Immune Tolerance: IgG4 Class Switch Starts with Even Two Doses of mRNA Vaccines

ER Editor: That two or more doses of the mRNA vaccines have switched our antibody response from predominantly IgG3 (which attacks viruses) to IgG4 (which TOLERATES pathogens) is bad news and an incredibly complex topic. IgG4 disease also exists as a function of a dysregulated immune system. We offer here some links which deal with these complexities. First, the one Igor Chudov cites below and which we published a while back:

The Trainwreck of All Trainwrecks: Billions of People Stuck with a Broken Immune Response

Here are a couple of related articles from Dr. Jessica Rose:

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Immune Tolerance: IgG4 Class Switch Starts with Even Two Doses of mRNA Vaccines

This is bad news – and a very interesting new study

Three weeks ago, I reported on mRNA vaccines causing immune tolerance.

Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality and “Chronic Covid”
Rintrah Radagast posted a very important article yesterday. It shows us a potential explanation of why excess mortality is related to COVID boosters, why the association of Covid vaccines with mortality strengthens as time goes on instead of declining, and why…

That previous post, which went viral and brought me 1,008 new subscribers, was based on a study that reported levels of IgG4 (causing deadly immune tolerance to Sars-Cov-2) rising after a booster dose of mRNA vaccines and especially after breakthrough infections.

Unfortunately, another piece of bad news came out yesterday. A study analyzing antibody classes in vaccinated people was just published. It has many findings and is worth several separate posts.

The main finding and the bad news is that mRNA vaccines induce immune tolerance, evidenced by IgG4 antibodies, even after two doses (initial “fully vaccinated” series).

This is one chart from it, to be looked at again later, with my annotations in RED:

It shows that for previously uninfected people, as time passes after mRNA vaccinations (purple for Moderna and blue for Pfizer):

  • the quantity of good, disease-fighting IgG3 antibodies declines

  • the quantity of bad, disease-ignoring IgG4 antibodies rises

  • This leads to “immune tolerance,” causing multiple problems explained in my previous post.

Interestingly, the same problem does not appear after inoculation with AstraZeneca, which is viral-vector based and has no mRNA.

You can see in the picture above that the AstraZeneca line (yellow) stays on the bottom. Thus, the problem of immune tolerance and rising IgG4 only applies to mRNA vaccines. That’s good news for people who had their adenovirus vector vaccination only.

Another good news is that for people who had previous Covid-19 infection (before vaccination), IgG4 also does NOT rise, even after mRNA injections:

So, the kinds of people most affected by IgG4 are infection-naive persons who got mRNA vaccinated before having their Covid-19 infection.

People’s Antibody Responses Are Wildly Different

Take another look at the same charts. I picked a couple and highlighted (in orange) how wildly spread are the antibody counts. Look at the surprised face:

Is that wild variation because of the different lots of mRNA vaccines? Is that because of individual differences? Could accidental injections into small blood vessels play a role? I have no idea, but someone needs to look into this.

Good News for mRNA Vaccinated People!

The wild spread of antibody counts means some individuals did not develop immune tolerance despite receiving mRNA shots!

So if you, dear reader, or your loved ones had mRNA vaccines, do not despair — you may be one of those lucky people whose IgG4 count is low, and thus you would NOT be affected by immune tolerance. Such people exist — see the chart above.

How would such a vaccinated person know if they are, or are not, immune-tolerant to Sars-Cov-2 without expensive lab tests?

My answer is SPECULATIVE, but: if your breakthrough infection involved a lot of fever and bone aches, ended within a week with negative tests, and you had other signs of a vigorous immune reaction, you may be lucky and have low IgG4 levels. Do not take this suggestion with any degree of certainty!

This is a Great Study. We need MORE of Those!

The study I am discussing is excellent and gives an in-depth dive into what sorts of “antibodies” people develop. The study offers multiple interesting findings; the one I am reporting is only one of many.

One aspect I always lamented about our “Covid response” is that the science is not interested in comprehensive research on people’s immune reactions, the differences between natural and vaccinated immunity, and so on.

This Buhre et al. study finally provides an in-depth look and detailed answers to the questions we were all asking.

There is enough material for many interested substack authors to analyze and report on.

What do you think explains a huge variation in immune responses? Any idea?




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