France’s New Tyranny Revealed in Glorious Technicolor, And There Could Be More to Come

ER Editor: The Rothschild ‘president’, quite possibly elected by fraudulent means of the Dominion voting machine kind back in 2017, has just made an announcement that still has to be voted on in the National Assembly. We’d be surprised if his measures don’t pass as virtually none of France’s elected representatives are actually doing their jobs on behalf of the people any more. (Image at right: Macron with David Rothschild)

We’re publishing a story from Lockdown Sceptics and Sky News below, but first is a fitting editorial comment from a news site in Brittany, on the north-west coast, called Breizh-Info.

Oh, and we’ve been threatened with mandatory vaccination for everyone if not enough people are vaccinated. Tajikistan, anyone? Of course, they’ll push for 100% mandatory vax for all adults next, you can be sure. The sky’s the limit now. Clearly Macron has no chance of being elected president in 2022, so the elites will be planning their next candidate via a different party.

We believe the rate of vaccine uptake before these measures were announced was around 34%. Uptake had stalled in the US at around 43% before Biden announced his door-to-door campaign.


Social apartheid. Review Emmanuel Macron’s announcements


In a few days, when you think about going to a shopping mall, you the European, you may run into a security guard at the entrance, possibly in the country illegally, who will forbid you to enter the premises because you do not have your health pass.

Emmanuel Macron, the poorly elected president of the Republic, has indeed announced a series of measures validating the establishment of a social apartheid in France, an apartheid in which there will not be on one side the Whites, on the other the Blacks, but on one side the Vaccinated against Covid-19, those who accept to bend to the Chinese injunctions, and on the other, those who resist.

Demonstrations, calls for disobedience and announcements of legal recourse are already multiplying. The summer will be hot.  (ER: The government knows what it is doing, making this announcement in the 2nd week of July, just as people’s holidays are getting underway and any protest will be watered down until late into August …)




Here are some Twitter reactions:

And yes, the police are vaccine-exempt!

TRANSLATION: Seeing that the police don’t have to have a vaccine, they won’t be able to go in the shopping centres and restaurants – to check people’s passes? Please tell me it’s true?

TRANSLATION: I’m a healthcare worker in emergency and my husband and care workers who are independently employed have made the choice to give up everything and quit. As for my uniform, it will be on the square in front of my ARS in my region. Because for us, it’s no to the vaccine.

TRANSLATION: I’m stunned by the decisions Macron announced. And supported by a part of the political consensus! The first time in my life where I wonder if I’m not going to live in another country! But France is so beautiful. I tell myself there are only 300 days to go (in Macron’s presidency) LOL.

TRANSLATION: A moving thought for all those who voted for Macron in the second round of the 2017 presidential so as to avoid the implementation of a dictatorship … (ER: He was running against Marine Le Pen, whom the French have been taught to view as a fascist)

TRANSLATION: We are millions of vaccinated or non-vaccinated refusing to submit to a police state where where medical secrecy, freedom of treatment and freedom to come and go are shattered. 

TRANSLATION: “The Health Pass will never be a right of access that differentiates the French. It cannot be mandatory to access everyday places like restaurants, theaters and cinemas, or to go to friends’ houses.”  Emmanuel Macron, April 30th 2021

ER: Yes, Macron is a bald-faced liar. Among other things.


Emmanuel Macron Mandates Covid Vaccination for All French Health Workers and Introduces Vaccine Passports


Emmanuel Macron has announced that all French healthcare workers face mandatory Covid vaccination, and that vaccine passports will be required in restaurants, shopping malls and hospitals, and on trains and planes, effectively cutting off unvaccinated French people from their daily lives. Cancelling all large events which were set to take place in the coming month, the President also warned that ALL French citizens could face mandatory vaccination later this year.

To get a vaccine passport, you have to be fully vaccinated, have a fresh negative test or have recently recovered from the virus. In his address, Macron said that France will start charging for some Covid tests, which up to now have been free (ER: to our knowledge the PCR test will now cost each person per test 50 euros!), giving many citizens little choice but to get vaccinated. Sky News has more.

In a televised address, France’s President said all health care workers, nursing home workers and anyone who cares for the elderly or unwell at home must have coronavirus vaccines by September 15th.

Those who fail to do so could face sanctions or fines.

The President also announced anyone who wants to go to a restaurant, shopping centre or several other public places will need a Covid pass, which can only be given to people who have been fully vaccinated, have a fresh negative test or have recently recovered from the virus.

The additional restrictions come as the country continues to battle a resurgence of cases driven mainly by the Delta variant. (ER: We don’t buy this hypothesis. It’s clear that mass vaccination has been driving up cases.)

Some 40% of France’s population is fully vaccinated but there are pockets of vaccine scepticism. (ER: ‘Pockets’? Very large ones …)

“The country is facing a strong resumption of the epidemic touching all our territory,” Mr Macron said. …

He said the French Government would declare a medical state of emergency again starting on Tuesday, which allows him more scope to impose virus restrictions. … (ER: voila! the legal category has been established for more tyranny.)

In France, vaccines are widely available for anyone 12 and over, but take-up slowed in recent weeks because of vaccine hesitancy, a sense that the virus is no longer a threat, and because some people decided to put off their jabs until after summer holidays. (ER: And because people who have been vaccinated have become ill and/or died, and people around them know this!)

We are not that far behind this state of affairs in England, where care home workers face mandatory vaccination and large indoor venues have been urged to require vaccine passports.

The Sky News report is worth reading in full.




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