‘German funds given to Clinton Foundation should be returned & used to keep illegal migrants out’

‘German funds given to Clinton Foundation should be returned, used to keep illegal migrants out’


They should just alert us to the nature of politics, why we don’t want political decisions being made in these kinds of areas, why we don’t want bribes being paid. I am glad for the exposure, Lew Rockwell (image below), Editor of LewRockwell.com, told RT.

The Clinton foundation could face scrutiny when Donald Trump becomes president as his administration reportedly plans to pressure foreign governments to probe the group’s financial dealings.


Former U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton © Carlos Barria / Reuters

This comes following claims that the foundation received money from the German government prior to the presidential election.

RT: What’s your take on these recent?

Lew Rockwell: … Trump was right about Hillary being crooked, about the Clinton foundation being crooked, and I don’t think we’ve begun to see how much money was actually paid. So we know from the Department of the Environment and from this other German agency – millions of Euros – they got much more money than that from all different governments. The question is: why politics are corrupt. It is not unusual for politicians to be paid off. They thought they were buying – probably the most benign explanation – they thought they were buying preferment from the future Clinton administration. This proves what the Clinton Foundation actually was – a way to bribe Hillary Clinton and her aide Bill Clinton.


But I think maybe there is other stuff going on too. This was obviously not German government agencies giving the money, even though it was the poor taxpayers footing the bill. But it was individuals determining this to happen. Were these guys going to personally profit; what kind of crookedness is there on the part of the German politicians and German bureaucrats, as well as the Americans? They should just alert us to the nature of politics, why we don’t want political decisions being made in these kinds of areas, why we don’t want bribes being paid. I am glad for the exposure… And how about getting it back since they didn’t get the favors they expected, really shouldn’t the Clintons give this money back to the German people? Maybe [the German people] could use it to keep some of the migrants out. That would be a nice change.

RT: Why do you think one provided these so-called donations to the Clinton Foundation? Did they expect something in return?

lewrockwellLR: Yes, and we don’t know what the quantity of these so-called donations were – the payoffs, the bribes. Of course it was an attempt not only to influence the future Hillary administration, they must have assumed it would help her in the campaign too, because of shared staffer and that sort of thing – but maybe much more than that, we don’t know. All we know for sure is that it is crooked; it is a criminal act against the German people, against the American people too for that matter – payoffs from one politician to another using other people’s money. Let’s bring it all out, expose it, let’s do what we can to try to stop it in the future. And I would hope that Trump never sets up a ‘Trump Foundation’ of such a crooked nature.

RT: Would you agree with the statement that there are double standards in the American political system, as well as in the mass media?

LR: I do have to note that since the Washington Post has dubbed me a ‘Russian propaganda agent’ take that into account with what I’m about to say. They wanted to string Donald Trump up by the heels. They would have wanted to beat him with a stick like one of those Trump piñatas.

These people just blow it off – the American press, but perhaps, it is not a big deal to them. If it would’ve been Trump, they would have introduced impeachment articles against him the minute he was inaugurated. That would have just been the beginning of the trouble. I don’t say that would not have been wrong, because it would have showed he was crooked; he was in the pay of people who should be in not customers of his businesses, but politicians…

Double standard is not quite the phrase – it’s the unbelievable two-faced nature of the American political system and everything Hillary does – no matter how criminal and how crooked, how lying – it’s perfectly ok, it’s not a problem. If Trump looks at somebody crooked, it is a world-class hate crime.

German govt. was certain of Clinton’s victory

Petr Bystron (image below), Alternative for Germany (Afd,) told RT that “the political establishment was the whole time sure that Hillary Clinton will win the elections.”

RT: What’s your take on the Trump’s actions in order to encourage foreign governments to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances?

petrbystronPetr Bystron: Well, this is for us a great scandal. It is absolutely unbelievable. We see that the political establishment, how far it is from the sorrows of ordinary people. We see also the second point – how sure the political establishment was the whole time that Hillary Clinton will win the elections. We have proofs that, for example, the Minister of Defense, [Ursula] von der Leyen, said one day after the election that they have absolutely no contacts to the Trump teams. So all was focused on Hillary Clinton – the whole German government was expecting Hillary Clinton to win the election, and it explains how it was possible that the German ministry was spending money for Clinton.

RT: According to some reports, Clinton’s charity received the cash to develop a number of projects in several African countries. Could you comment on that?

PB: The ministry said that the money was for forest and re-cultivation projects in Kenya and in Ethiopia. This is a joke. Why should the money go around the world from Germany to the US just to arrive back in Africa then? There are many German organizations who could do it better than The Clinton Foundation.

RT: Why do you think countries like Germany are often engaged in incidents like this?

PB: Well, the answer is quite clear and short: those countries are the closest allies and the strongest followers of the USA.


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