Greece 2020 Working with Turkey: Erdogan & Mitsotakis Aiming to Co-manage Migrant Flows and the Aegean Sea

ER Editor: V.N. Gelis’ thesis below is that the citizen protests over government appropriation of land and the building of new migrant camps on it (thus increasing migrant numbers at the utter despair of locals) on the Aegean islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos are being masked by cynically refocusing anger toward Erdogan, who has sent over, or threatened to, over 10,000 migrants into Greece over problems in Idlib, the Syrian province bordering Turkey. Erdogan and Mitsotakis, as Gelis emphasizes, are working TOGETHER to advance the globalist agenda, despite appearances, with globalist Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis working behind the scenes along with other globalist-minded Greek oligarchs to give Erdogan what he wants in terms of land acquisition and hydrocarbons.

In other words, a new Greek government, elected to oust Tsipras and Syriza, the ultimate betrayers of the Greek people to the IMF and globalist forces, is still serving the same masters.

Readers may be interested in these pieces referring to the land expropriation for the building of migrant camps that has angered locals, to which Gelis refers to below. See Greece Freezes Land Expropriations for Migrant Camps, and Greek islands ‘cut-off’ ties with Government after proposal to requisition land to build more migrant camps. See also this from 2017, Greek Government Seeks to Appropriate Private Land for Migrants, which suggests that land was/is intended to be given up not simply for migrant camps but for migrants themselves.

As to Mitsotakis’ globalist, pro-US, pro-EU credentials, we recommend this one minute commentary by Alexander Mercouris on Greece’s new PM. He promised to reduce migration, the basis for his election win, but behind the scenes, this hasn’t been happening according to Gelis below and other commentators. Here is Mercouris (3:24 to approximately 4:22 minutes):


Greece 2020 Working with Turkey: Erdogan Mitsotakis Aiming to Co-manage Migrant Flows and the Aegean Sea


What you gonna do when they come for you?

“Those who attacked the riot police are scum” – Mitsotakis Greek PM

We live in strange times. Never before has a government which allegedly represents the interests of a specific nation requisitioned land at the point of a gun to hand it over to illegal immigrant occupiers. But that is the specific case point in Greece.

After destroying wages and pensions in an economic freefall attack, creating a collapse of GDP to the tune of 25% far greater and longer than any semi-developed state in modern history, we are now witnessing an avalanche of coordinated hatred against all those who refuse to be replaced.

Three islands have become the focal point of conflict: Chios, Lesvos, Samos, but not only, after they created migrant receptions centres in 2016 when over a million passed through Greece allegedly from the Syrian war. Since then it has been revealed that over 80 odd nations are represented from these fake ‘wars’ gaining ‘refugee’ status which grants them around €300-400  monthly, and if they manage to get out of the reception centres, an apartment in any major Athenian city.

Premier Mitsotakis explaining border security to the nation

We used to have backpack tourism in the 1960’s and 1970’s whereby tourists would camp on or near beaches in the summer months, which for some spread over to most of the year, that then gave way to mass tourism, the package holiday and the emergence of 4x and 5x hotels. Now we have a new type of tourist – the Afroasian migrant ‘refugee’ who, if he declares he is under 16 but in reality way over, gets special treatment, i.e. a trebling of benefits equivalent to a minimum of €1,500 a month, which is double the starting salary of Greek public hospital doctor. This is the only economic roadshow for our times.

We saw in the Greek media details published of three companies granted around a €1 million each to set up new migrant camps on land which they just took from citizens. Now normally land is taken for issues of national emergency, i.e. if one is facing an external threat, an invasion etc. Here we have a continuation of the policies of the 3rd Reich, which requisitioned land and food for the occupation army of Hitler, but this time round it’s for Merkel’s fake refugees to break the back of the Greek nation and destroy its capacity to reproduce and get erased, a prospect it has faced many times over its 5,000 year history.

