EU Refuses to Give Poland OPT OUT Option, Like They Gave Denmark

ER Editor: This is the article (in Danish, from the Danish govt website) given by The Duran team with their video commentary. As a reminder, the Visegrad group of countries mentioned are Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Here are our notes on their discussion:

  • Article: Denmark has been given opt-outs from the EU where they don’t have to transform their country into a cog in the EU superstate wheel. If Denmark has exceptions and opt-out clauses, why doesn’t Poland get the same from the EU?  If the EU goes after Poland over the judicial ‘problem’, then it’s not about the judiciary at all but it’s really about making Poland submit. Before EU goes after its next target, Hungary.
  • Mercouris: this issue IS about inequality toward Poland. The EU could have compromised with Poland, which happens all the time between political institutions. Denmark is a NATO state in good standing (although it hasn’t always had an easy ride with the EU); it has policies on social issues (read between the lines here for the sake of Youtube) which suits the EU attitude. Denmark is also reliable on foreign policy, loyal to Brussels by not being too close to the US; it’s not sympathetic to Russia like Hungary is; and it’s not siding with Viktor Orban, unlike Poland. So we have unequal treatment for two EU countries. 

  • (Christoforou reads the cited article concerning Denmark’s significant opt-outs from the EU, etc. See images above.) Mercouris: these are extensive aspects that Danes control. Poles want a degree of judicial independence, where social issues are controlled within the country. Danes clearly have a GREAT DEAL OF AUTONOMY within the EU; they have many more rights as a nation state over immigration and refugees than Poland has, for example. The EU will say that the Danes negotiated all this as part of the negotiations around the Treaty of Lisbon, whereas the Poles came in and accepted the Treaty as was. But any democratic system is by definition flexible. The Poles have made it clear they want certain adjustments without going for an exit strategy. These adjustments would be FAR LESS than what the Danes have got. The EU won’t let Poland have minimal adjustments, let alone major ones that Denmark has. It’s likely that the difference on social questions is a major reason for this unequal treatment. But also, Denmark doesn’t form a bloc within the EU, with Hungary and Poland, that Poland does. The EU wants to break down this bloc in order to forge a superstate. It’s purely about power, not principle.
  • Christoforou: this IS about controlling the Visegrad states from within Brussels. They’ve had a slightly rebellious streak, which is being attacked. Mercouris: Are there separate rules for Germany, for example? Their businesses often function in cartel-like fashion, which goes against EU anti-competition rules. It wouldn’t be a surprise if there were separate rules or at least an understanding that certain EU laws won’t be enforced in Germany. There are definitely different ways within which certain countries can function within the EU system. Germany is at the CORE of the EU system, the backbone. Denmark is, more or less. But Eastern European countries are not. They escaped control by the Soviet Union; the EU tries to impose even greater control over them on things like social questions. East Germany, for example, had far different social rules that were far more liberal than the Soviet Union had – and the Soviet Union simply didn’t care. In Europe, Brussels interferes all the time. The Visegrad’s conservative stance on social questions is the red flag for Brussels. The vituperation from the EU against Poland (with Hungary and other Visegrad countries implied) recently has been incredible. Was Denmark part of this attack? The ideologues from Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt need this level of control for the superstate to proceed.
  • Christoforou: it’s a very vindictive and cynical campaign that is being waged against Poland. Mercouris: The EU criticizes Poland for being anti-democratic when it’s really the EU that is trying to destroy Poland’s democracy! They’re trying to destroy Polish sovereignty through its court system so they can impose their own policies on Poles whether the Poles like them or not.


EU refuses to give Poland OPT OUT option, like they gave Denmark


EU refuses to give Poland OPT OUT option, like they gave Denmark
The Duran: Episode 1133




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3 Comments on EU Refuses to Give Poland OPT OUT Option, Like They Gave Denmark

  1. Oh I forgot :
    “The EU criticizes Poland for being anti-democratic when it’s really the EU that is trying to destroy Poland’s democracy! ”

    There is NO “Poland’s democracy” within the EU, like there is no Love within hate, and no freedom within a prison.
    Are the guys really not aware or do they have an agenda ?

  2. The EU, contrary to its name, is designed to “live” permanently in a state of war of all against all. Otherwise the tyranny would not be possible.

    The United kingdom and other states were never forced to give up their own currency and to kill their economy in the name of the euro.
    The euro was designed to fit and favor the German and northern economies, and to kill the economies of the mediterranean countries. Then pretend if the former are richer, it is “because they work more”…

    The most horrific murder made by the EU to date was the murder of Greece, the pillar of our southern cultures. Odysseus has even been removed from our school programmes in France, because it belongs to our cultural foundations.
    The killing of greek agriculture was obvious many years ago, well before the financial raid against this beautiful country. Thirty years ago I remember suddenly the Greek oranges, the most delicious and natural oranges I have ever eaten, were no longer corresponding to a new “EU norm” : this decision was made solely to create a “war” between Greece and Spain.
    The greek were told to let their orange rot in their fields, and they would receive compensation funds if they obeyed, and Europe was then flooded by spanish oranges. For no logical reason. Then those liars made the Greek appear as lazy. The Greek are an heroic People, restless harrassed by the predators since the 2nd WW.

    The eastern countries were drawn into the EU in order to put NATO and american weapons nearer to the Russian borders, and to increase the pivotal economic power of Germany in the EU, Germany being an American military base, as opposed to France who had her own nuclear weapons and no NATO bases.

    These eastern countries signed a pact with the devil : in exchange for very generous western european tax payers funds and the right to send their cheap workers out to destroy the rights of the western workers, they were supposed to create an anti-Russian frontline in order to maintain a permanent war threat in Europe, and veto any attempt from Italy and France to pursue good relations with Russia.
    Division between western Europe and Russia was already the aim of all previous wars the maritime empire fabricated on European ground.

    The EU was designed to explode right in time when the parasites of Mankind would be ready to create their New One World Tyranny on earth.
    There is so much more but no time to write.
    Now comes the time to face the consequences of all pacts with the devil.

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