France – The hunt for elected officials is on

ER Editor: Here’s a nice summary of what the atmosphere is like in France, written by someone associated with the smart, informed website Profession Gendarme. It is machine-translated.

See this March 2023 report from the Daily Mail on politicians receiving death threats —

French politicians receive GUILLOTINE death threats as Macron faces vote of no confidence TODAY over pension reforms that have triggered violent protests


The hunt for elected officials is on

Translation: The difference between the hunt and a war, it’s that in the hunt, we don’t take prisoners.


The casserole (ER: a pan for cooking) is very trendy this year. It punctuates the movements of the entire political clique. It annoys and offends elected officials. It participates in demonstrating popular displeasure. It reveals the split between the people and their city officials. It is the sign of a heavy climate which smacks of rebellion.

For the time being, the atmosphere remains good-natured. People are agitated, make noise and the forces of order gas them and gently disperse them with blows of the baton. It looks like a Basque fair where the balance of power is the main attraction. However, a question arises. Will this public entertainment last long under these relatively benign conditions?

In view of the growing number of attacks on elected officials, a pre-revolutionary groundswell seems to want to sweep away the societal disharmony of this country wanted by the executive. The mayor of St-Brévin is the latest to suffer from local anger (ER: the mayor just resigned, having had his house firebombed. His municipality had installed a migrant reception centre, unpopular with local residents). The people are no longer in line with the executive, to say the least. Our chosen punks, all worshippers of Europe, are building for us a modern version of Sovietism at the time of its splendor. Since the scam of the mini Lisbon Treaty, the dictatorship has taken its ease. With Macron, she reaches the sublime. He destroyed this country by tearing it apart piece by piece, segment by segment, sector by sector. State arrogance has become a trademark. The contempt of elected officials for their constituents has never been so declared, so virulent, so abject.

Burning Macron’s effigies throughout France sets the tone for popular anger. A voodoo sorcerer would do no better to ward off the spell, to destroy the evil spirit that delivers its societal pestilence. From the experience of observers of the world, we know that all serious social unrest throughout the world started with these symbolic acts. Will Macron and his gang of corrupt people escape this universal behavioral rule?

To save his loaves, our very dear (monetary sense of the term) president should resign. This act would have the advantage of calming the vindictive ardor which is rising exponentially. It would allow the system to calm the erupting social volcano, then hand over a clone of Macron to deceive. A lull for a while. His flight will allow him, if God protects him with his divine justice, to take advantage of his accumulated treasure at our expense. When you know that you are no longer the beloved and that the forks are at the gates of the castle, it is better to flee, but especially not to Varennes.

We all know that the Macronists are not democrats either in spirit or in gesture. The dignified attitude of resignation when one is no longer in symbiosis with the people is not in their philosophical register. The Gaullist vision is no more. Of this arm wrestling which has lasted for years, since the yellow vests, which will twist the arm of the other with a final dazzling thrust? The bets are open. The loser will suffer a lot, that’s for sure.

The protests had their heyday. They ruminate on their inefficiency in the face of a deaf, blind, disdainful, violent executive. They have changed their tune. Thus, the hunt for elected officials is on. Wherever the apparatchiks go, they are received by a vindictive welcoming committee. Active violence is not yet in people’s minds, but it won’t be long. The less the members of the nomenklatura listen to the people, the more the latter will be aggressive out of exasperation. This physical mechanic is very dangerous. It always leads to chaos where the future is uncertain.

If there was still some moral or philosophical authority in this country, it would be doing the work of temperance. If there were a real constitutional authority, it would oblige the values ​​of the fifth republic which stipulate black on white “the government of the people, for the people and by the people,” which is no longer the case. The current Constitutional Council has proven to us on several occasions and in a short time that it is no longer the guardian of the constitutional temple.

The people are being neglected by the executive. He is no longer anything more than a purveyor of funds, a forced laborer, an adjustable value. He is tired of it and he rebels. When he is in this state of mind, his blind outbursts wreak havoc.

Elected gentlemen meditate on the great historical hours of this country since 1848. You are the current guillotinable heads. The people are good-natured up to a certain point. Afterwards he lets go, releases his resentments that have been contained for too long and it does damage. Just saying.

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