New Democracy: Merkel’s Boot Boys

Having assumed power on a campaign of reducing migrant flows and controlling the free-for-all on the Aegean islands, which has led to Greeks becoming prisoners in their own homes, they (ER: New Democracy party, whose president is new Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis) opened the floodgates once in power, shipping tens of thousands over from Turkey and creating in the last six months a new situation, which was noted in a previous article, of creating migrant camps everywhere in Greece and housing migrant blow ins in more than 70 Greek cities.

A campaign started by the Soros funded ‘antifascist’ KEERFA, alongside the Muslim Association of Greece (who are on record in stating the islands in the Aegean are Islamic), to educate and take on board migrant blow ins in all schools under cover that, if they don’t, the schools will close as Greeks aren’t having children. Taking into account over 500,000 citizens have left the country and wages for those in work are so low that one can’t live independently or start a family due to the EU austerity imposed on Greeks, it’s ironic the government can finance health care for blow ins to the tune of €30 billion and provide free housing, free food and free money which isn’t provided to the homeless Greeks or those that live in the dark as they have no money to pay for electricity or feed their children which continue to faint in schools due to the lack of nutrition.

The Fear of Erdogan’s Turkey

Never before, as well, has the ruling class and all its representatives in Parliament been so in unison in their final war against the Greek nation. They are all singing from the same hymn sheet, and characteristic is the manoeuvring over hydrocarbons found in the Aegean sea, which the Greek government wants to share with Turkey to bail Erdogan out of the bind he is currently in, in both Syria and Libya. The two pronged attack against Greeks is the constant fear peddling MSM about an imminent Turkish invasion (ships drilling off the coast of Cyprus and Crete, fighter jet incursions etc.) and the unleashing of Turkey’s migrant blow ins, to ensure that all the islanders are there to serve their own disappearance and extinction with their own money, land, jobs and women.

The three islands in question have their own idiosyncratic existence, with Lesvos being famous for ouzo production, Chios being famous for world famous mastiha (tree plant producing chewing gum), and Samos being famous for sweet wine production. Lesvos being the largest of the three with its own electricity generating plant became famous for being a ‘red’ island throughout its history, with a strong labour movement in power generation and guerrilla war activity against the German occupation and the subsequent civil war whereby they continued to fight months later, even after the official downing of arms by EDES forces under the then-General Secretary of the Greek KKE, Zahariades.

These islands are currently housing over 50,000 blow ins, and there aren’t more than 150,000 citizens on them, most of them of a certain age due to the catastrophic demographic collapse of Greece in the last two decades. Requisitioning land at the behest of three large private property companies to ship over containers to house just as many blow ins, turning the islanders into a minority on the islands doesn’t take into account the physical landscape and how the actual infrastructure is going to cope in terms of water usage, sewage, power. These are all minor issues in the globalist era as accommodating the self-IDing of migrants in order to grant them ‘refugee status’ nowadays is all the rage. If someone doesn’t support the situation they are then labelled with abusive epithets, reaching the point of being branded a …nazi. Whilst the concept of the territorial integrity and independence of nations is now just a byword in the era of globalism, the way of life of citizens no longer holds as accepting your neighborhood or your city centre turning into a migrant dumping ground is what is acceptable.

Mitsotakis has made a big hue and cry about going to the Hague to agree to hand over sections of the Aegean peninsula to the Turks. That is his real agenda.

Mass Replacement Migration at the Point of a Club and Rubber bullets

Mitsotakis, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of his erstwhile member Panos Kammenos (ex-Independent Greeks), who was part of the coalition government that governed with Syriza, tried the Kos effect on the islanders. He bused in probably around 1,000 riot police on the three islands in a coordinated attack to occupy the requisitioned land and crack some heads open in the process for any that stood in the way. They landed in over three ports, with army personnel as well (engineers with diggers), hiding the signal of the ships so the locals couldn’t know when they were arriving, and then proceeded to attack the locals in battles that lasted for two days in many parts of the islands.

