How the Great Reset Advises the Elites to Get Rich with Gas and Electricity Cuts

How the Great Reset advises the caste to get rich with gas and electricity cuts


Sure! the official explanation for the coming power cuts is the war in Ukraine. The totally emotional and childish narrative according to which the wicked Putin (the ogre of children’s stories) is responsible for all our ills will, at least among those who get their news for ten minutes a day by listening to Léa Salamé (ER: French journalist), hide the real unfolding story. And, as we say, this real story is not hidden…it is public, written, documented by official or verifiable sources. It’s just masked by a crude narrative that engages some valuable marketing techniques, as I highlight in the video above.

The upcoming cuts are not due to Putin

First point, none of the future energy supply disruptions will be due to Putin.

Regarding electricity, France has never imported Russian electricity! 

The graph above reminds us of this. As electricity cannot be stored, it can only be imported from networks with which we are interconnected… and Russia is a bit far to do this sort of thing!

The power cuts therefore have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine. They can be explained solely by the lack of maintenance of our nuclear fleetA phenomenon of corrosion obliges to stop, for safety, more than half of the reactors in activity . This event occurs in the context of a drop in overall electricity production by EDF, as shown in this table produced by EDF itself :

As we can see, the drop in electricity production began in January, so well before the war in Ukraine…

With regard to Russian gas, the supplier Gazprom has effectively announced that it is interrupting its deliveries. But because ENGIE, the French importer, has freely decided not to pay its bills, and therefore to no longer buy this gas. The interruption of Russian gas purchases is therefore a French decisionwhich I explained by the pressure that the USA exerts on Emmanuel Macron thanks to his “secret” dossier .

I have no doubt that, despite these indisputable factual elements, a large part of the public is allowing itself to be misled by a skilfully distilled Russophobia, the fact remains that the energy crisis we are going through is the sole result of our own negligence, or of our choice to no longer buy Russian gas…

The Great Reset strategy continues

One can wonder for what understandable reason the caste chooses to organize an energy crisis after having exhausted the opinions by an authoritarian and deliberately divisive epidemic.

A quite disturbing explanation is given by the book The Great Reset (the Great Reset in French ) by Klaus Schwab, which I commented on extensively in a 2021 book.

Allow me to quote a few passages from Schwab’s book to enlighten the reader on this subject.

At first glance, the pandemic and the environment might seem like distant cousins; but they are much closer and intertwined than we think. The two have and will continue to have unpredictable and distinct interactions (…). (page 109)

Some leaders and decision-makers who were already at the forefront of the fight against climate change might want to take advantage of the shock inflicted by the pandemic to implement lasting and broader environmental changes. They will, in fact, make “good use” of the pandemic by preventing the crisis from being for nothing. (…) Governments led by enlightened leaders will link their recovery plans to ecological commitments. They will, for example, offer more generous financial terms to companies with low-carbon business models. (p.118)

We clearly understand Klaus Schwab’s advice: to be an enlightened leader, one must take advantage of the amazement produced by COVID on populations to “implement lasting and broader environmental changes.” Here! here!

A few lines earlier (page 116), Schwab had detailed his vision of energy in the world of tomorrow:

COVID-19 will have been useless in terms of climate policies. Conversely, if some of the habits we have been forced into during the pandemic translate into structural changes in behavior, the climate outcome could be different. Traveling less, working a little more remotely, cycling and walking instead of driving to keep the air in our cities as clean as it was during confinement, spending holidays closer to home: all these elements, if combined on a large scale, could lead to a sustainable reduction in carbon emissions.

As we can see, these proposals find a very strange echo in the policy of the President of the Republic, of which we had already noticed that his announcements on the “Grande Bascule” took up the whole semantic field of Schwab’s Great Reset.

How to get rich with the crisis?

In these elements of language, Klaus Schwab adds a wording that leaves little doubt about the financial calculation behind this operation.

We will find, on page 123 of his book already quoted, this unambiguous formulation:

Many governments are starting to take action, but much more needs to be done to shift the system to a new, nature-friendly normal and make a majority of people around the world realize that this is not just a dire need, but also a huge opportunity. A policy paper prepared by Systemiq in collaboration with the World Economic Forum estimates that establishing a nature-friendly economy could represent more than $10 trillion per year by 2030 – in terms of new economic opportunities as well than avoided economic costs.

Lovers of semantic analysis will notice that Schwab proposes here to “rock the system”, a term that Emmanuel Macron used verbatim in his speech to the Council of Ministers on this subject last month.

What is written here is that the “energy transition”, as we now say, is a huge financial opportunity to sell a multitude of products subsidized by the “enlightened leaders” to promote “zero-carbon”. From there to think that the fear of the disappearance of the planet due to global warming is a commercial operation that allows you to get rich by selling products that will fight it, there is only one step.

One certainty exists, in any case: the energy transition that Macron offers us with his efforts to put an end to carelessness will not be lost on the caste. Quite the contrary! And if there are super-profits to tax, it may be those of the companies that finance the WEF and that intend to enrich themselves thanks to this “considerable opportunity” that is global warming.

The propaganda machine kicks in

As we can see, since July 2020, this energy crisis has not only been anticipated, but even planned and theorized!

It is for this reason that the apothecaries which collect the money from the tender at its source have had plenty of time to prepare the “elements of language” to spread the good word in public opinion.

We will note, for example, that very opportunely (decidedly, climate change is a matter of opportunity!), the think-tank Terra Nova, former flagship of the Socialist Party, and special public bobo, hastened to release a note on “collective sobriety”. Macron in the text!

In this note, we find various proposals that seem straight out of Schwab’s book:

I recommend everyone to read this “timely” note which will allow, in 23 pages, to understand that Schwab’s proposals published in July 2020, under the auspices of COVID, are gradually turning into political reality, with the help of a myriad of think tanks and other pharmacies that are preparing public opinion for the “swing” that will enrich the caste.

Macron takes over the marketing of the vaccine

I will come back to this at greater length in a future article, but it is striking to see how Emmanuel Macron takes up the techniques used to “sell” the vaccine to the French in his campaign on the energy transition. The remarks he made yesterday during an improvised press conference on the subject are particularly eloquent, and broadcast with the same docility by the subsidized media cartel.

To explain quickly, the marketing of energy savings will mobilize the “principle of coherence”: when a person undertakes to support a project or a product, or a choice (for example that of reducing his energy consumption in order to be able to saying “take that Putin”), it is very unlikely that she will ever question her choice, even if she was wrong. It remains consistent with itself, even in defiance of common sense.

Macron had used this technique for the vaccine. Remember, the official language was to call on the French to have a “sense of responsibility” to get vaccinated (many are still hypnotized by this mirage which allowed the pharmaceutical industry to enrich itself without worrying about the serious side effects of products it sold). The same soup is served to us today:

“If we collectively know how to behave more soberly, there will be no rationing and no cuts.”

In other words, commit yourself in my favour, freely do what I ask of you, so that I won’t have to impose it on you. And, by the way, tomorrow you won’t dare to admit your mistake, and you will continue to support me, even until the regime is destroyed.

You will soon find in our columns my paper dedicated to the psychic manipulation used to make us endorse energy savings effortlessly.

And if you still have a little energy, download Machabert’s file on an original way to protect your assets in the face of the mashed pitch that is coming.




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