noted the level of contamination by DNA plasmids and were concerned because it was well above previously published safety levels. EMA was sufficiently concerned to ask Pfizer and the FDA to incorporate the new process to the end of the clinical trial using around 250 subjects.

What have the War Room/DailyClout volunteers found that was hiding in plain sight?

We have identified a distinct cohort, due to anomalous randomization numbers that otherwise made no sense, compared with the sequences used during the main part of the clinical trial. We have also identified the anomalous batch numbers that contain Process 2 developed products. These 502 subjects were tested at four sites in the United States, 250 of whom acted as placebo subjects and the other 252 who received the Process 2 product.

The product had a unique Vendor Lot No. ‘EE8493Z’, identified in Pfizer Batch/Lot inventory document (

The cohort also was separated from the subjects receiving Process 1, as well as from the unblinded segment of the trial after the EUA was granted and where virtually all the placebo group from the main trial received the ‘vaccine’.

Zooming into the Process 2 data, the separation of subjects is easier to see.

There was a significant difference in the number of adverse events in the Process 2 group of test subjects, which should have rung alarm bells in the regulator’s heads as it was so much worse than the significant adverse events (AEs) found in the majority of the clinical trials.

Although the adverse events were minor, there is such a big difference between the placebo and treatment arms, 65 versus 155 or 2.4 times more, that further scrutiny would be expected to determine the cause of, since the NEW PROCESS was about to be used for the worldwide roll-out.

How do these findings compare to those already found and reported on by Josh Guetzkow?

Reporting out of Europe was based on testimony about an ‘emergency batch,’ EJ0553, that was used in 11 subjects at four different sites than those in the mini clinical trial (sites 1001, 1002, 1003 and 1007). In the Pfizer lot number document, Process 2 product also has a ‘Z’ designation that may have been used to identify product made with the new process. For the U.S., no product manufactured outside of the country was supposed to be used, but evidence from the Australian regulatory agency, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) FOI 3659 document 4, titled, “BNT162b2 (PF-07302048) Comparability Report for PPQ Drug Product Lots”, the Lot EJ0553Z was manufactured in Puurs, Belgium, and released as an “emergency supply”.

Our novel findings are based on empirical evidence found in the Pfizer documents, already released.

As a result, the different adverse events profiles demonstrated that product from Process 2 was different from product from Process 1. With that safety signal, the FDA should have taken note and determined that the clinical trial would need repeating, as it is a different product with a different safety profile.


Process 2 should have been the subject of a separate clinical trial due to the safety signals from the small number of subjects tested at the end of the clinical trial before the EUA was approved. The DNA plasmid fragment contamination found was multiple times more than the maximum allowed by the EMA.

Data found in the Pfizer documents show the 502 subjects who made up the additional trial within a trial all having a marked safety signal due to higher adverse events.

The process tested and approved was never publicly rolled out and given to the population of the world. Instead, the public only received the DNA plasmid tainted Process 2 product.

Do NOT comply.



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  1. Thanks, Ernesto. We’re following Ardis closely on a personal level. We attended his recent Healing for the A.G.E.S. conference online. Yeah, basically they’ve managed to put venom-type stuff into all our cells, weaponizing our GUT microbiome and making it antibiotic resistant at the same time. It’s a horror show. Thanks for the comment.

  2. There is a bombshell interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis who bases his assertions on published documents from official organizations like the CDC, FDA, Moderna, etc.

    Ardis asserts the spike protein on the virus is venom (as translated from Latin) from the King Cobra and Crate snake in China. They manufactured the venom synthetically, inserted it into DNA plasmids.

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