Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election – ‘Scorecard’ & ‘Hammer’ Explained

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We highly recommend the 7-minute video interview Steve Bannon conducts with former USAF Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, who explains the software programs Hammer and Scorecard. Scorecard can alter vote counts by 3% at a certain point in the voting stream; it was used by the Obama administration in Florida in the 2012 election, and also in the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders to favour Joe Biden. The interview is linked to below.


Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election

United States Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney explains a special software developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) that can be used to alter vote counts in elections. He explains the software Scorecard and its use in this 7 minute video:  https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/the-cia-ability-to-hack-the-vote/ 

In this article, the Off-Guardian explains the use of the software to alter the outcome of the vote in Wisconsin and Michigan:  https://off-guardian.org/2020/11/03/discuss-election-day/ 

In this article the Fake News Site, CNN, attempts to explain away the obviously altered vote:  https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/04/politics/why-mail-in-ballots-were-counted-late-in-states-like-pennsylvania-and-michigan/index.html 

Voting by mail greatly facilitates the use of the vote-altering software and the use of ballot dumps. One reason for the mask mandate and Covid fear was to justify mass voting by mail.  

The media speaks with one voice.  The print, TV, NPR, social media, and the anti-Trump Internet sites exercise censorship and control the explanations.

We are experiencing a well designed and successful coup against American democracy and accountable government.  

No, this is not a conspiracy theory. It is a revolution against red state America. 

Republicans are too establishment to effectively fight back.  They fear that exposing and resisting a stolen election would discredit American democracy.  In effect, patriotism makes them impotent.

Republicans should think instead what it means to be governed by a President covered in criminal scandal who also seems to be suffering mental confusion and is likely for one or both of these reasons to be moved aside. If Kamala Harris becomes president, we will have in the Oval Office a female of color who hates white people and is vindictive against them.  

The Democrat Party is now in the hands of indoctrinated leftists who despise the working class and champion “oppressed minorities.” Immigration floodgates will be thrown open. Red states will be cut out of the federal budget. Gutsy Republicans such as Devin Nunes and Jim Jorden will be falsely investigated, and Trump will be falsely prosecuted.  The rest of us will be silenced in one way or the other.

Think about how unlikely the Biden/Harris ticket is for success. Everyone knows that Biden suffers mental confusion. His campaign events were barely attended. Harris had so little support in the Democrat primaries that she was the first to drop out. Even the Democrats didn’t want her; yet she ends up the Democrat VP choice. Americans watched as Democrat regimes in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and other cities responded to rioting and looting by hampering and defunding the police.  

How can such an unattractive party whose elected officials refused to enforce law and order win the presidential election?

The answer is fraud.

Whether or not you believe this report from a US Postal Service employee that he was ordered to backdate late mail-in ballots in Michigan, it serves as an example of how easy voting by mail makes vote fraud: https://www.rt.com/usa/505653-project-veritas-whistleblower-mailin-ballots/ 

The threat posed to democracy by the software described by General McInerney is devastating. With such software in the hands of intelligence services, every election in every country can be decided behind the scenes. 

This makes it easier for elites to rule. The vote-altering software turns democracy into a cover for self-interested rule. Yes, elites have always tried to purchase elections, but now they can program them.

I have often written that the digital revolution was the greatest threat humanity faces. Proof piles up every day.

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  1. I watched the short clip on the vote count change with Kentucky Gov Matt Bevin, so the Hammer/scorecard was already in use 2018, and might have helped steal some of the congressional seats?

  2. Whatever method states use for elections should comply with due process of law – that is it should be reasonably certain to get the votes of legal voters and Only the votes of legal voters. Mass unsolicited ballots which do not require a notary to make sure that the voter is who he says he is do Not satisfy this. They are far too susceptible to fraud and should never be allowed.

  3. Wow. I just heard on Lou Dobbs from Sydney Powell they have the proof it was used in several states and have filed a suit to the. Justice Department.

  4. AIFLtd , ongoing Non Political Forensic Investigation shows How Freedom of Choice was Abolished , the Federal Election Corrupted Its Own Voting Count Model which has 4 Primary Vote Categories Missing , which is NOT Compliant with Electoral Laws , causing a Constitutional Crisis . How to Check Your Vote http://www.Sleazeexpo.wordpress.com Declaration of the Peace Treaty Bill of Rights 1688

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