To name a few of the battles as there were so many: Farmers used tractors to attack riot police vans and to repel them after riot police attacked unarmed citizens protesting, stopped cars and motorbikes of citizens who weren’t involved in the protests and took them out and beat them. A video clearly shows 4-5 riot police cracking the head open of a protester by rubbing his face into the concrete ground; other citizens showed casings of rubber bullets fired at them; riot police are seen smashing up cars on their retreat; riot police are seen retreating into an army base and being confronted by enraged citizens; riot police used police helicopters to fire tear gas at citizens, etc.

The actual list is endless, and the attacks occurred in so many places at once that it’s difficult to write anything. All one can add is that riot police were created to police junctions in city blocks and disperse citizens congregated in certain areas. Taking them to mountain roads, mini forests, open air plots of land is extremely foolish as local citizens in many of these islands are armed and, if attacked, under any conditions, they will respond as they did, apparently sending around 70 riot police to hospital with reports of even injuries up to and including death.

One incident that hit the social media airwaves was the riot police that were attacked in the hotel they were staying in. Enraged citizens turned up, beat them all up and threw all their belongings out of the window. This is clearly a breakdown of the forces of law and order….

Greek Churches raised to the ground in Lesvos

First major defeat of the globalist oligarchs of Greece

Despite all the strikes and battles of the last decade up to and including the anti-IMF protests of the early 2010 decade, the rise of the alleged ‘anti-austerity’ Syriza and the protests over the name Macedonia, the defeat inflicted in the Aegean islands following on from the successful local general strike where everything stopped for a day about a month ago is significant. Local citizens without the ‘fear’ of Erdogan, Golden Dawn-tainted labels, Antifa, etc. resisted and beat New Democracy goons in the first major battle of the 2020 decade.

Whilst the battles of the 2010 decade when Greeks marched in their tens of thousands held over 30 general strikes, protest days, etc. tried to overturn road tolls, electricity cut-offs, stave off mass sackings, wage and pension cuts and they were defeated either in part or in whole, the stage is now set for our extinction as a nation by the rapid mass replacement agenda, forestalled in part with the rise of Brexit and Trump, but now being returned with a vengeance as the last throw of the dice by the globalists.

Their aim, of course, is to go over to a co-management of tens of millions of AfroAsians in migrant camps set up all over Greece, and the co-management of the Aegean sea, which has extensive hydrocarbons to help out ErDOGan in his time of need, in particular to make him honorary President of the Committee to Celebrate the 200 years from the 1821 Revolution, which saw Greece break away from the Ottoman Empire as, after all, our oligarchs sell him the drilling platforms he uses to invade Greek and Cypriot territorial waters, to go on exploratory missions whilst at the same time questioning whether various islands in the Aegean are actually Greek.

Having lost the Aegean islands, the Greek govt must have got on the blower to Erdogan and asked him to send over tens of thousands of migrants to create a border issue so as to draw attention away from the Aegean islands. The govt so far has responded with troops, border guards and riot police arriving at Kastanies, the Greek Turkish border post that links the Greek motorway and Turkey. Far quicker would have been if the Greek government just closed the border, blocking Turkish road freight passing through. That would last maximum 2-3 weeks. If the Turks then sent across any weaponised migrants, they would go bankrupt.

But knowing the globalist roots of the whole of the Greek political class in and out of Parliament, they have continued to accept and accelerate the migrants in the Aegean islands. So Evros has been set up to counterattack the Aegean islanders.

The promising news from the islands is that, without party political control, the islanders are thinking outside the box. They have confronted the riot police guerrilla style, as well as NGO’s, they are blocking roads, setting up people’s committees and taking back control of their islands and their lives. This is a battle that will only have one outcome. Those who labour will rule. Or they will become extinct. The local just went national…

VN Gelis
1st March 2020


Original article


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