I Nominate Viktor Orban for Nobel Peace Prize


Now before you react, I am fully aware that the Norwegian Nobel Committee which decides Nobel Peace Prize winners has usually chosen based on a globalist agenda, one might call them corrupted by it. I’m aware they have in the past given the prize to some very not-peace-loving candidates including Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, even the European Union. Nonetheless, I want to nominate the courageous Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, for the award. Let me explain my reasons.

He stands, together with more than three million of his fellow Hungarians, opposed to the destructive demands of the unelected, faceless bureaucrats of the European Union, to block the forced future imposition of refugees from Syria and who knows where, in Hungary. His stand might well be the catalyst to stop the disintegration of the nation-state in Europe, and stop a social conflict that threatens to rip Europe apart in a frenzy of hate and destruction.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

The Notable Referendum

I’ve noted before that Viktor Orban is unusual for a European politician or prime minister. He is actually a genuine democrat, which clearly is why the EU Commission and so many fake democratic EU leaders demonize him and call him totalitarian or who knows what. Now, as most reading this know, on October 2 Hungarians went to vote in a national referendum. Hungary, unlike Germany and other EU nations, allows its citizens to express their preferences in referendum form. Orban has used this tool in the past to be sure whether he has a strong popular backing for major decisions.

The results on October 2 saw 3 million 204 thousand eligible Hungarians voting on the refugee referendum. An impressive 95% of those, or 3 million forty four thousand, voted No! to the Brussels plan of forced national refugee quotas. The mainstream media across the EU claims it is a mandatory quota but only for some two thousand refugees. Reality is it is a forced quota for any and all refugees the EU accepts from now on. That’s what makes it so dangerous. The schemers behind the EU refugee crisis intend to use it to destroy national sovereignty, eliminate borders, the nation-state, and national identity.

The total Hungarian voter turnout was 43% of eligible voters. The question they were asked translates: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”

In a press conference immediately after the results were made known, Orban declared, “As regards those who voted, today nine out of ten people decided in favour of Hungary’s right to make sovereign decisions. We may be proud, I believe we may be proud that as the first Member State of the European Union, and the only one so far, the Hungarian people had the opportunity to state their opinion on the issue of immigration.” He added, “… this is perhaps the most important issue for the years ahead, the future of Hungary, the future of our children and grandchildren: whom we should live together with; what will happen to our culture; what will happen to our way of life and our economic system, revived with great effort; and what will happen to our Christian roots.”

Finally Orban once more pointed, as he has repeatedly, to the un-democratic nature of Brussels and the EU Commission: “There is a modern-day population movement in progress around the world. The waves of this have reached Europe, spectacularly and painfully. The question now is what the response of the European Union will be. The EU’s proposal is that we should let the migrants in, and that it should mandatorily distribute them among the Member States, and that Brussels should decide on this distribution.”

Soros’ Role

Brussels bureaucrats and hedge fund speculator George Soros had a big, dirty hand in the internal Hungarian referendum to try to convince voters to boycott or stay home. Hungarian law states a popular referendum requires more than 50% to be valid. As 43% ended up voting, Brussels and their pro-EU Hungarian media, much of it foreign owned, led a chorus that claimed a huge defeat for Orban and those seeking secure borders in the EU to limit refugee flows.


Gianni Pittella

Gianni Pittella, the Italian leader of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group in the EU parliament, bizarrely described it as a ‘victory’ for Europe. He said: “The whole of Europe has won. Populism and xenophobia have lost. Orban’s lies have come up against a brick wall. The migration crisis needs a long term European answer based on solidarity and shared responsibility. We congratulate the majority of the Hungarian citizens who decided to stay at home and to truly act democratically by not playing Orban’s dirty games.”

Note his precise wording: “The migration crisis needs a long term European answer based on solidarity and shared responsibility.” Clearly, in the view of the leader of the second largest bloc of MPs in the undemocratic EU Parliament, the “migration crisis” as he incorrectly terms it, is just getting started.

Gianni Pittella was revealed in the DCLeaks’ recent release of hacked emails from George Soros’ European Policy Institute to be one of the “reliable allies” of Soros in the EU Parliament.


George Soros

In fact, many of the Hungarian organizations opposing Orban’s referendum– who urged voters to stay home to avert the 50% participation–bore the paw prints of Soros front organizations.

According to sources inside Hungary, billboards went up all over Hungary before the October 2 vote urging people to stay home. The billboards stated they were paid by the S&D Group, Pittella’s Socialists and Democrats in the EU Parliament that has organized Brussels demonstrations under the banner, “No more walls in Europe – EUWakeUp.”

