PARIS – The challenge is twofold for the executive in this new year. While the figures attest to a serious delay in convincing France in terms of vaccination, a new study revealed that the French are largely opposed to the process and do not wish to submit to it.

According to an Odoxa survey carried out for Le Figaro and FranceInfo, 58 percent of people questioned say they do not agree with vaccination. In January, this proportion was eight points lower. “Unbelievably, in France, the more the scientists supposed to praise vaccination talk about vaccines, the less the French want to be vaccinated!, “ said Gaël Sliman, president of the Odoxa Institute. (ER: Ordinary French are pretty tuned in and don’t believe the Big Pharma sponsored ‘scientists’.)

This also revealed several notable disparities. Thus, 69 percent of women oppose the vaccine, while only 54 percent of men do so. The over 65s are much more likely to be ready to be immunized via an injection (58 percent) than their younger counterparts in the 35-49 age group (32 percent). The study also shows that 56 percent of Emmanuel Macron’s voters accept the vaccination, while those of Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are respectively at 68 percent and 60 percent in opposition to it.