Extension of the ‘Health’ Pass: Two Bankers to Liquidate Paris and Rome

Extension of the Pass: Two bankers to Liquidate Paris and Rome


Are Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron, the two henchmen of the oligarchy in continental Europe, on a mission to liquidate France and Italy before a possible financial cataclysm in the autumn-winter of 2021/2022?

Almost compulsory vaccination

We can legitimately ask ourselves this question when we observe the political agenda of the last few days in these two large Latin countries.

Indeed, a few days ago, on September 16, 2021, the Italian government, under the leadership of former ECB director Mario Draghi, announced the “final” extension of the Green Pass (health pass) to all Italian employees.

Thus, in order to protect itself from a possible new wave in the coming weeks, Italy hopes to vaccinate “all of the country’s human capital” with this measure. And to achieve this, this “green Pass” (everything is in this green English name) will become mandatory in all workplaces from October 15.

And yes, as in France, but with even greater aggressiveness, the government of the former Goldman Sachs Vice President and Managing Director wishes to move up a gear. The Italian health pass will be imposed on both the public and private sectors, as the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, stated:

“We are extending the obligation of the ‘green pass’ for two essential reasons: to make these places safer and to make our vaccination campaign even stronger”.

The new scheme, which will be in force from 15 October, only excludes pensioners, housewives and the unemployed.

As far as the unemployed are concerned, the Austrian neighbor has solved the problem by imposing a vaccination against unemployment benefits in a roundabout way…

But why is this green pass compulsory when the epidemic is officially declining? Simply because winter is coming, and so Mario Draghi’s Italy wants to improve its vaccination rate. On whose orders? Italy is imposing these measures when nearly 75% of the population over 12 years old is vaccinated, that is to say 40.46 million people (which is enormous).

The Italian Olivier Véran, Roberto Speranza (as mediocre as ours – ER: both are health ministers of France and Italy respectively), dared to declare that the health pass “makes you freer”, to justify this “final extension” that condemns the active population to submit to the anti-covid injection. Thus, this decision of the government will affect “a group of 23 million workers, the whole human capital of the country”.

As in France for certain professions, the absence of a health pass will be severely sanctioned (suspension of contract and therefore of salary). The Italian Minister of Health has specified that the tests will be free only for people who are exempt from vaccination for medical reasons.

Of course, this Italian agenda is not going to be an exception in continental Europe and it will certainly be imposed on France in only a few weeks.

Because even if at the moment Macron and his government are blowing hot and cold, as they have been doing since March 2020, to make people believe in a possible easing of these totalitarian and liberticidal rules, the agenda remains the same, let’s make no mistake!

In a few weeks, we will obviously have the right to the total vaccination obligation!

What is far from being insignificant in this global climate of psychosis, which has now lasted for more than a year and a half, is to note that it is the heart of Europe (in the sense of civilization) which is the most subjected to oligarchic abuse.

It is true that only Australia seems to be ahead of these two countries in the Western world.

Moreover, the spiritual center of Europe, the Vatican, through the intermediary of Francis (the anti) Pope, also calls for the vaccination of as much human capital as possible, evoking a gesture of love… As if trust in God and acceptance of one’s destiny were not enough to live with Covid.

Obviously a multitude of questions could come to mind with this hysterical and incomprehensible speech promoted on a worldwide scale, for a disease that has killed 115,000 people in France and a little more than 130,000 people in Italy, in the space of 2 years, and that continues to produce its devastating political effects on the populations.

But the real question we must ask here is: why must these two nations submit to mandatory vaccination?

A forced vaccination before the controlled collapse?

More than just a fundamental step in the Great Reinitialization that the transnational establishment wants to see in the coming months, what is behind the forced march to vaccination that has begun in just a few short weeks (and over the summer)?

Are the transnational financial elites accelerating their movements in view of a possible financial cataclysm by the year 2022 (winter 2021/2022)? Some have already mentioned this hypothesis… And it is true that there is no shortage of signs of collapse at the beginning of this autumn.

First of all, the rise of the VIX, the index of fear on the financial markets, has reached a figure reminiscent of its spectacular rise at the beginning of the pandemic.

Then the installation and acceleration of inflation, which a priori is not really transitory, as the figures in the United States, but also in Europe, reveal.

But for the past few days, it is above all the Evergrande risk and the fear of a “domino effect” on the global economy that has raised the spectre of collapse.

Investors are currently vigilant about the losses of the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande on the verge of bankruptcy, whose debt amounts to more than 300 billion dollars, and which must pay in the coming days part of the interest on loans and bonds.

As I explained in my first book, China, contrary to what some would have us believe, is not at all an island of financial stability in this era of alchemical lies. On the contrary, it is a powder keg where bubbles (especially real estate) and various economic lies can topple the world economy.

As for Evergrande, this company, which is a real estate and construction colossus, two sectors “essential for Chinese growth”, represents 13% of the Middle Kingdom’s GDP. Evergrande even claims to employ 200,000 people and indirectly weigh on 3.8 million jobs in China.

It is therefore obvious that any bankruptcy could lead to appalling consequences, with a “domino effect” damaging the economy of China and therefore the world.

As for the American rival, we are still under the threat of a possible shutdown and there are still “monetary questions” surrounding the practices of the US Federal Reserve.

Janet Yellen’s threatening words in the Wall Street Journal about a potential financial catastrophe if US lawmakers do not vote to raise the US debt ceiling caused investors on both sides of the Atlantic to jump.

In Europe, the CAC 40 and the German DAX fell sharply in the face of increasing short-term uncertainties on the monetary and economic fronts.

As in any good managed economy, former Fed chief Janet Yellen, now U.S. Treasury Secretary, has called on Congress to raise the debt ceiling or risk “a historic financial crisis. The week before Yellen’s statements, the Treasury Department had indicated that the U.S. would run out of money “during the month of October”.

As for the monetary concerns, mentioned above, since the end of the summer, the US Federal Reserve has repeatedly hinted that a policy of reducing asset purchases could take place at the end of 2021, at the beginning of the winter. And after the revelations about the record profits of some regional bank presidents, it is not at all impossible that the FED will slow down its action. This could even be imitated by the other major central banks (Bank of England, Bank of Japan, etc.) and thus cause a cataclysm.

Macron in France, Draghi in Italy: same fight

Thus, in this climate of financial obscurity, it is not impossible that the two champions of the financial oligarchy, Macron and Draghi, have been instructed to deliver the final blow to France and Italy in order to avoid an awakening of these two nations, heirs to the Roman Empire, which, as we have seen, have the most vocal peoples against liberticidal sanitary measures.

France, moreover, could see the last bits of its sovereignty (the remains of its military power) leave for good at the beginning of 2022, when it takes over the presidency of Europe. The projects of a Europe of Defense and the merger of the seat of permanent member of the Security Council at the UN could come back in the last months of Emmanuel Macron’s first term.

In any case, as I have explained many times (here on Deep Geopolitics) and in my second book, Italy (France too) leader of the PIGS (Pigs as the Judeo-Protestant financial pundits call us) carries in its DNA the Roman civilization and the memory of the power of gold and silver metal (the only true currencies), and it would not be wise for this old memory of a not so distant use, should not resurface in a period of increased promotion of CBDCs/digital currencies from central banks and announced shortages.

For in this time of accelerating Great Reinitialization (imminent financial cataclysm), the time may have come for the transnational establishment to finally cut off the head of Esau (Edom), by eradicating by experimental injection these two peoples culturally and politically a little freer than the others…




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