In Hungary, S&D-financed billboards saying “Stay Home!” went up everywhere on behalf of Demokratikus Koalíció, or DK. DK is a neo-liberal “pro-free market” party run by the previous prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, who was forced to resign amid mass protests several years ago. The latest DK billboards noted that they were “financed by S&D,” the EU Parliament group headed by Soros’ “reliable ally” Gianni Pittella.

Another organization very prominent in the Hungarian referendum boycott campaign was yet another Soros-financed NGO, the Hungarian Hensinki Committee.

It’s not surprising that Viktor Orban openly accused the Hungarian-born Soros, now a US citizen, of meddling in internal Hungarian politics. “Soros is opposing the government… by supporting non-governmental groups which want to push back the Hungarian government’s position on the migration issue,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban told national Kossuth radio.

“Refugee Corridors”

In fact, the hacked Soros Open Society Foundations (OSF) documents recently made public by DCLeaks reveal that Soros’ money has also been key in coordinating worldwide what Soros’ people call “refugee corridors” through Soros’ International Migration Initiative (IMI) NGO.


The main “corridors” Soros’ OSF has decided to focus its money on to, in reality, facilitate mass migrations, are three. Since it was created by Soros’ Open Society Foundations in 2010, the IMI has focused its millions of dollars of tax exempt grant money on de facto facilitating illegal immigration or refugee flows in Asia-Middle East (Syria, Libya, Tunisia etc) and Central America-Mexico. In 2013, Soros added as their third “corridor” the significant immigration problems in Russia and the Central Asia republics as target for their meddling.

The hacked Soros May 2016 IMI report further describes the growing refugee crisis in the United States and the European Union, and now Russia, in the following terms: “Accepting the current crisis as the new normal…” The sentence is worth re-reading, aloud.

The hacked Soros document further speaks of, “Influencing migration policy through think tanks and policy centers.” The report then stresses that, “OSF and the MacArthur Foundation have been the only private foundations willing to invest in shaping migration discussions at the global level.” The Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation, they note, has since stopped its support, leaving only Soros’ OSM “shaping the migration discussions at the global level.” As well, the George Soros’ Central European University, right in Budapest, has created a special course in their School of Public Policy titled, Migration Policy in a European Context.

We might add to this Soros activity in shaping the EU refugee crisis the fact that a Soros-financed think-tank, the European Stability Initiative, authored the controversial paper called The Merkel Plan. The German Chancellor publicly adopted the paper in late 2015 as her policy. The head of that think tank, Austrian academic, Gerald Knaus, is also a member of the Soros-founded European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and an Open Society Fellow of Soros’ main foundation vehicle.


It should be noted that it was only when Hungary built a high wall to the Serbia (non-EU) border that the war refugee flow slowed to a trickle. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel was recently forced to acknowledge that.

Refugee riots planned against Hungary?

Now, there seems to be a very ugly scenario afoot in the Hungarian post-referendum situation to force a new refugee crisis and break the Hungarian wall after the referendum.

According to sources in Budapest, an allegedly Soros-supported organization, No Borders, is reported by Serbian papers to have urged migrants in Serbia, blocked from entering the EU by the Hungarian border fence, to set out for the Hungarian border. Those reluctant to depart were reportedly pushed and shoved, allegedly even beaten by the activists to get them going, like a cattle stampede. A group of several hundred migrants – all men aged around 30 with the exception of two women – are on their way to the Hungarian border. No Borders is the same amorphous organization that has been involved in the refugee trouble in Calais.

The network of Soros NGOs and foundations clearly are out to maximize what is Europe’s greatest refugee crisis since the end of World War II for a definite political agenda which seems to include destruction of the nation-state among other things.

Viktor Orban’s speeches call for ending the cause of the refugee flows, namely the wars in Syria and the Middle East, and say that the EU should focus on helping the war-torn countries to rebuild, while defending national EU sovereignty with a return to normal border controls and procedures for screening and selecting eligible refugees.

Victor Orban has defied Brussels and the defied the refugee-gaming with the future of European nation states with its calls for “no borders.” Orban’s decision to ask his people for a referendum and the fact that 95% or more than three million Hungarians said No! to Brussels, gives a truly democratic signal to the anti-democratic, faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. These are some of the reasons I feel a Peace Prize is in order for the all-too rare democrat, the Prime Minister in Budapest. Borders matter, there are existentially necessary for human beings as for nations.


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