Hundreds of Thousands March Across France as Nationwide Opposition to Health Pass Solidifies (VIDEOS)

ER Editor: Yesterday, we attended one of these marches ourselves, and of interest afterwards were the sheer lies about numbers put out by the media and government. We strongly recommend multiplying official attendance statistics by at least FIVE. 204,090 has been given officially. We saw exactly the same phenomenon when the Gilets Jaunes first protested on Saturday, November 17, 2018. The government said there were just over 200,000 people out on the streets nationwide. Independent police unions who counted for themselves throughout the day put the number at around 1.2 MILLION.

What we saw among yesterday’s protest and rally was a solid level of awareness of what is really going on and who the players are. Leaflets passed around containing constructive information about how to combat the health pass measures contained correct information about the Rockefeller Lockstep plan, for example. Information by speakers at the rally showed knowledge of vaccine harms, stats and Big Pharma shenanigans, but the vaccinated were of course welcome, so just enough emphasis was put on the vaccines without browbeating people. Everybody showed concern about subjecting children to both the vaccines and discriminatory health pass measures to be implemented in schools. As the tweet by Citizen Anonyme below notes, the French government couldn’t have done a better job in rallying together disparate sections of society.

We highly recommend viewing the Twitter account of Citizen Anonyme (Anonymous Citizen), as RT has done below. Here are some additional cities with video footage of the crowds:



Turin, Italy


Vannes, Brittany



Paris, Place de la Bastille (there were several demonstrations in Paris)

Paris led by Florian Philippot, leader of the Patriot Party



Translation: Macron will have succeeded in bringing together hundreds of thousands of people from all social classes, generations and different political sensibilities, with a very large number of first-time protestors.

See also this Twitter thread: #manif31juillet


Thousands march across France as nationwide opposition to domestic Covid ID shows no signs of fizzling out (VIDEOS)

Demonstrators have flooded the streets of cities and towns across France for the third straight week as citizens continue to resist the government’s plan to require a health pass to engage in several ordinary activities.

Huge crowds turned out in Paris on Saturday as riot police attempted to corral the seemingly endless columns of protesters filling the capital’s main thoroughfares. Drumming, chanting and exploding firecrackers could be heard in a Ruptly livestream of the massive demonstration. The protesters could be heard shouting “Liberty!” as they snaked their way through the city’s streets.

At one point, scuffles broke out and police deployed tear gas as law enforcement found themselves nearly surrounded by mobs of Parisians.

Dozens of other events were reportedly held in other parts of the country.

Social media filled up with footage allegedly taken in the small city of Pau, located in southwestern France. Despite the city’s modest size, its streets were swarmed by demonstrators who turned out to express their disapproval with President Emmanuel Macron’s so-called “Green Pass.”


Other large turnouts were reported in cities and towns across the country, including in France’s overseas territories.

Translation: ‘Estrosi Collaborator!’ (the mayor of the city, who used HCQ on himself against covid) was chanted at Nice while the mayor of the city wanted to impose the health pass on children in leisure centres before backpedalling.

Translation: Large protest at Saint-Pierre on the Island of Reunion against the health pass and other measures restricting liberty. Another protest is expected at Saint Denis.

Starting from August 9, French citizens will need a government-issued digital health pass in order to go inside a cafe or use certain forms of public transport. Individuals will need the ID to show that they are fully vaccinated, have tested negative for Covid-19, or have recovered from the virus. The controversial legislation also makes vaccination compulsory for healthcare workers.

Since July 21, the Covid pass has been obligatory in order to visit museums, cinemas and other cultural venues with a capacity of more than 50 individuals.

Following large-scale protests earlier this month, the French government made several concessions to the draconian rules, including lowering fines for violating the ID regime and pushing back when the policy would come into force at shopping malls.

Last week, Macron seemed to dismiss those who opposed the coercive measures as irresponsible and selfish, arguing that refusing to be vaccinated with the experimental jab would end up killing people.




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6 Comments on Hundreds of Thousands March Across France as Nationwide Opposition to Health Pass Solidifies (VIDEOS)

  1. Thanks for this info about the police and firemen. Great to know. Also, good to know about Asselineau – finding a reason not to join in. Philippot is strong, principled, independent and genuinely standing up for us. So yes, he must be a real threat! They’re smearing him with his former Le Pen association, and now on Twitter they’re asking ‘who’s funding him?’ Pathetic. Thanks, Brigitte!

  2. Yes, Philippot IS a threat. (He’s strong, positive, principled and independent.) They’re smearing him with ‘he was the 2nd to Marine Le Pen’ or ‘who’s funding him?’ (Twitter thread) Thanks for the feedback on the police. This is great to know. Also, good to know about Asselineau!

  3. Again I confirm.
    Last Saturday at the Trocadéro the gendarmes said they are with us (the police were not at the forefront, they were blocking the streets 100 meters behind the crowd), and yesterday again with the Florian Philippot patriots’s demonstration, we spoke with many police (cops, not gendarmes) who were all around this time : they said they are with us.
    No more aggressive tone nor aggressive silence. No helmets.
    I read that the enormous amount of protesters is completly censored by the “media” (I don’t have TV nor radio to check).

    Many foreign tourists in the streets of Paris.

    Now the mainstream is discovering that Florian Philippot is a danger, and they just launched attacks against him. His speeches are so powerful that it feels nothing can stop this revolution. He focuses on keeping us Humains, loving and proud of being human, he constantly focuses on our Soul and our Will as Humans, on being conscious of our force, and on our fighting spirit for Liberty.
    (Asselineau, the fake “resistant” already said recently he would note unite with Florian Philippot, because FP dared compare the present dictature and covid-Ausweiss with the yellow star period, just as Vera Sharav and other Israeli did. So now we officially know who he is working for.)

    In numerous french cities, the firemen were demonstrating with our People. Unite all !

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