Elitist Control … A Society in Turmoil

Elitist Control of the Liberal Masses: A Society in Turmoil

Roger Landry (TLB)

First off, please realize all you will see here has global implications, but let’s focus right now on what we as Americans are experiencing. We are shocked, we are pissed … but as a result of what I present to you … We are on the precipice of massive turmoil that can only lead to catastrophe.

Since election day 2016 I have observed the increasing turmoil of a society tearing itself apart via a choreographed attack on an awakening America … an awaking Humanity. Violent riots in our streets, destruction of private property, calls for assassination, calls for the murder of innocent people en masse, and the senseless beating of those who don’t have the same political beliefs as those who perpetrate this chaos.

I have asked this question in several of my past commentaries …“What freaking country is this?” because it is surely NOT the America I was born into and grew up in! I remember a country where individuals were:

Free to have their own political beliefs.

Free to express those beliefs without fear for their lives.

Free to exercise those beliefs in the voting booth …

Without the fear that if they told their (supposed) friends what they believed, who they supported, or who they voted for … it may result in violence beyond comprehension. Hell, even wearing an opposition hat or t-shirt can now get you beaten, kicked out of a tavern or store, even fired, or worse, you may be kidnapped and tortured live on social media (Yeah, that really happened), and the ultimate … you may become the recipient of serious death threats. And all this (and much more) from those who preach inclusiveness and freedom, but truly don’t see their actions as wrong, or anti-American … REALLY?

Apparently in these days of political correctness (dumb term!), practicing your freedom of speech and action that someone else may find uncomfortable or contrary to their belief … is quickly becoming extinct … gone in an increasingly politically correct America and …

I Cry For My Country! And I am ANGRY !!!

So who is to blame for this, and how is the mechanism of control exercised …

Let’s start with what so many of us have seen over the last several months … Where this all started … and what it developed into. Let’s start with the lies that were generated specifically to initiate the irrational hate and fear that precipitated this catastrophic fall of what was a relatively harmonious society, by a caste of globalist oligarchs (Soros and friends) fearful of losing their stranglehold of control on America, and hell bent on preventing it at all cost.

The Lies that divide … We were being told by a brainwashed Liberal caste that President Trump is a Racist … where is the proof? We are being told President Trump is a Nazi … where is the proof? We are being told President Trump is a Homophobe … where is the proof? We are being told that President Trump is a Misogynist … where is the proof … etc… are you seeing a pattern here?

The biggest Achilles heel of those who assault us with hate is their lack of real or fact-based answers. Think me wrong? Please ask any of those who argue these points the loudest to prove any of the above, not with hate-filled rhetoric … but with FACT, and watch their arguments fall apart right before your eyes. The elitist caste who have created this massive turmoil and deep division is expert in the emotional control of their herds of cattle. These Liberals will argue these points with their last breath … with nothing substantial to back them … simply because they were told so.

It deeply saddens me to see my brothers and sisters so easily controlled … but at this point in time, it does NOT surprise me!

President Trump (intentionally or not) has initiated a mass awakening in America, and to some extent globally, to the intentional destruction of society via a caste of puppet masters hell bent on absolute economic, social and military control. They will fight hard to maintain this mechanism of control, even if it means the destruction of civil societies. We The People must step up to amplify this message by shining the spotlight of truth on them … forcing them to scurry back into the safety of shadows as any roach is expected to do!

Let me be perfectly clear … Am I saying President Trump is an Angel, Pure of heart and intent … HELL NO! But that does not change the fact that Lies remain Lies! The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) will be the first and most ardent organization to hold President Trump accountable for his promises and actions, as all leaders must be. But until the day we can truly show his motives are destructive to America and indeed humanity … we will afford him the respect he is due. If and when he violates that respect TLB will ensure ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE in a media push that cannot be ignored !!!

Do I/we at TLB believe in everyone’s right to peaceful protest, to challenge a system they may not agree with … YES … but please take a look at this next video and try (you will never succeed) to explain to me how this blatant and intentional (preplanned and paid for) destruction of personal and public property is even remotely related to any form of peaceful political protest! Tell me what the individuals whose property is being destroyed ever did to to deserve the harm being intentionally perpetrated on them by these morons …

When protesters come equipped with metal baseball bats and heavy crowbars, when they are of a mind to hide their identity as they play to those they know are recording every action they make, there is only one conclusion that can be realized … These are in fact paid provocateurs doing their damnedest, doing no less than their JOB, to create turmoil, wreak havoc and leave destruction and financial loss for innocent people in their wake. Please tell me how the hell this furthers any political ideology. Tell me again how it is the Trump supporters who are a danger to America. Explain to me how any of this fits the concept of an America we thought we knew?

When all this is said and done, and hopefully this unprecedented turmoil subsides, it will be the brainwashed Liberals (cattle) who will suffer the most (although we will all suffer) as they watch their freedoms evaporate, and their political capital flushed down the toilet for future elections. Will this in fact precipitate even more violence? Are we now on a never ending downward spiral as a society? There is a movement occurring as I write this to make protesting illegal in several states. Why do you think this is happening … Gee, could it be a result of all we have discussed here?

Does the phrase “Cutting off your nose to spite your face” mean anything to those blinded by their imposed ignorance?

As is clearly demonstrated here, the massive funding behind Liberal protests and challenges to President Trump’s agenda are far from mere rhetoric … As I have stated, this is a concerted oligarchical push-back to create unprecedented turmoil in order to maintain the control and agenda they see slipping from their greedy and destructive grasp.

When will our Liberal brothers and sisters wake up to the reality that they are in fact being used – or controlled – like any other puppet by those who don’t give a damn if they are arrested or even killed (actually, that would work well for these puppet masters). When will they realize that after these elitists have accomplished their goal of societal collapse … they too will be discarded like so many cattle led to the slaughter house? Can they really be that blind? Are they aware of any of this … or are they just happy to remain blissfully ignorant?

The ease by which Politically Correct Liberals can now be convinced to forsake their brothers and sisters, and even their nations, in search of even more political correctness (to the extreme) is a phenomenon the likes of which this country has never seen before. In the end this will be seen for what it actually is, the complete and intended destruction of all the freedoms and rights these Liberals claim to value so much. But at that point it will be far too late to reverse. This is a concerted effort and the product of a campaign by the likes of Soros (and his caste) to poison and then control the minds of the disenfranchised … disenfranchised by their malevolent actions … actions brainwashed Liberals cannot or will not see! It’s time to wake up … or accept the rising tide of elitist tyranny against not just America, but all of humanity!


Far too many exist in ignorance today, but feel they have the truth.  That is their first and probably biggest mistake, because merely having the truth does one very little good … The truth is not to have … the truth is to know, to understand, to comprehend …

My Parting Shot …


Roger LandryAbout the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website TheLibertyBeacon.com


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